Monday, 6 November 2017


I met with an accident on Sunday morning while driving back to Ipoh. The car in front of me suddenly stopped and I had to brake immediately so as not to bang into its back. Unfortunately, the driver behind me could not control his car and he banged into mine.
Fortunately, I got off with just a hairline crack on the bumper and a few scratches.  I will try and get it fixed this week.  Even the other driver's  car was only slightly damaged. 
Luckily none of us were injured.   The angels must have been looking out for all of us.


The pot of cactus with a yellow flower was actually grown by my late father.  I transferred the pot to my Sitiawan home at the beginning of the year.  A few days ago I notice the flower.
The Chinese believe that when a cactus plant growing in ones home starts to bear flowers then it is auspicious sign. The blooming of the cactus flower symbolises that good luck will be upon the owner or occupants of the home. Usually the good luck or good news comes immediately after the flower blooms.


My fury family has a new addition.  The new kid on the block is Min Min (right)

8 Feng Shui Fast Money Tips

by Kathryn Weber

It happens to everyone. Your brakes go out, the air conditioner dies and your dog has to have surgery. When bad luck happens, it happens in threes, as the saying goes. And when that much happens all at once, it can take a toll on your finances. Suddenly, that darling pair of shoes goes away, and maybe you get behind on your rent or car payment. That’s when you need money fast, and feng shui can help!

8 Feng Shui Fast Money Tips

1. Make change.
Money is just another form of energy and when it stops or comes to a trickle, or you’re met by surprise expenses, you need something to happen quickly. One of the fastest ways to make a shift in your energy that makes a change in your bank account is to move 27 things in your house. Be sure to keep count and move something in every room.

2. Spruce up your front door.

Without question, the money is always at the front door. Give your porch and front door area a good cleaning. Is there a broken light bulb or a dying plant? Anything that doesn’t work properly, look auspicious or that’s dirty (like a light fixture with dead bugs in it), will lower your financial energy. Spruce up your front door and walkway. Add a pretty pot of flowers here and keep the porch light on and the area will-lit to invite money and opportunity to your home.

3. Focus on the foyer.

Once you’re past the front door, your foyer is the next area that is key to income and inviting opportunity into your home. Make sure the foyer looks auspicious, with bright lighting and an attractive entrance way. Make sure there are no dings or paint scuffs on the wall. If the carpet is dirty, clean it or add a new rug.

Add a vase of pretty flowers and make sure the area is clear and that shoes aren’t bunched at the front door. Energy lowers by an overabundance of shoes, so if you have a pile here, remove them and put them in a closet. Consider adding a picture of water here to give it even more of a financial boost.

4. Point the way.

We hear a lot about poison arrows in feng shui, but sometimes there are good arrows – especially when the arrows are pointing money into your home. Add an arrow (or three) made out of Chinese coins under your rug at the front door. This literally points the way for money and tells it “go in here!”

5. Get your financial house in order.

Keep money flowing in your life by keeping your finances neat and orderly. The more you pay attention to money, the more it pays attention to you. Some people think it’s crass to be financially focused, but that’s mistaken thinking.

It’s also a mistake to think that if you aren’t rich, there’s no point in keeping your financial life orderly or investing. Clean out your files or create a filing system to keep your bills and payments orderly.

Once you begin paying close attention to money, your energy shifts and money starts coming in. Ignore money and money will ignore you.

6. Start seeing gains.

My grandmother used to say that “water draws water.” What she meant by that is that sometimes drawing water from a pump required putting water into it to help it come out. It’s like wealthy people who just keep getting wealthier – water draws water.

Once there’s momentum, the energy builds on itself. It’s also why when you have money problems, they just stay with you.



Put your money jar where you see it so your eyes can take in that image of money growing. It sends a message to your mind that you are focused on money. Keep a positive thought as you put the money into the jar and focus on the feeling money growing for you. Feng shui is very focused on symbolism and seeing money grow on a daily basis will draw money to you.

7. The look of wealth.

Put your best image forward by dressing the part of someone who has money and who makes money. Get your handbag and wallet cleaned out and fill it with lots of bills – even $20 in $1 bills can be a big “wad” of cash. Make sure you look the way you want to feel – flush with money.

8. Clear up any “money drains” in your home.

To open the way for money, make sure you do a good decluttering in your house. Watch, too, for things that look damaged or broken (glasses, plates, bowls) and get rid of them. Go around your house and make sure there is no dripping water anywhere or toilets that are leaking and constantly refilling – these symbolize loss of money.

If you have one of those plants that has tendrils that you pin up or a sad plant that doesn’t look full, lush and healthy – pitch them. It’s better to have no plants than to have plants that don’t look healthy.


