Tuesday, 23 September 2014



My librarian Amir found an injured little bird yesterday morning and brought it to show me. He intended to nurse it back to health.  However, he had lectures to attend in the morning and left his new found friend in my care.
 So I spent a good part of the morning acting as bird-sitter.
A close up shot of the bird.
During his lunch break, Amir came for his bird.  So I had to bid my ward adieu.  Hope it recovers and Amir will set it free again.

Monday, 22 September 2014



This beautiful reflexology path is a project by the Guidance snd Counselling Unit.  I think it was built in 2009.  However I find that it ia under used.


Sunday, 21 September 2014


 Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic
 Style Style Fried Tofu
Curry fish slices

Fish Curry at Oasis Restaurant. There has been a change in management in this restaurant that Lai Yoong and I love to dine at. The cook has also been changed. The Fish Head Curry by the old chef was divine and kept us going again and again. The new fish curry cannot compare to the one we were used to.  However the Thai Style Tofu taste better.  The tofu is softer.  Another dish that we would try again is the Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic.  It was good.


"Feng Shui’s Five Critical Wealth Corners"

by Kathryn Weber

The southeast is the corner most often associated with wealth in feng shui. This is the primary wealth sector in any home. But did you know there are other wealth corners that you could be overlooking that are also critical to your prosperity?

When each is activated and enhanced, you have compounding feng shui that benefits everyone in the family in a variety of ways.

For instance, did you know there are different kinds of abundance and wealth?

There is generating money, like you get from your job such as a salary, there is accumulated wealth, the kind you have in the bank or investments, and there is depleting wealth which is the kind of money associated with bills and demands.

Only applying effort and enhancements to the southeast wealth corner is short-sighted.

Thorough feng shui takes into account energizing all of the corners for the various ways you can earn money – through associates and benefactors, to your career and business opportunities, from good relationships with others, and from good returns on investments you have.

There are other wealth-influencing considerations besides these, such as the front door area, but when I go to a feng shui consultation, these are the top five sectors I examine to get a good picture of the monetary health of the household.

Primary wealth location

1. Southeast/Wealth Sector

This sector is most associated with accumulated wealth rather than earning ability through a job, for example. Accumulated wealth means savings accounts, retirement or investments accounts, not salary. If you have a bedroom, dining room, front door, bedroom or office in the southeast, count yourself lucky! Be sure to activate it.

Problems in this sector would arise as difficulty to generate wealth, get a raise, or accumulate savings income. Money will fly in and out of the house. Problems with expenses continue and seem to occur non-stop. There is an inability to make your investments pay off or the ability to gain financial traction.

Afflictions to this sector include:Annual afflictions, bathrooms, fireplace, toilets, laundry rooms and kitchens in this area or a missing corner. The most serious of the afflictions include a fireplace and kitchen in this location. Activate this area with water or a fountain.

Secondary wealth locations

2. North/Career Sector

Problems in this area create problems at work, and in particular, difficulty making money. You are unable to generate interest in your job and your workplace is difficult. You may find that you are unable to get recognition for your position or the work you do. A boss may disregard you or be difficult. Others will be selected for positions over you even if you are more experienced or talented.

Difficulties in this area will present themselves as stagnant income growth and business opportunities. If job hunting, positions will be hard to find, salary is stagnant or you’re unable to increase your earnings.

Afflictions to this sector include: Annual afflictions, bathrooms, fireplace, toilets, laundry rooms, trees, plants, large wood objects and kitchens in this area or a missing corner. Activate this area with moving metal to get the energy going to help you make more money.

3. Northwest/Helpful People, Patriarch and Heaven Sector

This is a very important sector in feng shui. This is the ultimate “yang” sector. It represents the man or patriarch. This sector also represents the heaven energy that comes from people in a position to help us. This is one of the critical areas of feng shui. When this is positively aspected, you will have people who help you and who make introductions for you.

When the northwest corner is afflicted, you will find that the going is tough, long, and alone. People don’t come to your aid, bosses are belligerent, no one wants to help you, and you can’t get the attention of superiors.

Afflictions to this sector include: Annual afflictions, bathrooms, fireplace, toilets, laundry rooms and kitchens in this area. The most serious of the afflictions are a fireplace or kitchen or a missing corner. Activate this area with moving metal to stimulate the northwest energy.

4. Southwest/Women, Matriarch, Marriage, Indirect spirit

This is the second most important sector in feng shui behind the northwest corner. That’s because this represents the home’s “yin” energy. Remember, everything comes from nothing. A house must have people in it and the energy of love and relationships. This sector is also very important if the woman is the breadwinner or a business owner or is a career woman.

