Wednesday, 20 August 2014


This is the oyster plant or Bunga Nanas Kerang Besar. My librarians love to drink a concoction that I boil using the flowers and leaves. I add sugar and sometimes also rock sugar. It tastes a bit like sugar cane.


The bamboo plants in the college are a source of shoots for cooking a dish called Pucuk Rebung Masak Lemak (Bamboo shoots cooked in spicy coconut gravy).  I always keep a lookout for the young shoots and will harvest them for this dish.  It is not me who does the cooking but a friend of mine.  I do the eating.  Heh Heh Heh


The Ceremonial Secretariat division of the Prime Minister’s Office has released a list of protocols to be observed for the national day of mourning for the victims of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight MH17 this Friday.
  • the Malaysian flag across the country would be flown at half mast;
  • all entertainment-related events on that day would be postponed;
  • people are advised to wear dark and sombre-coloured clothing which are not too bright or gaudy.
  • Muslims involved directly in the ceremony of receiving the remains of MH17 victims are encouraged to wear a songkok (without the white band) or black scarf (for women);
  • on that day, all forms of entertainment programmes on radio and television would be postponed and replaced with recitation of the Quran as well as religious programmes.


The Belimbi plant (pokok belimbing buluh) in the college Herb Garden is bearing a lot of fruits at the present moment.  What do we do with the fruits?  Some of the lecturers and staff cook sambal belacan or other appetising dishes.  When I was younger, I would eat them with assam boi or sour khannah.

Do you know that the fruit and leaves of the plant has a number of health benefits?  
Here they are:
  • The juice is effective as eye drops (regarded as a magic curative).
  • Decoction of leaves or the juice of the leaves, are often consumed as a cure for venereal disease.
  • A leaf decoction is taken to relieve rectal inflammation.
  • The fruit is given to children as a protection against coughs.
  • A flower infusion is believed be effective against coughs and thrush.
  • A leaf infusion is a remedy for coughs and is taken after childbirth as a tonic.
  • The leaves are applied as poultice on itches, swellings of mumps and rheumatism, and on skin problems.
  • The fruit and leaves are applied on bites of poisonous insect.
  • Syrup made from Bilimbi fruit is taken as a cure for fever and inflammation and to stop rectal bleeding and alleviate internal hemorrhoids.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Here is the Neem plant (Azadirachta indica) that is the main ingredient used in the Hair tonic and shampoo for hair growth that I posted in my FB wall yesterday. Neem hair oil has proved its importance in treating of hair fall, dandruff, lice and early graying of hairs.


One of my regular blog readers requested on advice on how to deal with a difficult boss.  I managed to find this article by Feng Shui Master Kathryn Weber on the topic.

Feng shui your work relationships to make work smoother and more successful.

Improve Your Work Relationships — 6 Feng Shui Tips for Working Smoother and More Harmoniously

by Kathryn Weber

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that an unhappy work environment can be one of life’s most miserable experiences. It’s isolating, it’s uncomfortable, unproductive, and it can also block your progress in life. That’s because work, like everything else, often relies on good will.

Certainly the good will of co-workers and bosses alike can help propel your career and business. Likewise, ill will and animosity can create obstacles to career success and make every day you show up for work a pretty miserable eight-hour (or longer) experience.

Fortunately, feng shui offers some techniques for improving work relationships and making them more harmonious and hospitable, like finding the lucky corner in your office to improve your career luck.

So, if your career has stalled and every day you go to work is an exercise of endurance you’ll want to try the following.

Tip No. 1 — Don’t directly confront your boss
Look at your desk arrangement to see if it is facing your boss’s directly. Even if you are across the building, if your boss’s desk is facing west and your is facing east, and you could draw an imaginary straight line to his or her desk, then you are in a confrontational position. It’s always better to have your boss “at your back” so that you are supported by this person.

Tip No. 2 — Ground your relationships with superiors with a gold mountain
Creating your own “mountain of gold” will give you opportunities, help from benefactors, and create great good will with superiors by grounding your relationships. Place your mini mountain in the northwest corner of your office. (Find this corner by standing in the center of your office and locating the center with a compass — don’t guess).

