Friday, 21 November 2014


Repainting the book racks in the library is the second job that the resource centre committee has embarked on during the year end holidays. Faris has volunteered to help Megat, Marsyitah and I to carry out this task. We estimate that we will be able to finish painting all the racks in two weeks' time.
Megat is the one in charge of painting the book racks as he has experience. Marsyi, Faris and I are his assistants. I try as much as I can not to come into contact with the paint for metal surfaces and turpentine as I am allergic to alcohol based things.




Today is the second day of our Mural Touch Up Job. Buzz and I started work at 10.30 a.m. We managed to get the whole mural done by 1 p.m. Hooray. One job done, another 6 more to go.
The other 6 jobs are to do with the recommendations to upgrade the library as given by the MQA panel.

Health Feng Shui Tips: Cleanse the Energy in Your Body

Use simple and easy feng shui tips to help boost your energy levels

By Rodika Tchi
Feng Shui Expert
Have 9 oranges (Fire feng shui element) in a round metal bowl (Metal feng shui element.) 
Replenish them as needed. Rob Melnychuk/Getty Images

From time to time, be it after holidays or after a lot of stress at work, your energy may feel low and the body feel tired.

Focusing on your home feng shui to help you boost your energy levels is always a good idea.

You might not have the energy to start clearing clutteror do major furniture rearranging, but you might still employ some easy feng shui solutions to help you out.

Here are some quick feng shui tips to help the energy in your body get fresh and vibrant again by using the five elements theory along with any detox/cleansing program of your choice.

  • Thoroughly cleanse your kitchen and let go of any unhealthy foods.
  • Bring fresh herbs like basil, rosemary or mint (Wood feng shui element), ideally in clay pots (Earth feng shui element) and find a good place for them in your kitchen.
  • Always have fresh water in site. A good idea is to place a row of spring water bottles (Water feng shui element) that you replenish as necessary.
  • Have 9 oranges (Fire feng shui element) in a round metal bowl (Metal feng shui element.) Replenish them, too, as needed.
  • Be sure to aerate your kitchen often and let natural light in.

Having a good feng shui energy flow in the kitchen is like having a strong support system in all your health-related initiatives; definitely worth going for!


Thursday, 20 November 2014


While Auntie Li Na and Auntie Buzz were busy repainting the Bulb Flowers Mural, Syed Ahmad Yasin and Sharifah Adawiyah came a-visiting. They came with their ayah, Ustaz Syed Sharim who had some official matters to settle at the office.
Worried that they might want to "help" us paint the mural. I decided to let them paint on a pot. You can see the two little ones busy painting the pot. After a while Yasin got bored with painting the pot and proceeded to paint one of the palm trees. Horrors of horrors! I would need to clean it up later on.


This is how the mural looked after Buzz and I repainted the flowers and the butterflies yesterday. We will next do the leaves, the small flowers, the lettering and it will be done.


The Bulb Flowers Mural that was done last year has faded. Actually I was just tolerating its condition as I was so busy and had not time to do anything about it. I told myself that come holiday I would get Buzz to help me to touch it up. The two of us put the intention into action yesterday morning. We painted part of it already. If it does not rain, we will finish the touch up job on Thursday morning.



"Cubicle Feng Shui – 9 Ways To Think Outside Of The Box When You Work Inside Of One"

By Kathryn Weber

What happens to your feng shui when you work in cubicleville? Some might say it’s all boxed up. But even if you work inside of four padded walls, that cubicle doesn’t have to limit you. No, indeed.

With a little decorating inspiration and feng shui tweaks, your cubicle can go from boring to boardroom.

Think about employing these eight office-friendly cubicle-enhancing tips that will get your feng shui on the executive track – and maybe just help you move up the career ladder.

1. Make an entrance

Even if your cubicle is small and lacks the oak doors of the executive offices, it’s still the conduit for your career chi. That’s why it’s important to make your entrance look auspicious and avoid making it cramped with coats, sweaters or those musty old “Hang In There Baby” cutesy-stress posters. Instead, opt for creating an attractive, uncluttered entrance, moving coats and sweaters to the rear of your cubicle. Anything at the entrance can block energy from reaching you – and helping you be more productive and raise your corporate profile.

