Saturday, 1 August 2020


Now that I am a pensioner, I have a bit more time to indulge in gardening.  I have a mini garden and it gives me great joy to enjoy my plants in the morning.  


Happiness is meeting up with a dear friend for dinner, especially if the friend has moved to another place and came back to visit.


Happiness is watching the sunset with my dear friend, Nancy.

Thursday, 4 June 2020



I first learnt to cook Luo Hon Jai 罗汉斋 (Cantonese) when I was 12 or 13 years old. Later with tips from my Aunt May, I was able to make it tastier. If I may say so, this is one of my signature dishes as I have 48 years of experience.

This is a popular vegetarian dish that you can order from many Chinese restaurants.

My version consists of bean curd preserve, fucuk, glass noodles, golden needles, wood ear fungus, cabbage, choy sum, carrot, chillies, button mushrooms, red dates and dried mushroom. Actually there should be 18 ingredients. I left out gingko, tofu puffs, water chestnut, baby corn, lotus root and fatt choy (black moss) as I was lazy to go out to buy them.
The eighteen ingredients in the Lo Han Jai represent the eighteen Arhats in Buddhism.


Passiflora plant at Taman Kelulut KVSM. The purplish bloom is exquisite. Hopefully they will bear fruit. The common name for the fruit is passion fruit.

"Feng Shui Creates a Peaceful Home in Turbulent Times"

"Feng Shui Creates a Peaceful Home in Turbulent Times"

It seems like for far too long the world has suffered one tragedy after another, and now there’s a pandemic. The news is filled with death, senseless violence, and destruction….and more arrives every day. The question turns to how to keep your home and life peaceful when the world outside your door feels like it’s turned upside down.

No matter what’s happening, peace begins with you, where you live, how you live, and how you choose to respond.

Using feng shui in your home is a powerful way to create a respite from the difficulties outside your four walls to help you create a peaceful home environment no matter what’s happening in the outside world.

Your safe place in the world is your feng shui home.

You look to your home to provide a sensory reprieve, allowing you to unplug from the stresses of the outside, and the over-stimulating, often violent and troubled world.

A home such as this will nurture and refresh you.

However, your home shouldn’t be so “Zen” that it calms you to a point that you’re ready to fall asleep because a house that’s too quiet and still isn’t alive. Your home needs to be restful but not stagnant. It should provide you the elements that enable you to regroup so that you can take on each new day and function effectively in the outside world rather than simply withdraw from it.

But creating a calming, relaxing home isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s because the elements of a serene space aren’t always obvious.

Here are six elements that create a calm, peaceful, and refreshing environment that will help you create a feng shui home — a peaceful yet energizing sanctuary.

1. Make your home mentally restful.

A home must be a line in the sand between you and troubling world events, stress-filled work, and — this is important here — electronic demands. Here are some important tips for getting mental rest from your home.

Rein in the television. If your home is like many, the television is centrally-located and turned on regardless of whether anyone is watching it or not. This gives the TV superior status over the occupants ......continue reading

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Monday, 1 June 2020



Stand in between the line markers ... 1 meter apart. Wait for my turn. When I reach the front of the line, the guard will take my temperature and if I am not feverish, then only can write down my name, phone number and temperature in a book.
After that ... I am only allowed to enter.


There are reports in the media of many attempting to go back to their villages to celebrate the Eid Festival with their loved ones.  Here is Malaysia we are not allowed to travel intrastate to curb the spread of Covid-19.
My Aunty Linda and Uncle Jimmy are in Ipoh and I haven't seen them for weeks. They are both in their eighties and suffer from chronic diseases. My aunt has diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Uncle Jimmy suffers from Parkinson's disease and had a heart attack a few years ago. He also has high BP. It is not that I don't miss them. I do. They are both in the high risk group.
That is why I do not go back to Ipoh. My neighbour helps to make sure my house is okay and I transfer money online to Uncle Krishnan to cut the grass.
If you have vulnerable old folks, please stay where you are. Do not go visit them ... you might endanger their lives.


