Wednesday, 25 January 2017


In the Year of the Fire Rooster, the Quarrelsome Star 3 will be residing in the West.  This star brings with it conflicts, legal problems, quarrels, misunderstandings, gossips and trouble with the authorities.  Those who are born in the Year of the Rooster are especially susceptible to the effects of the #3.  Also affected are those whose homes sit or face West, or bedrooms are located there.
A bit of good news is that the #3 Star is not too strong this year as the West is in the Metal Sector.  The potency of the Quarrelsome Star which is Wood in nature is reduced by metal.

  1. One easy remedy is to make use of Fire to exhaust wood.  You can have red things here e.g. carpets, rugs, curtains, red cover books, red pillows.  Turn on the lights.  Keep the place brightly lit.  
  2. Besides red, you can also decorate with other colours belonging to the Fire element like purple and pink.  You can also have triangular shapes which are also representative of Fire.
  3. What one needs to do is to keep the West as quiet as possible.  Reduce time spent here.
  4. Avoid Water and Wood elements here in 2017, which means limit a strong presence of colours blue, black, green and brown. Be sure to also avoid decorating with the actual items of these elements, such as, for example, big plants (Wood element) or a big mirror (Water element). 
  5. The presence of Kwan Yin is an excellent feng shui cure here to calm the energies present in 2017 in this area. 
  6. Avoid loud noise, TV or computer in this area. You do not want to activate this area, you just want to create a strong Fire energy but not take it to the extreme.
  7. In 2017 there is also the presence of a specific negative energy (traditional feng shui name: Tai Sui, Grand Duke of Jupiter) in the West bagua area, so caution is needed. One of the most popular feng shui cures - the Pi Yao - is placed in the area opposite the annual location of the Grand Duke.

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