2. Beautify naturally

A simple elegant desk plant at the entrance is another terrific way to create a beautiful entrance and create some growing chi in your small workspace. One of the best plants to have? A simple orchid. The flower of career is surprisingly easy to grow, but if you’ve got a brown thumb, a silk orchid is just fine. Better still, this highly potent plants brings major career chi and can offer great career climbing mojo.

3. Mission statement

While it might seem cute to hang funny signs and cute posters in your cubicle, this is a great opportunity to show management what you’re made of. If you have a personal mission statement, such as “The Buck Stops Here” print it up on pretty paper and frame it. When management stops by your desk, they’ll know they’ll be walking into the space of a motivated and encouraging employee. Even better, you’ll see your personal mission statement day in and day out and it will lift your spirits and your sights.

4. Draw your eye to the lucky corner

Find the corner that’s opposite of your doorway and place something beautiful here, such as a plant, a beautiful crystal or a lamp. Using this decorating trick is an easy way to make your cubicle seem larger. Plus, the item works to lift the energy in the lucky corner of your cubicle and give it a dose of auspicious energy.

5. Get your nose out of the corner

Even if that’s the spot your computer is set up, it doesn’t mean you have to stay there. Instead, turn your computer so that it’s on a straight wall or where you can see the entrance better. Turning your nose to the corner in a cubicle often feels like a punishment from the toddler years, and staying that way can lower your energy, and raise your resentment. Do what you can to turn your computer away from the corner.

6. Put files behind you

Work behind you instead of stacked up is a bonus, while work stacked up on either side of you represents being hemmed in. So put work on a credenza or file cabinet behind you where it represents support. No spot to place it behind you? Stack it on your left side.

7. Make it welcoming

If you have an open corner, create a seating area. Place a chair here and a pretty picture. Some cubicles feel like you’re violating personal space by being there. Do away with that by having a spot that’s inviting. It tells all who visit – and the chi that enters – that your cubicle is warm and welcoming and not a domain to be defended.

8. Create a view

Even if you don’t have a window, you can still create a view. This gives cubicle dwellers a feeling of spaciousness. A view of a mountain setting, a lake or a pretty vista is a great stand in for a window. Try to place it where you can see it. Views of mountains are perfect to hang behind you for added support from management.

9. Keep it clean

Clutter cuts down on chi and movement and it’s easy to create a cluttered cubicle. Resist the urge to let paper pile up. Keeping your cubicle orderly shows respect for your office, keeps energy flowing – and that keeps you more efficient.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Bentong Ginger 文冬姜 in Bentong, Pahang is grown in the fertile land of Bukit Tinggi. The ginger grown here is said to have that extra oomph. The Chinese use Bentong ginger is used for cooking dishes especially those for confinement. The grated skin of the ginger is boiled in water for the new mother to take a bath. The price of this ginger this weekend was RM20 for a kilogram. A few weeks ago it was more than that. But if you go to Bentong, it would be a bit cheaper, say about RM13 to RM14.
Me?  I buy it to make soup as it is good for help get rid of wind or gas from the body.



A few days ago, I read the news about a Geography teacher who can draw the map of the world in 4 minutes.  I looked it up in the Internet and found the video.  amazing.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I bought three of these lotus blooms which were being sold at the market for RM1 a stalk. The flowers were intended for my home altar in Ipoh where my late mother had invited the Goddess of Kuan Yin.
Whenever I associate Kuan Yin or the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion with the lotus. This divine being's symbolic flower is a pink and violet lotus; the center, being pink, is as the mercy flame, becoming deeper and deeper violet on the periphery.
The lotus grows and thrives in muddy swamps and ponds. It opens and blooms at dawn and returns to the darkness at dusk. It is the ability of this beautiful and fragile looking flower to survive in an unfriendly environment which makes it a symbol of inspiration. Like the lotus, we have it within us to "bloom" in adverse conditions to realise our full potential..