My furry babies love drinking from the water fountain I bought for them.
Last year Min Min had to go for an operation because he suffered from kidney stones. The vet suspects that my baby doesn't drink enough water. I found out that one way to encourage kitties to drink is by getting them a water fountain.
Fresh, flowing water will be quite appealing to many pets. “Wa
ter fountains can entice pets to drink more because they use a filter to make the water fresher and better tasting,”

Saturday, 16 May 2020


This is another dish my late father taught me. It is super easy to make.
1 Japanese cucumber
Salt (1/3 teaspoon)
Sugar (2 tablespoon)
1 Lime
Add Chilli (cut into strips)
Refrigerate about 10 minutes before eating.
Cut the cucumber into strips (remove centre part)
Put cut cucumber in boil
Add salt
Add sugar
Add lime juice


In Malaysia, we celebrate Teacher's Day on 16th May.



This part of my house is in the North sector. I use a lot of red here or colours associated with fire like dark yellow, dark pink, purple and orange.

Those who are Feng Shui enthusiasts would understand why I have introduced colors associated with this element here.

My Feng Shui sifu Mr Jason Eng Ecs would be proud of me.


Thank you Dorothy and Spring for worrying about my wellbeing. The two dear ladies emailed me to find out how I was,  Fear not I am back.  

I had a very eventful 2019.  I immersed myself in charity work and community service.  So much so that I neglected my blog.  A tragedy happened in my family.  My youngest sister had an accident and was in a coma for sometime.  She passed away on October 20th 2019.  My family and I were in mourning for a few months and I was too distraught to blog,

At the beginning of the year I had to get ready for my retirement in April.  I had to train my successor and also try to finish projects that I started.  Unfortunately, I could not finish what I set out to do.  On 18th March, my country Malaysia went into partial Lockdown.  Here we term it as Movement Control Order (MCO).  We were not allowed out from our houses unless we needed to go buy food, buy medicine or seek treatment form the hospital.  Malaysia is still under MCO but things have been relaxed.  Economies are allowed to open and our time out has also been relaxed. Schools and institutions of learning remain closed. We are told that henceforth life will not be the same.  There will be a new norm.
Social distancing is what we need to do to stay safe.  We also go about carryiing hand sanitizers and wearing face masks.  This MCO will be until June 9.  Then we wait and see if it will be extended.

As my birthday is on 17th April, I retired without ceremony and fanfare.  Orders were to Stay at Home to Stay Safe.

However, I have been really, really busy during this period as the Non Governmental Organisation I am attached to have been offering humanitarian aid to the poor and needy.  Those who are daily wage earners and do not have savings are finding it hard to make ends meet.  Luckily the government has come up with packages to help the economy and people.  However, while waiting for the cash pay outs, some families had run of food to eat.  That is where my team comes in,.  We get contributions for to buy send food to these people.  I think this situation is happening throughout the world.  WE are all together in this Pandemic.

So dare friends that about sums up what I have been up to until now.

I will try to do catch up with my blogging,

Li Na

Tuesday, 5 February 2019




I learnt this ritual from Lilian Too and have been carrying it out for more than 10 years.
Mandarin oranges, with their round shape and glowing hue reminiscent of gold, symbolize money.  Furthermore mandarins in Chinese are called Kum which sounds like gold. On the first day of Chinese New Year, some Chinese families and businesses roll mandarin oranges and coins over the threshold of their front door, to ensure that prosperity will flow into the building all year long.
And every year, my 3 furry sons will check out the 'gold' their mama has rolled in.

Monday, 28 January 2019


Me with Feng Shui Master Jason Eng at his Feng Shui Spectacular for 2019.
As usual the talk was very informative and interesting.
After his talk we are ready to face the Year of the Boar.
Please visit the Ipoh WOFS FB page for information on his talk later this week.



According to Jason, the year has a good balance of elements in the Bazi chart. All the 5 elements are present. This indicates that we can expect a generally good year ahead.
The year of the Boar is dominated by the Fire element.  There are 3 in the chart.  This is good as it means wealth luck. Wear red and keep your home well lit to generate more wealth luck.
Lup Chun falls on 4th February 2019 one day before the new year. This means that the new year has no lup chun which indicates slow economic growth. One can use more wood energy to improve growth.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Sunday, 15 July 2018


I read that eating mangosteens can help lower blood pressure. 


Me posing with the idols of the Taoist deities; the Jade Emperor and Wang Mu Liang Liang which are located at tye 7th tier of the Pagoda at the Tua Pek Kung Temple in Pasir Panjang.  I try and make it a point to go to the temple pray at least once a month.