Saturday, 4 November 2017


Something good happened to me at work recently.  Wanting to share my blessings with my colleagues, I ordered packs of yellow glutinous rice with rendang chicken to be given as a treat. 
I handed a pack to Puan Norbazuaniza early in the morning.  She thanked me and then she put it aside.  By late morning, I noticed that she still left the food untouched.    Out of curiosity, I asked if she was not a fan of the dish.  "No. I love nasi pulut with rendang ayam.  But my daughter Yaya, loves it as well. I am bringing it back for her to enjoy", she said. That got me reminiscing about the many times I gave her food that both mother and daughter loved.  Though, it is to her taste, she will abstain from eating and bring it home for her little girl.
Actually it is not only her who makes little sacrifices like this for her daughter, I notice many of my friends who carry the title "Mother" doing the same.  They save the best bits for their children.  This is why we always hear people saying "A mother's love knows no bounds".
So my advice to all the sons and daughters, value your mother for paradise is at her feet.
By Miss Cheah
Third Force Perak
3 October 2017

Sunday, 8 October 2017



By Kathryn Weber

Every house has its pluses and minuses. In fact, it’s very hard to find a feng shui perfect house. But are there houses that have exceptional feng shui? Absolutely.

Some houses – and Realtors often know them – have features and qualities that make the house so attractive that it almost sells itself.

Often it’s hard to put into words exactly what those features are. Here are 7 key features of good feng shui in a house – notice how many of them begin at the outside – where all feng shui comes from. Certainly this list isn’t all the best features, but it is some of the most important ones.

1. Curb appeal. Just like real estate, houses with good feng shui, have curb appeal. They’re attractive, fresh and appealing. The landscaping and greenery is trimmed, vibrant and healthy. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a modest home or a mansion, homes with curb appeal simply stand out from the rest because of good design and upkeep. In short, there is an inviting quality to the house, and the paint appears fresh and the house is brightly lit, neither in too much shade or too bright.

Part of curb appeal and good feng shui, too, is the bright hall. This is often overlooked, but houses that have open space in front of them are more appealing and are said to possess a “bright hall” energy. They invite chi to linger and build slowly before entering the house. A good example of bright hall energy is the wide green lawn in front of the White House. Even a small patch of grass will suffice.

2. Prominent front door. The front door is the point of entry for chi for the entire home. When a door is attractive, clean, freshly painted and is surrounded by plants or flanked by lighting or blooming flowers, it naturally attracts beneficial energy.

There should also be good front door alignment. The most important is that the front door doesn’t align with a back door or window. When a front door is aligned with a window or back door, this causes energy (and money) to flow through the house too quickly. The back of the house should be more private from the front of the house. Another important consideration? That the garage door isn’t ahead of the front door. If so, this will create problems with the family relationships, opportunities and ability to retain money.

3. Kitchen at the rear of the house. When a kitchen is close to the front of the house, the luck of the house is affected because the front of the house is known as the money side and the rear is the people side. Kitchens inhibit luck in general, so having them at the front near the money and opportunity side isn’t an auspicious arrangement.

4. Good siting. The way a home is sited on the property and even the street can make a difference. Homes with great feng shui have a slight rise or level land behind the house. The land should also be larger behind the house than in front of it.

There should be a balance of trees on the left and right side with the land slightly higher on the left of the house as you look out from it toward the street. There should be attractive views from the front of the house.

5. Staircase is turned away from the door. This is the ideal. When a staircase faces the front door, money and energy can run out of it. This is even more true if the stairs are very close to the front door. A staircase that is turned will help keep energy in the house.

6. Balanced windows and doors. The house should always have a clear front door. Some homes have doors that are confused. For example, if there’s a door near the front door, chi will be “confused” and this can cut off energy to the house. There should also not be too many windows, nor should you be able to look all the way through the house from the street.

7. Bedrooms are situated well. Bedrooms should allow the bed to be placed on a solid wall and see the door easily while in bed. The houses with good feng shui will have bedrooms that are not over a garage, kitchen, bathroom or laundry room and will enable to occupants to sleep on a solid wall that is not shared with a bathroom sink, toilet, or kitchen sink.


Monday, 4 September 2017


Last night was girls night out at Marina Island for Lai Yoong, Nancy and I. The theme for the night is floral attire.


On rare occasions, Junior will sit still and allow himself be captured on photo.


Min Min was at the Animal Clinic this morning. This is his second visit.  The first time I brought him there, the little fella was feverish and he had lost his appetite.  He was limp.  After a course of medicine given by the vet, he recovered.
I noticed that he had a skin infection and bought a spray from the pet shop to treat it.  Bt still the infection hasn't fully cleared even after bathing with medicinal shampoo. 
This morning Dr Murrugaya gave him a jab and medicine to apply to the affected area. He was also given a tablet for de-worming. He weighs almost 2 kilogrammes. The vet said to bring him in for vaccination next week.
And yes, I have decided to adopt him as well.  Now I have 3 furry sons.


I tried making soap using Camellia petals that I got from my friend's garden but somehow they ended up looking like what you see here.  Sigh!


I had this dish for lunch on Saturday.  I only ate half of it.  My aunt asked to taste it but ended up eating the other half.  Yup.  It was that delicious.

Sunday, 3 September 2017


I am glad to report that Junior is getting along famously with the new kitten I adopted.  See them bonding in the pictures above.


I did these table markers for a friend's retirement celebration this weekend.  They turned out well and I am pleased as punch.


Wat Tan Hor a.k.a. kong foo chow is a flat noodle dish in a silky egg-based sauce.  This is a very popular Cantonese dish in South-east Asia.


Beautifully arranged offerings at the Buddhist Association for the Yu Lan Festival aka Hungry Ghost Festival.