Monday, 26 January 2015


When a few of my friends saw these photos of Junior that I posted on my FACEBOOK wall, they commented that the little kitten looked like it was such a good and well behaved creature.  Well, contrary to what they assume, this little fella was only putting up an innocent facade.  He can be very naughty at times.


I put this Medicine Buddha Mantra mandala as my screensaver as my study room is located in the Southeast which is afflicted by the Illness Star 2 this year.  Hopefully the Medicine Buddha will bless me with good health.


This is the heart sutra pillar keychain that I bought from the WOFs Boutique last week. In 2015, the Five Yellow is located in the West bringing misfortune to those whose home faces West, whose bedroom or office resides in the West, the children of the household and/or those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster
The Heart Sutra Pillar is recommended to subdue this star. The 8 inch pillar is etched with the Heart Sutra. Unfortunately at a princely sum and I had to content myself with the smaller version in the form of a keychain. The 8 inch version has its inside filled with special substances and mantras to completely weaken the Five Yellow. As my life force isn't too strong in the coming, the pillar will be my protector as it also has the power to bring local spirit protectors to ones side. It is an excellent safeguard against bad people, illness, accidents and reversal of fortunes.
Anyway, if you are not a Buddhist and find it difficult to get your hands on Feng Shui items, fret not.  You can use common everyday items as cures.  The emphasis is on metal.  This element subdues the 5 yellow.  So get whatever metallic items you have and place them in the West.  Or you can use colour to represent the metal element.  If possible try to avoid the West area in 2015.  Keep this sector quiet.
The Annual 3 Killings Star is also here and this is also bad.  You must remember not to sit with your back to the West.  Instead try to sit facing this direction.


Stir fried fish slices with ginger and spring onions (scallions) was one of the dishes I had for lunch yestereday.  It was easy on my throat and less heaty than others. Besides, it was also deliciously cooked by Chef Sam.

Sunday, 25 January 2015


I was told that some locals had trouble finding where the East Come Garden Seafood Restaurant is. I don't blame them as it is located behind the Ritz Garden Hotel and the entrance to the place is by the side. I took some pictures as an aid to those who are thinking of patronising this restaurant. The signboard at the entrance has Arabic, Chinese and English wordings.


My study and activity room is in the Southeast of the house and in the Year of the Sheep, this Illness Star 2 resides in this sector.  As it brings with it sickness, the best thing is to avoid using this sector.  To lessen the energy of this star, the emphasis is on metal.  Put lots and lots of metal here.  If the house faces southeast, then place a 6-rod metal wind chime outside.  A very good Feng Shui cure would be a Metal Wu Lou.  Placing 6 Emperor coins would also be a good cure.  If you do not want to buy Feng Shui items, then any metallic item would do; a bunch of keys, a metallic bowl.  The colours white, silver, gold and grey which represent metal would also be good for this sector.  
In the picture above is a keychain of the Eiffel Tower that my friend, Musliha gave to me as a souvenir from her trip to Paris.  I am placing it in my Southeast as it is made of metal.


I took the pictures of food that Lai Yoong and I had for dinner earlier in the week. As I was taken ill, I didn't post them until now. It was what we had for dinner at East Come Garden Seafood Restaurant. We had sweet and sour fish fillet, butter prawns and french beans fried with sambal. The three dishes with a complimentary soup plus rice and tea came up to RM39.90. The offer is only until the end of January.


The sheep year will begin at midnight 4th February 2015. The Centre of the house or any building will be occupied by the Number 3 Argumentative Star. One way to counter the ill effects of this star is to place something red in the centre. The red mats above only cost RM2 each.   Lai Yoong and I bought a few to place in our houses.
Besides red, one can also use fire colours like burgundy, purple, orange and pink but red is still the most potent.  One can also use candles and lamps.  Remember to keep the centre well lit and bright.


This is the foundation for the latest feature at the Ancient City. It is an eight storey pagoda.  Below is the plan for this pagoda.  

Saturday, 24 January 2015


The last couple of weeks of the horse year haven't been too kind to Lai Yoong and I. We hadn't been feeling too healthy and both of us made visits to Uncle Cheong for Tui Na and to Dr Diong. We went to the temple to pray for good health this morning and posed for fotos with these manmade horses at the Ancient City. Hopefully the violent horse will gallop quickly away and the tamer sheep will stride in bringing good luck for the two of us. And for Malaysia too. This naughty horse has also caused havoc to my beloved country and her people.

