Monday, 23 January 2017


Come 3rd February 2017, the Illness Star will vacate the centre and fly off to the Northwest.

So how to lessen the negative effects of this Star? 

The best way is of course to stay away from this sector of the house.  But it is easier said than done unless it is the storeroom or a missing corner of the house or building.  But if it is the senior citizens or pregnant women occupying this sector, then it is important to move them to another room for them to stay clear of harm's way.

So the next best thing is to look for remedies and cures.  Metal is the element of the Northwest while the Number 2 Star is of the Earth element.  Luckily for us, the metal of this sector exhausts  the energy of the Illness Star.  However we must never underestimate the powers of the #2, especially the Fathers or Patriarchs of the family.  They are the ones most susceptible.

Here is what one can do besides staying away from the NW
  1. Remove Earth energy from this sector. Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy colours, Beige and Light Brown represent earth energy and if possible we should try not to have them as dominant colours for the Northwest.  Bricks, tiles, clay pots, glass, crystals and square shapes are of the earth element.  If possible remove them from this sector.
  2. Remove Fire energy.   The Illness Star is Earth energy and Fire strengthens is.  So make sure the lights in this area is dimmed. The colour red should not be used here.  Other fire colours include strong yellow, orange, purple and pink.  Lights, Candles and prominent triangular shapes that belong to the Fire Element.  Again try to use less of these as their presence would only strengthen the potency of the star.
  3. If the NW sector is not the bedroom, then placing an image  or a statue of the Goddess Kuan Yin here would be helpful.
  4. Decorate this sector with items that are associated with metal element to suppress the negative energy.  A metal singing bowl would be good for this place.  In Malaysia, you can get these from the prayer paraphernalia shops.  I think they can be bought online as well.  A metal Wu Lou or Calabash would also be great for this sector.  Alternatively you can look for six Chinese coins (the ones with a square hole in the middle)  to place here.  In fact you can use any item that is made of metal.  It would be even better if the items were round or circular as this shape represents metal.   
  5. One great cure for the Illness Star is the Salt Water Cure as the NW is a good Paht Kua area to use this cure.  Actually a bowl of fresh clean water would do.  But make sure to change the water regularly.  If the water becomes dirty, then it might have adverse effects instead. 
  6. If you are a Taoist, Buddhist or Hindu an image of the Medicine Buddha is also recommended.  I remember that when the Illness Star was in my Study Room, I used an Image of the Medicine Buddha as the wallpaper for my desktop.  
  7. If you are thinking of what colours best to use for your Northwest area, then may I suggest the colours of Water, Wood and Metal elements (blue, black, brown, green, gray, white, and all metallic finishes.
  8. Remember to not renovate or redecorate the Northwest in 2017.

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