Friday, 3 July 2015


In my previous post I mentioned that my colleagues and students did communal cooking of a dish callede Bubur lambuk. This is a savoury rice porridge consumed during the fasting month of Ramadhan, made with a mixture of lemongrass, spices, vegetables, and chicken or beef. It is usually cooked communally at a local mosque or a community centre, which is then distributed to the congregation or members of the community as a meal to break the fast every evening during the month of Ramadan. .


Yesterday morning, there was the Bubur Lambuk Cooking Projek organised by the Lecturer's and Staff Club in conjunction with the month of Ramadan. The ingredients for the special porridge were contributed by members of the club. Those lecturers who had some free time were roped in to to help with preparing the ingredients, cooking, packing and cleaning.

Me? I did not go at all as I have an aversion to the smell of the beef that is used in the dishes that were cooked.


After collecting enough contributions to buy festive clothes for the orphans and needy children for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, I went with Hajah Kamariah to check the prices of clothings at a store that we go to every year.  Thankfully some of the clothes were on sale and I am pretty sure that there is more than enough money.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Junior keeps me company while I complete my lesson plan for the week.  Once in a while he would extend a paw to try and take the Hulk Buster from me.


"The Color Blue — Starting the Feng Shui Flow of Wealth."

By Kathryn Weber

When you want to stimulate more money and income, making sure you incorporate the color blue in your life. From your home to your clothing and jewelry, blue colors bring beautiful water energy into your home, and more income into your life.

When you think about some of the world’s most expensive real estate, it almost always comes with views of water. That’s because water brings prosperity, from our most ancient beginnings to today. Water creates wealth and when you’re truly interested in improving your financial footing, it’s water that will make the difference!

All water is not created equal though.

Some water is light, pale and sun-drenched, some water is turquoise or cornflower blue and begs you to dive in, and some water is thousands of feet deep and so dark you can’t see a hand in front of your face.

The same is true with water in feng shui.

Water is the element associated with career, job and business opportunities – and generating more income. Water is considered yin in nature because it takes things inward (think of a stone thrown in a pond) and falls downward. In feng shui, water is also considered to be a danger. If you’ve ever witnessed a flood or a hydroelectric dam, you know the awesome power water yields.

Yet of all the elements of fire, metal, wood, and earth, it’s water that has the greatest power to create wealth.

That’s why water’s associated color, blue, is so critical – even more so than black, the more common feng shui color for water. Few people have ever witnessed water so dark that it’s black, but most everyone has seen water that’s blue.

Your association with an element is more powerful when it’s relevant to you.

And, while I know that black is the color of deep water and the color of water in feng shui, it’s blue that most often makes me think “water,” and chances are you do, too. For this reason, the color blue is especially important when you want feng shui to bring you money.

Read the tips below about blue and make the color a priority if wealth is what you’re after.

Blue doors welcome money.

If your home faces southeast, north, east, or southwest, painting your door a rich blue will help to stimulate wealth – and almost INSTANTLY! Blue represents water at your front door, which is extremely auspicious. Don’t miss an opportunity to paint your door blue if your house faces one of the favorable directions. And, if you’ve painted it black, that’s great, too!

Blue jewelry beckons money to you.

Wearing metal jewelry helps to stimulate wealth because metal makes water in feng shui, so be sure to select and wear blue jewelry and accents – especially blue earrings. The ears represent generating income, so pretty blue earrings could be a nice way to hear some good news about money. If you are an east person (Check your kua number here), this doubles the effect.

Blue is for beginnings.

In feng shui, everything comes from nothing. When you want to get something started, the color blue can play an important role. The color blue and its associated element, water, is symbolic of the New Moon, when the moon is dark. It’s at the time the moon is new that seeds planted have the greatest chance of occurring. This makes the Chinese New Year so important – because it coincides with the first New Moon of the year.

Blue wallets and purses for are best in some years.

Most years, red is the color for wallets and purses. However, the rabbit, a spring-time animal and wood-element animal sign that is enhanced by blue colors. Dragons and snakes are also enhanced by blue colors. That makes it helpful to carry a blue wallet and purse. This can be especially helpful if you’re an east person. Watch for updates here at Red Lotus on when it's best to carry a blue wallet or purse.

Blue for promotion, love, and fame.

Wherever the annual 4 Star visits, that’s the spot to add blue. Blue colors are a perfect stimulator – but they don’t “over-stimulate” the 4 Star, which could lead to infidelity. Instead, use blue colors and accents versus real water. This will help you get recognition, especially if you speak or write for a living or if you are a student. It will also help singles in search of romance attract a love interest. For those who are married, the blue color will help to feed their romantic inclinations without over-stimulating the four star so as to invite a third party to the romance. This year the 4 star is in the northwest.

Blue is the color of career, business growth, and opportunity.

Blue colors are associated with the north, the direction of career and business opportunity. When you undertake new career endeavors or want to expand your direction, put your focus on the north sector and be sure to use the color blue – and water, too!