Friday, 15 June 2018


"The Feng Shui of Windows"

By Kathryn Weber

Windows are a natural part of the exterior of a home or office building. In a sense, they’re the eyes of the building. Their openings let in light, views and without them, life would dark, dull and depressing. Yet, having not enough windows is just as bad as having too many. Because of their energy, windows can affect our home’s feng shui – and ultimately – our lives.

Like all things in feng shui, balance is important. The same is true with windows. Too few and it’s dark and we feel hopeless, too many or too large, and we feel scattered, frenetic and exhausted. The key is to balance enough light and views with privacy and exposure.

The type, kind and quantity of windows, like doors, affect the type of chi that enters the house.

When the windows are too numerous, too few or too large, the energy of the house can be weak. Likewise, you may have plenty of windows, but their treatment influences the way they affect the chi of the home. This can include the type of coverings you have, blinds and curtains, and if they’re dirty, broken or overgrown.

Here are some important tips about windows and feng shui.

Avoid having beds under a window. Beds should never be placed under a window unless there is absolutely no other place to put the bed. In that case, a heavy drape should be hung and closed behind the bed at night.

Don’t arrange furniture with the back to a window. In a living room, if there’s a large picture window, avoid placing the sofa or chairs with their back to the window. This creates a feeling of vulnerability.

Avoid window and door alignment. This often occurs in bedrooms, offices and living rooms. Block the alignment because this causes chi to run in a straight line. If this is the front door and it’s aligned with a window at the rear of the house, money will run out quickly. Place a screen, tall plant to block or add a window covering here.

Trim plants regularly. Don’t allow plants to overgrow windows. This directly affects the sector it relates to. For example, if you have an overgrown shrub in front of a window in the southeast wealth sector, you won’t be able to “see” your financial accounts realistically.

Avoid vertical blinds. These blinds are dangerous and send out harsh poison arrows with their large cutting edges. If you have a vertical blind anywhere replace them as soon as possible with a curtain or other type of window covering.

Beautiful views. Many windows offer wonderful views of trees, pretty scenes or nice landscaping. This is especially auspicious. Be sure to look out your windows to see where you can create those kinds of views in your garden or yard. Likewise, if you have a beautiful view, consider adding a mirror opposite that window to double the view!

Keep windows clean. Windows represent how we see our world. They also can create health problems depending on the sector. A broken window in the NE could be a problem with the hands or problems with decision making. Keep your windows clean and in good repair to keep your health and well-being safeguarded. Looking for a way to clean windows fast? Tips on window speed cleaning.

Balance views and light with privacy. Windows today have become too large and can make residents feel like they’re living in a fishbowl. This can create chi that is weak. It can also create problems with too much exposure. While it’s nice to have natural light and pretty views, we also need privacy. Make sure you don’t feel over-exposed because this can be dangerous from unsavory types to poison arrows.

Balance lighting. Everyone wants light, bright windows today. But when a house is too bright it can create tensions. Anger will flare, nerves will be shot and the family will suffer from too much sunlight. Balance this by adding window coverings that can manage the amount of light coming in. There are a variety of window options to preserve a view and light while taking away glare.


"Feng Shui Artwork -- How Images in Your Home Influence Your Prosperity, Love and Happiness"

"Feng Shui Artwork -- How Images in Your Home Influence Your Prosperity, Love and Happiness"

By Kathryn Weber

As a feng shui consultant, there have been many times when I’ve seen artwork that brings positive results to my clients’ lives. There are also times when I see artwork that negatively influences their happiness, their health, and in some cases, their life.

Even the placement of artwork has implications on what happens in your life and how you view yourself, if money is a problem or if your health suffers.

Why? Because what you see is often what you get in life.

When teaching my feng shui consultant training course, I often repeat this statement: energy flows where the eye goes.

If that energy is positive from an image, picture or painting, the flow is positive. If it is negative, the energy goes that way, too.

The accounts below are a few of some of my consulting clients and how the images displayed in their homes affected their lives.

One of my favorite private coaching clients often talked about how her life was reflected by the images she had around her house. She was unhappy in her marriage but had never really noticed how many images of a single, melancholy woman looking off into the distance were placed around her home, much like the image above of a solitary woman.

Relationship isolation

She wondered if those images where impacting her marriage, making her feel alone, isolated and forlorn herself. So, she set about taking those images down and putting up images of a happy couple, pairs of objects and got rid of the single, isolated woman.

She – and her husband – immediately noticed a difference and have remained married and are happy together.