To create your mini gold mountain–purchase a large round glass candle holder. It is important that this plate is made of glass. The plates are those flat glass round that hold candle arrangements. Next, paint a mixture of small stones gold with spray paint. Arrange these stones on the plate to resemble a small gold mountain.

Tip No. 3– Make your relationships with your boss smooth
Create an arrangement of crystal, glass, or snowglobe spheres in the center of your office to smooth out relationships. In addition to helping with superiors, these balls will also help smooth out relationships with coworkers as well. Alternatively, you may also wish to display a crystal vase, remembering to leave it empty so it can collect auspicious relationship energy.

Tip No. 4–Activate your office according to your boss’s gender
If you have an older male boss, activate the northwest. If you have an older female supervisor, activate the southwest. Both can be activated by creating a mini gold mountain. Alternatively, both can be enhanced by a globe of the earth.

Tip No. 5– Activate your office according to your supervisor’s age
If your boss is male, activate the east corner of the office with plants, flowers, a ficus tree, or a picture of these things. For male bosses who are younger than you activate the northeast with a crystal ball, geode, or crystal vase.

If your boss is female and is older than you, activate the southeast with some small plants or flowers. If your supervisor is the same age, activate the south with red colors. If your boss is younger, place metal objects, such as wind chimes, radios, fans, etc., in the west corner of your office.

The feng shui lucky corner for this office is in the upper right of the picture noted with the red ribbon.

Tip No. 6 Enhance your own luck by activating the lucky corner of your office
The corner that is diagonal to the door to your office is considered the lucky corner. People who don’t activate this corner are missing important opportunities to influence their career luck and the appeal of their offices to their coworkers and supervisors.

If your lucky corner is SOUTH: Place a tall tree or large plant here

If your lucky corner is EAST or SOUTHEAST: Place an aquarium or fountain here

If your lucky corner is NORTH: Hang a large 6-rod hollow windchime here or metal vase

If your lucky corner is WEST or NORTHWEST: Add a large stone, globe, or cluster of crystals on a marble stand here

If your lucky corner is SOUTHWEST or NORTHEAST: Place a tall floor lamp here



View this video on how to use Mental Feng Shui to deal with Difficult People


My friend Rose told me that her brother who was balding started using a shampoo and hair tonic made from herbs and in a matter of months has seen some hair growth.  She said that his hair is also a bit darker.  She also introduced this to one of her patients and the lady has reported the growth of fine hair.
So those of you who are facing problems with hair loss or grey hair may want to try this product.  It is made from natural Neem extracts, virgin coconut oil and 10 types of natural herbs.  The shampoo is RM59.90 and the tonic is RM69.90.  You have to use both together.
Here is the link:


When these dead golden winged insects make an appearance in my house, I know that it is a sign that it will rain.  Don't know the name of the insect. Do you?


This is how intent I look when busy with preparing exercises for my Year 1 English classes.  I usually do this in the dead of night.

Monday, 18 August 2014


Lai Yoong sent me this picture of her vase of anthuriums. Mr Tan gave them to us two weeks ago and they are still looking good. Like Lai Yoong's anthuriums, mine are also still looking nice and fresh.  You can see them in the pictures posted below.


I am showing off the Aidijumma Palestine scarf that Buzz bought from the Aidijumma store in Ipoh. Collection from the sale of the AJ PALESTINE scarves will be contributed to #VivaPalestinaMalaysia.  Early birds to the store who bought the scarves were given a pamphlet about the Confict in Gaza.



When I see lanterns being hung outside Prayer Paraphernalia shops I know for certain that the Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner.  The shop I went to had traditional lanterns made into the shapes of animals and also cartoon characters.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


When we visited Tan's Camellia Garden in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Mr Tan was more than happy to show us his Camellia plants. If I am not mistaken, he said he has 3000 plants. As a matter of fact, he told us that this is the largest Camellia Garden in Southeast Asia. I think either China, Japan or South Korea has the largest one in the world.


For those of you who love strawberries, here are some strawberry photos (real and otherwise) that were taken during my trip up Cameron Highlands during the holidays.