Blue for generating wealth.

When most people want to create more wealth and prosperity, what they really want is more income. But they most often activate the southeast wealth sector. This is incorrect because the wealth sector is the sector of accumulated assets – not generating income. For that reason, add blue colors to the north to stimulate income and generate money.

Blue for growing assets.

If you have a stock portfolio, investment or savings accounts that you would like to see grow, then adding blue to the southeast wealth sector is the right thing to do. Adding blue here will help you amass more wealth and accumulate more money and see a rise in your investments. That’s because water feeds the southeast sector of small wood and it benefits by having water here. You can also find out where your Water Star 8 is located and put water there, too!



My boys and out went to buy biscuits yesterday evening.  We will be repackaging them into smaller packs to be placed into goodie bags as gifts for senior citizens during the Eid Al Mubarak Celebrations.  Besides teaching them about the academic stuff, I do try to instil in them a love for their fellow human beings.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


The cat on the left is Snow and the one to the right is White.  They are the grandmother and mother of my Junior.  When I brought Junior to meet White in the evening, the mother cat snarled at it. motherly love at all from this feline.


The name of the snack abov is Akok.  It is very popular in the Easterb states of Kelantan and Terengganu . Akok was originally from Pattani.  It is not easy to make akok and is rather costly as a lot of eggs are used.  Besides eggs, the other ingredients are coconut milk, brown sugar and flour.


It is the Ramadan month now in which Muslims the world over fast for the entire month.  The Kuih Tepung Pelita is a snack which is sold at the Ramadan Bazaars. Actually it is also sold throughout the year in Malaysia.
This kuih Tepung is a tasty and sweet traditional famous dessert in Kelantan. It is made ​​from coconut milk and rice flour and cooked in containers made ​​from banana leaves.
Basically, kuih tepung pelita consists of two parts, namely the upper part called head, it is soft and made from coconut milk and have white colour. The bottoms are made from rice flour and are usually colour green. It is one of the hardest dessert to make.


It is durian season now in Malaysia and one can find many roadside stalls selling this King of fruit. Besides the branded durians, the ones that have golden yellow bulbs are ones most sought after.


The favourite topic of most parents the world over would be their children. They will whip out their handphones and iPads and show pictures of their offsprings.  Me?  I talk about my cat and show his pictures.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


These hanging bed do look like they are floating and are sooo stylish.  But I guess that if taken from a Feng Shui perspective they are not too good.  Why?  Because this type of bed does not offer the support that a normal bed does.

Monday, 29 June 2015


Nowadays no visit to my home in Ipoh is complete without meeting The One and Only Junior. My most recent visitors, my cousin Peggy and nephew Keefe were looking forward to meeting my furry rascal when they visited. Keefe visited with his friends on Saturday and Peggy came with her mum and our other relatives on Sunday.
What is it with this eight month old kitten of mine that makes him so popular?  Could it be because he is such a darling rascal which can still look so cute with only one eye?  Or is it because I have given him soooo much promotion in my blog and Facebook.


Posing for a picture at the Seen Hock Yeen temple in Chemor with my two paternal aunts. Third Aunt is 86 and 5th Aunt is 81. If their brother, my late father had lived he would be 85 this year.
The elder aunt is a bit senile but hard of hearing but other than that she is okay.  The younger one is active and spritely.  Hmm...both golden girls have come a long way.  Hopefully I will get to enjoy the pleasure of their company for many more years.


SECRET POPIAH  Stall in Lekir has customers lining up to buy this snack when it opens in the afternoon.  The popular popiah stall is located at Jalan Batu 10 Lekir, Sitiawan,Perak.  It is across the road from the Batu 10 Mosque.  Business hours are from 3.00 to 7.00 p.m.  The price of the popiah has risen to 80 sen each. A couple of years ago it was 60 sen each.  There are two choices, wet and fried.
Why is is so popular?  Because it tastes good.  If you ask me, the secret is in the sauce.


My cousin Peggy Leong from Singapore and I wore the same cat design T-shirt when she came to visit me today. Mine is a present from my sister and niece.

Here is a closer shot of the now famous Cat T-shirts worn by Peggy and Li Na. Honest to goodness, this is a real coincidence. My nephew Keefe delivered three cat T-shirts to me from the Wong ladies. I wore one yesterday. Out of the two left, I chose this one. Surprised we both were. She told me she bought the T-shirt in Japan. I have no idea where mine were bought. Singapore, perhaps?

Sunday, 28 June 2015


The Chinese Medical Hall that I frequent in Ipoh has this promotion.  They are giving away limited numbers of a decorative item made from a big bean.  Inscribed on the bean are pictures of the Buddha and auspicious wordings.  All one needs to do is go to the Sung Khong FB page and like.