"Living with a Clutterbug...Could it secretly be your problem?"

Excerpt from my Free & Clear Program Clutter Program
By Kathryn Weber

What do you do when you have a clutter bug under your roof? How can you get a loved one to part with old, holey shirts and a baseball card collection that's gone wild?

Maybe it's the problem of storing a sofa in the garage for your nephew or a friend. Or, you have a kid that's gone off to college (and graduated five years ago?) and so you're the repository of all the said student's stuff?

Here's what I can about about other people's stuff -- it's really your stuff.

Going WAY back to the beginning of the Free & Clear Forever program, we talked about the ability to say no

Clutter is about boundaries. And if you have them (boundaries that is), other people's clutter usually isn't a big problem.

Being clear about what's acceptable or what isn't to you, often solves the problem. It's a lot like babies and bottles.

Lots of moms talk about not being able to get the baby off a bottle and on a sippy cup.

Here's why: they expect the baby to make the decision, and that's a mistake.

Once the mom is decisive and explains that the new cup is now the norm, the baby will go along. I know. This is how every transition my children ever made occurred.

When I made the decision, they went along.

When we waffle, hope and pray they'll accept the sippy cup, big bed from a crib, limits on TV or whatever, no decision is being made by me or them, and they blissfully go on the way they want.

The other problem with other people's clutter? It could be you.

Karen Kingston in her seminal book, "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui," writes that even a neatnik who has problems with a clutterbug is really only seeing a reflection of themselves.

Stay with me here....

When there is someone that's cluttered and unclear in your home, it's often a reflection of something cluttered in us -- unresolved issues, upset emotions, unclear boundaries, muddled thinking, indecisiveness, etc.

A good example is the person who's neat as a pin, but an emotional mess. Or, is always running with her hair on fire.

Clutter doesn't have to be stuff -- it can be emotions, stress, upset, time demands, or pure and simple overwhelm.

Maybe the clutter is on the inside.

If that's the case, you might find that the others in your home are reflecting your cluttered inner life.

Remember, when it comes to feng shui our inner world mirrors our outer world and vice versa.

So, how do you get straight -- and get others to clear their mess?

•Set limits on your time. Don't let others soak up every bit of your precious hours.

•Set boundaries, "I can no longer store your 800 CD music collection. Please move it out by the first of the month."

•Resolve open issues. You can't move forward when you're moving in in reverse. Stuck in something that happened to you? Get therapy or seek out help. EMDR is a type of therapy that can help you move past trauma. Network chiropractic is a gentle type of chiropractic that helps you release old traumas that become stuck in your body. Try both a physical and emotional clearing.

•Decide. Many times we put off decisions hoping they'll be made for us. I can guarantee you that any decision made for you is never as satisfying as a decision made by you.

•Handle problems. We all have problems and difficulty. What's the ONE thing that's holding you back in your life? Usually it's just one thing (and it usually relates to a decision that needs to be made). Get it handled and it could energetically unblock your home.

•Clear your thinking. If you're an emotional or stressed-out mess, try learning to meditate or doing yoga or tai chi. Find a way to make some mental clear space in your mind.

Once your inner world becomes uncluttered and clear, it's amazing how our resident clutter bugs may spontaneously want to clear out, organize and get their belongings and neat and orderly as yours.

Friday, 23 January 2015


 Last Sunday Lai Yoong and I had our dinner at a Malay restaurant in Manjung.  We had steamed fish, omelette and Kai Lan fried with salted fish plus a bowl of crackers.  It came up to RM51.   To us, this was a bit pricey.  Buzz said that the restaurant we went to charged higher prices than others.  So we will not go there again.


Delicious butter prawns from West Come Seafood Reataurant

Thursday, 22 January 2015



This morning I saw two monkeys outside my house.  When I wanted to snap their photo they ran away.  Can you see where they went?


When it comes to car engine care, I am hopeless.  I rely on my male colleagues to help me out.  Actually I am not too sure when to add water to the car battery as I was told that adding too much would also be damaging.  What I usually do is get Haji Hasnin or Cikgu Ishak Salasa to check for me.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Junior: Come out Taro
Taro:  Noooooo


Meet Venus the 2 eyed Chimera cat.  One side of her face is black with green eyes and the other is blonde with blue eyes.  To find out more a out Venus you can visit  her FB Page.