Another client suffered from despondency, lack of a love relationship, and weight gain. After looking at her entire home, I couldn’t see a reason for her problems with depression, but there was one last room to see – her bedroom. It was looking fine, too, until we turned around to go back downstairs to the main living area.

That’s when I saw on the wall opposite the bedroom stairs was a large blue painting of a single woman crying.

Imagine, every day this woman went out into the world, the last image she saw was of a solitary crying woman. I’d feel isolated and depressed, too.

There were other things that were going on her life as well, like an over-sized collection of porcelain animals, which I believe grew along with her weight. She put her collection away, took down that painting, and then began working in a craft she’d always wanted to learn. She lost weight and moved into a new house and began a brand-new life.

Your health

Sometimes images can directly impact your health. One client had an image of a young woman with her chest ripped open and her heart exploding that her daughter had painted. It looked as gruesome as it sounds.

The image was painted in white, grey, red and black, which are very negative color pairings in feng shui. The client wondered why they had financial problems (the image was hung at the front door where money and opportunity comes in) and why her relationship with her daughter was strained. It’s not hard to understand why, is it?

However, because the daughter had actually painted this picture, this client didn’t want to part with it.


This happens more than you’d imagine, and I think many times, people become attached to their problems or they can’t let go of things – even when those things may harm them.

As they say in the Buddhism, all suffering comes from attachment. This certainly illustrates that case.

Health problems and anxiety

Another client experienced severe health problems and had painted a picture of a man and woman. It was supposed to look romantic, I believe, and depict the couple that shared the bedroom. However, the woman was on her back and blue-colored with the man above her that almost appeared as if her were making a CPR effort.

Because of the health problems this woman experienced, the image of a woman on her back, and blue-colored (the color of death and lack of oxygen in the blood), I suggested she take down the picture.

She, too, was the artist and did not want to give up the painting and reluctantly agreed to move it out of the bedroom.

The marriage that ended

Another couple had images of their children covering the entire wall opposite their marital bed. Their love life was in the tank and they eventually divorced. Is it any surprise? A couple’s bedroom should only be inhabited by the couple in images and symbolism. Pictures of the children could go most anywhere else in the house, but should not be staring at a couple while in bed.

The out of balance family

Lastly, are two examples of families that were out of balance and where the children overtook the home and their role in the family.

One couple had only one child, who like the lovelorn example above, was the center of their life and all that they did. An over-sized image of this child hung over the fireplace in the family room. She was a petulant little girl, and the family did all they could placate her. A better image would have been a picture of the whole family or to replace her picture to another wall where she would have been less prominent. But there that picture stayed, and the couple eventually divorced.

Another couple had two boys in their late teens and twenties, a time when they should have been in college or working. Neither one had a job or did anything but smoke cigarettes and watch TV all day while their parents went to work.

The parents were unhappy over how they felt these young men didn’t have responsibility and seemed to lord over their parents and their home, demanding things of them and not willing to pursue a job or education.

Again, a very large, prominent portrait of the two young men was hung over the sofa in the living room, with their image depicting their over-sized role and domination in the household. Of course, not every large or prominently placed image means a house is out of balance, but when the house is out of balance and there is an image of a pet, person or persons that is over-sized, well, then, it’s time to take a second look.

This client removed the image, made other suggested changes around her house, and one son got a job and the other went into the military, and she and her husband divorced after many unhappy years together. However, she was very happy the way things transpired, even the divorce, and contacted me to tell me how happy she was to be moving on with her new life.

Look closely at your images and what they could convey about your life.

Violent, dark, sad or ill-colored images do not give your home the kind of energy that gives you health, vibrant living and love. Add images that are inspirational and aspirational. If you dream of owning a sailboat, add an image of a sailboat on water to set your sights on.

If you want to be part of a couple, select images of pairs or couples. If you’re a single looking for a female partner, make sure there are images of women around – the same is true if you’re looking for a male partner. Many single females looking for a man have no male energy or images in the house.

Learn from these clients of mine and how their lives were a reflection of what the symbols around their homes showed them and symbolized in their life.

Give your house a good long look, and make sure it portrays what you want in your life or what it is you want to attract or retain.

Even if a picture or painting is of something negative and you want to hold on to it because you painted it, someone you loved painted it or gave it to you, just try taking it down, putting it in a closet or storage. Then when you see the changes that occur in your life, you might then be willing to part with it.