Saturday, 27 June 2015


This afternoon Kak Rozie Shafie and I went to the Pondok in Lekir to confirm the number of children and teenagers who are eligible for our Program Beli Baju Raya this year. We include orphans, the destitute, the poor, handicapped and muallaf who are 18 and below. There are altogether 37 comprising 20 orphans (9 boys 11 girls), 8 fakir miskin (4 boys and 4 girls) and 9 muallaf (5 boys and 4 girls).
Including Adam and Fatimah (the 2 siblings with cerebral palsy), the total is 39.
I was initially given the figure of 25. Instead of RM1800, I now need at least RM2700.  Thank goodness there is so many more days to Syawal.  I am sure people will come to my assistance next week.

"Digestive Upset, Stomach Complaints, Hemorrhoids? Check your feng shui."

By Kathryn Weber

One of the most wildly popular feng shui books is Karen Kingston’s “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.” And one of the topics she covers in the book – that few others have dared to touch – is the subject of the elimination system and its tie to your personal feng shui.

While it’s not a pretty subject to talk about, Karen deftly connects clutter in the house with the symbol of our internal clutter we all deal with daily: our colon.

She writes that your home is connected to every part of your body, and your colon is too.

The idea is that by looking at both your home’s clutter and removal of what’s unnecessary, used up and needing to be purged, as well as the health of your colon, you’ll create greater health and well-being in all parts of your life.

What’s interesting is that she contends by clearing up your colon, you can help rid yourself of emotional issues that may have been buried for years. Heal Your Body guru Louise Hay says that stomach problems are based on dread and fear of new situations and circumstances. Even bad breath can be a symptom of stomach issues, and one that Hay says is a fixation on thoughts of revenge or personal experiences backing up.

Either way, both are about the past. And that’s true of clutter. It’s about holding on to what’s no longer useful.

I’ve seen clients finally be able to move past emotional blockages in their lives, marriages and careers after a thorough decluttering and cleaning. I’ve also seen resistant clients who love their thrift store and eBay buys and who can never seem to move forward in their lives, staying forever stuck in problems from their past as they live through other people’s castoffs.

If you’ve had stomach or elimination system complaints, take a look at these feng shui tips for helping you clear clutter – both at home and in your colon – and see if your life and elimination system improve.
Heel hemorrhoids.

In the house, hemorrhoids and fissures can often show up as clutter and mess at the back door. Yes, the backdoor of your home symbolizes your body’s “back door” too! Clear out clutter and mess by the door, keep it swept and clear to help if you’ve got hemorrhoid problems.

Constipation equals clutter. Clutter equals constipation.

Whether it’s inside you or surrounding you, clutter and excess represents matter (or matters?) that haven’t been gotten rid of or handled. Work on clearing out excess clutter, particularly at the back of the house (the less public side) and the back door.

Work on emotional matters too. Lay problems to rest – or handle them once and for all. Many stomach complaints can be symbols of denial and refusal to address matters and problems and resolve them.

Hidden clutter symbolizes stomach issues.

Because constipation represents what’s hidden, look for hidden clutter such as the kind found in drawers (like those infamous junk drawers), desks and closets as a source of constipation. Streamline drawers and add organizers to make these areas more orderly.

Another common indicator of constipation? A messy desk. Little sticky notes, random papers and ancient or non-working pens and pencils are a good sign that there’s a stoppage in your colon or stomach problems.

Emotions in the stomach.

When there are difficulties with the stomach, there are often problems with the area representing the abdominal area in our home, the southwest. When the stomach is out of balance, so are the emotions because this is where we process many of our negative emotions (spleen, pancreas, liver, colon, kidney, stomach – fear, anger, worry, depression). Stomach problems can range from stomach rumbling, gas, diarrhea or constipation.

When emotions are out of balance, we often feel it “in our gut.” Work on the southwest corner of your home, living room, the bedroom, your home office, the kitchen and the dining room. Keeping these corners clear and clean will help your stomach and your emotional health, and help relieve you of negative emotions.

Kick digestive problems.

Foot problems give lots of clues about problems in the body. Problems with the big toes, such as callouses and toenail issues can point to problems with the neck. Soreness on the inside ankles or arches can indicate kidney or bladder issues. And the heel? It shows problems too. When the heels are cracked it can indicate anal fissures or hemorrhoids.

Get regular pedicures to keep feet and stomach health in good condition.

If you have severe foot problems such as fungus, be sure to see a podiatrist or your physician as severe foot problems can create a myriad of digestive and bodily complaints. Regular reflexology treatments are also a good idea for keeping the whole body in tip top shape.


I have been reading about placing onion on the soles of the feet to cure illness a lot lately. Actually this viral message has been circulating around for some time.  Some say it is false while others say it works.
The idea is that placing sliced raw onions on the bottoms of one's feet and securing them with white socks before going to bed will "take away illness" overnight as the onions "absorb" toxins from the body. Some also say it prevents the flu. This turns out to be a relatively old folk remedy that was still being cited in home medical manuals of the late 1800s.