Until 2024, this is also the direction of the “indirect spirit.” That means that direct energy comes from the northeast and because the southwest is opposite the northeast, the direction is called the indirect spirit direction. The indirect spirit is also a secondary wealth location that benefits by the addition of WATER, such as a pool, fountain, fish tank or pond.

Afflictions to this sector include: Annual afflictions, bathrooms, fireplace, toilets, laundry rooms and kitchens in this area. The most serious of the afflictions are a bathroom or a missing corner. To activate, add water and lighting. Both will help the income of the marriage and the financial prospects of the woman of the house.

5. Center/Heavenly Heart Palace, health, wealth, relationships

This sector is the heart and backbone of your home. Afflictions in this area show up as problems with health, relationships, and money. Everything suffers when this area is afflicted. All who live in the house with an afflicted center sector suffer in one way or another. Along with the southwest and northwest, this is the third area that must be protected. When this area has a living room, bedroom, or dining room, it benefits most.

Afflictions to this sector include: Annual afflictions, bathrooms, fireplace, toilets, laundry rooms and kitchens in this area. The most serious of the afflictions are a bathroom, an open center, plants or trees in the center or if the center is missing. Lighting is one of the best ways to activate this sector and helps lift the chi of the whole house!

Don’t overlook the four other wealth sectors in favor of only activating the southeast wealth sector. These each have a bearing on your wealth, though each in a different way.

SOURCE: www.redlotusletter.com


Show White the puppy is caught in deep slumber this afternoon.  Her owner tells me that the puppy will wake at around 5.00 p.m. every evening.



Yesterday I had the opportunity to have my picture taken with a local celebrity, Encik Hilal Azman. Actually I have not heard of him before yesterday. Neither have I seen any of the dramas he has acted. According to my friends and colleagues, Encik Hilal usually takes on the role of the bad guy or villain. He came for the KAVoT because his daughter who is studying at one of the vocational colleges is taking part in the Malay Traditional Songs Competition.


Yeh! Kak Noraini gave me three mangoes that she plucked from the tree in her garden. Two have been eaten and only one is left. The mangoes are really sweet and juicy.

 Before eating
After eating

Saturday, 20 September 2014




Yesterday morning I took these selfies while waiting for my colleagues come to the library to have their ID photos taken.  I waited and waited but only 3 turned up.  I was later told that they could not make it because they had some urgent matters to attend to.


Pictured with me are the two Solehahs and their brother, Qotada.  They are the children of my friend and colleague.  I have known these three from the time they were born and watch them growing up.


I couldn't resist taken a snap of the beautiful lillies (Lilium) that were on sale at a wet market.  There are actually many types of lillies but I do not know which type the above ones belong to.  What is important is that I got to enjoy their beauty and captured them on my camera.

Friday, 19 September 2014


If you look at someone's head there is a whirl or whorl on it. you can see it clearly on people with short or medium hair length. A hair whorl is a patch of hair growing in the opposite direction of the rest of the hair.Some people have two of this and some also have three. The little boy above has three whorls at the top of his head. What does it means? 

Whorls and Crowns
At birth, many parents and especially grandparents will take note of the hair of the infant. Scanty curly hair indicates a gentle disposition whereas strong straight hair can point to a demanding infant but it is the whorls or the crowns that are fervently counted. One whorl at the top of the head shows a child who is compliant and filial. Another one or two whorls especially around the front of the hair line indicates a stubborn character that will be a non-conformist. Anything more ensures that the child is an eccentric rebel who will be impossible to control. The presence of more than two whorls on a child have always caused great alarm among the older generation especially if they were Female Fire Horse as this is an indication that they had a problem on their hand and marrying such young Ladies off would be a difficult matter as they would not make the ideal quiet, obedient wife!

Source: http://www.zorrapredictions.com/fshui/fs_face/face29.htm


This is used by the Chinese and Japanese (I think Koreans too) to drain hot water from noodles. This noodles strainer can be utilized to hold noodles inside the pan as they cook, cook and then taken straight to the plate or bowl. Aside from draining noodles, this strainer can be used while steaming veggies, sifting dry ingredients or even removing lumps from gravy.


These pretty purple flowers have an unusual name, Phlox.  Phlox is Greek means flame.Flowers may be pale blue, violet, pink, bright red, or white.


Yesterday two of the boys went and wiped the window panes of the gallery.  After they finished, the water they used to wash the rags was like coffee.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


I am particularly satisfied with a set of photographs that I took of my colleague, Norhafizah.  She looks so relaxed and natural in them.  Of course, I had the added advantage that the model has nice skin and a pretty face.


Schools in Malaysia are having  a one week break.  But not for vocational colleges.  My little friend, Shahmi who is on holiday came and helped me do the gardening in the evening.  He helped me to do replanting and pruning.  Afterwards, he helped to water the plants for me.  So he is making use of his time beneficially.