Tuesday, 24 January 2017

5 YELLOW IN 2017

On Lup Chun Day, the Nasty 5 Yellow or Wu Wang will make its way to the South and will stay there until 3rd February 2018. Of all the ominous stars, this is the most dreaded. Those who have a bit of knowledge on Flying Stars would know that the #5 Star is of the Earth Element.  The South sector is of the Fire element. Now this is bad as Fire produces Earth.  This means that the Wu Wang or 5 Yellow will be especially strong this year.  OMG.  For those of you whose homes are facing or sitting South, then you need to be extra careful.  Get all the cures and remedies ready to subdue possible threats from it.  Even those having bedrooms in the South should be mindful.  If possible, move to another room.

So how to lessen the negative effects of this Star? 

As I have mentioned earlier, the best way is of course to stay away from this sector of the house.  But it is easier said than done unless it is the storeroom or a missing corner of the house or building.  So the next best thing is to look for cures and remedies.


  1. First and foremost, keep the South quiet.  There should be no renovations, groundbreaking, knocking, digging or cutting of trees or plants here.  The energy in the South is really bad this year.
  2. Use metal to subdue the 5 Yellow.  Try decorating this sector with  metal objects made of copper, brass to suppress its negative energy.  Metal Wu Lous would make fine remedies.  Metal windchimes are also good, especially the ones with 6 hollow rods. Then there is the choice of using 6 metallic coins (it would be better if you can get your hands on Ancient Chinese coins).  
  3. Besides metal, we can use things belonging to the Water element to negate the ill effects of  Wu Wang.  Placing a water in a metallic cup or bowl in this area would be helpful.  
  4. Try to keep the South as dim as possible.  Do not have too many bright lights here as this represents Fire.  That would make the Star even stronger.
  5. The Salt Water Cure would be a good remedy to use here.
  6. If possible, avoid colours that are representative of the fire element ... red, purple, strong yellow, magenta and orange are colours to  avoid.  Earth colours are also a No No for this area.
  7. Try also not to have too many triangular shaped designs or objects as they are of the Fire element.    Remember, no romantic candle light dinners here.  The fire would do more harm than good.
  8. Recommended colours for this area are those that belong to the metal and earth elements.  Gold, gray, white and silver are metal colours while blue and black represent water.  
  9. A statue of Kuan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy can be placed in this sector.  But make sure that the statue is not red in colour and the sector is not the bedroom.  It would be unthinkable to place the statue of a deity in ones bedroom.


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