"Improve Your Feng Shui, Health and Wealth (and cure some problems!) with Lucky Bamboo"

By Kathryn Weber

Today it’s hard to go to any nursery or florist and not see pots of lucky bamboo. It’s cultivated and arranged in small pots to large, fabulous interwoven designs. It’s striking and brings a bright green touch of nature to your home -- and adds some great health and wealth feng shui too!

One of the most common questions, though, is whether it’s actually bamboo or not.

And, in fact, it is not bamboo but rather part of the dracaena sanderiana family. In addition to being called lucky bamboo, it’s also called Chinese water bamboo, friendship bamboo, or even feng shui bamboo. Even so, it still looks like bamboo, and for that reason it’s called that and makes us think of bamboo when we see it, making it fitting to be used like bamboo in your home or office.

Bamboo care
To care for lucky bamboo is very easy. Lucky bamboo does best in medium light so try to put your bamboo somewhere where it will have plenty of light but not direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves.

Whether you keep your bamboo in water or water and pebbles, just make sure that the roots are covered with water and the water level is constant. Change the water completely at least once a month. If possible, used distilled water. Every other month add a very tiny amount of fertilizer. It can be grown either completely in water or put into pebbles and kept filled with water.

Bamboo qualities
One of the ways lucky bamboo is used is in feng shui. Without question, bamboo is the quintessential plant that represents health, growth and longevity in Chinese and feng shui thought. But it also represents parts of a person’s character, which is flexibility and its ability to stay green year round is a reminder of the importance of remaining hopeful, positive, and optimistic.

In the home or office, bamboo is believed to dissolve negative chi energy. In the business environment, bamboo represents growth, longevity in business and profitability.

Bamboo canes
Besides using lucky bamboo as an enhancer, you can use lucky bamboo to activate your home for good fortune based on the number of individual bamboo stalks. You can choose the number of stalks based on your personal aspirations.

1 for opportunity, income
2 for love and happiness, attract a woman to your life
3 for growth, good health and family relationships
4 for wealth, education luck
5 for health, wealth and happiness
6 for good fortune, heavenly assistance, networking help, attract a man to your life
8 for good fortune, wealth and prosperity
9 for Future prosperity, social opportunity, and fame

Bamboo cure
In your home, use lucky bamboo in the wealth and health sectors, where they are most beneficial. The wood and growth energy are right at home here! But lucky bamboo is also an affective cure for annual afflictions like the 5 and 2 stars that bring health and financial problems wherever they visit.

In 2015 we have a particularly troublesome set of energies.

Lucky bamboo in water is an excellent enhancer and protector of wealth and health.

The 5 Yellow has moved to the west, making a vase of healthy and vibrant lucky bamboo a wonderful energizer for health and wealth and for taking some of the sting out of the 5 Star. The other energy to be concerned about is the 3 Killings which can cause serious loss of wealth, reputation, health, or the loss of a loved one.

A perfect way to handle both energies this year is a big vase of water with either 3 or 5 stalks of bamboo, like the picture here at right...I'd rather see an equal amount of stone and water in a vase, though.

The water helps to reduce the metal energy from the 3 Killings west metal energy, and the bamboo’s wood energy helps to contain the 5 Yellow. For families with children, this is an especially important and easy cure as these two difficult energies will be in the west, the sector of children.

For more wealth assistance, add four stalks of bamboo in the southeast wealth corner this year where the Black 2 star of illness and financial problems is visiting. This is a great addition any year, but in 2015, it’s extra helpful – especially if you’d like to give your savings account a big boost.

Lucky bamboo can also be used to stimulate energy for love, travel, education and writing.

For instance, the 4 star of romance and education and writing luck are in the northwest corner this year. Adding lucky bamboo here can help stimulate this area with beneficial luck for romance and growth. So, you singles out there, go grab four stalks of bamboo in a vase of water to draw someone new and wonderful to your life – or use it for opportunities in education, travel, or writing and communication!

The next time you're in a plant shop, give lucky bamboo a second luck. It's a great feng shui enhancer and protector, too.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015




I had a Yemeni meal last week at the Hadramout Paradise Restaurant in Sitiawan last week.  My friends who went with me loved it.  Me?  it was just okay.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


I learnt to fold my plastic bags into small triangles so that they can be more easily stored,  It is easy to fold them.  Really saves a lot of space.


If your windows are dirty, clean them as this will make your house look cleaner.  In Feng Shui,  clean windows represent a clear view of the opportunities coming your way.

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Besides the boxes of mandarin oranges on sale at the supermarkets, there will be the hampers. would be nice to receive one.