Besides doing Community service at the Orang Asli Village, my colleagues and I also visited the Agro Technology Park in MARDI at Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands.

Info about the Park
The agrotechnology park is divided into six main areas: the English Garden, Herb Garden, Orchid Garden, Rose Garden, research centre and an information centre, where tourists can also buy souvenirs. Mardi's Agrotechnology Park is home to 40 varieties of roses, 10 strawberries, 100 citrus fruits, at least six types of anthuriums, four varieties of apples, and pears and persimmons.

The Park is home to 40 varieties of roses, 10 strawberries, 100 citrus fruits, at least six types of anthuriums, four varieties of apples and pears as well as persimmons. The RM8 million 42-hectare park has six areas C Rose, orchid, English, Herb and Orchid Gardens and a research and information centre where tourists can also buy souvenirs.

The Park was launched on June 14. The brainchild of Malaysian Research and Development Institute (MARDI), the Park received 100,000 visitors annually. The idea to turn the former research station opened in 1926 by the British to an agrotechnology park came from the Agriculture Minister Datuk Dr Effendi Norwawi three years ago. The British handed over the park to MARDI some 22 years ago.

The Park is actually MARDI's oldest research station in the country and since Cameron Highland is a popular tourist destination, MARDI has followed through on the idea to turn it into an Agrotechnology Park.

Adult: RM5.00
Child: RM3.00

Monday to Thursday
8.00 am. to 12.45 pm, 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

8.00 am. to 12.30 pm, 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm

Saturday and Sunday
8.00 am. to 5.00 pm

School Holiday & Public Holiday
(Closed on Aidilfitri and Aidiladha)

Information Centre
At the centre visitors can get information on MARDI Agrotechnology Park. There are also exhibits on MARDIs latest technologies and publications available for sale. Visitors purchase tickets to enter the park at the information centre.

Sales Centre
Here, visitors can buy fresh farm produce and processed agriculture products. Also available are potted plants, and fresh cut flowers.

Flower Nursery
At the flower nursery, visitors can browse the rows and rows of colourful flowering plants that thrive in the crisp air of the highlands. Here, potted plants and cut flowers are also available for sale.

The cafeteria serves up refreshing teas, juices and a range of snacks.

Meeting Facilities
Meeting facilities are available for seminar/workshop to fit the 100 person theater. Facilities are rented upon request and approval from the management of the park.

Walking Trail
Jungle Trails 3 and 7 pass through the park. Please enquire from the Cameron Highlands Visitors Centre at Tanah Rata or your tour guide, if you have engaged one. The trails also lead to the foot of Gunung Berembun nearby.



This framed picture of Balinese dancers were on sale at a hardware store.  Actually the shop owner allowed the person to use the five foot way to sell off unwanted stuff. RM2.30 for such a picture is a steal.  But one has to bear in mind the history behind pieces of art one buys.  We don't know much about it.  Also there is the question of why the items are sold off?  Could it because the previous owner went bankrupt or has passed on to the other world.  The energy surrounding such items might be really Yin or Negative.  Tempted I was to purchase it but my fear of the unknown prevented me doing so.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


My friend Veronica dropped by at my house this morning for a chat.  She mentioned that my Aunt Linda looked young and spritely for her age.  Pleased with the compliment, my aunt shared her secret with Veron.  It is none other than a series of exercises that she does daily to keep fit and nimble.  You can see her demonstrating the moves in the picture above.


November just isn't my healthy month.  Right from the start of the month I was under the weather.  During the weekend I suffered from gastroentritis and now I am down with influenza.  To make matters worse I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I was prescribed which caused my eyes to become puffy and my face to swell.   I went for an acupuncture session yesterday to help relieve my flu symptoms. Needless to say I felt much better but am still not fully recovered.  Hopefully my health luck picks up during the second half of the month.