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Today Hindus celebrate Pongal.  Yesterday afternoon I accompanied by friend Nalini to go shopping for items for the ceremony where they boil milk in a pot until it overflows.  Rice is also added to the pot.


Wednesday, 3 January 2018

"Feng Shui for Your Hands – What They Mean and Why They Matter In Feng Shui"

"Feng Shui for Your Hands – What They Mean and Why They Matter In Feng Shui"

by Kathryn Weber

One of the critical aspects to learning as a grade school child, is eye-hand coordination. Being able to coordinate your eye with your hand motions and movements aids and facilitates understanding.

Interestingly, just like learning has a hand-mind connection, so does feng shui. In fact, in feng shui the thinking mind is represented by the northeast, and the hand is the body part associated with the northeast. Your physical head is represented by the northwest.

It’s important to think about your body and how it relates to feng shui because certain problems in the home, can show up in the body.

For instance, memory and thinking can be impaired by a problem in the northeast corner of the house, such as an air conditioning condenser’s whirling blades and show up in hands that ache or cause you to drop things frequently.

Likewise, you can have arthritis symptoms in the hands if there is an affliction to the northeast, such as difficult monthly or annual stars, that can cause an injury or pain. Looking for areas of your house to see if the energies are helpful or hurtful for any given sector is always a good idea in assessing your health or health problems you’re having.

Here are more ideas about the northeast as it relates to the hands that you should know.

Mind racing? Can’t think or make a decision? Do this.

If you ever watched the I Love Lucy episode where they all go out to eat and Lucy couldn’t decide what to order (like we’ve all had from time to time), it’s extremely funny….but in an uncomfortable way.

That’s because we’ve all been there at the point of indecision.

Everyone knows what it feels like to be mentally stuck and unable to make a decision, so we bite our nails or wring our hands, right? There’s that hand-mind connection again. If you have a moment like this, go wash your hands thoroughly. Dry them off slowly and then apply lotion to them, focusing on your hands. This can often “restart” your thought process.

Wear gemstones and bracelets to enhance your thinking.

The wrist is the symbol of the northeast and with thinking and decision-making. Wearing gemstones and bracelets enhance your wrists, and that benefits memory, decisions, creativity and mental pursuits. It’s especially helpful for anyone who works with their hands, too.

Manicures, gloves and taking care of your hands cares for your mind and enhances thinking.

When your hands are taken care of, so is your mind. Give your hands regular manicures (guys too!), care and attention to help you with thoughts, thinking, decision-making – and for developing wisdom.

Make good decisions with fire, earth elements and red colors.

Because the northeast is connected to decision-making, items that are related to the earth element and that support it, are beneficial, especially in years like 2018 when the 3 Jade star moves there. Fire can be symbolized by candles or lamps. This helps with hand coordination and hand-health.

Avoid large plants in the northeast sector.

When you have large plants in the northeast corner of your home or garden, it can impact your ability to make decisions, education, and clear thinking and wise choices. To handle, simply add a light to shine on the plant to help enhance the northeast’s earth energy. Plants can also cause problems with your hands, such as arthritis.

Display earth images to boost the northeast corner.

Whether you use a globe, maps, or a gemstone or crystal ball, all are excellent energizers of thinking, education, and creativity as it relates to anything you do with your hands. This is especially helpful for students in school, writers or for someone with memory concerns or who has trouble with decisions.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018



By Kathryn Weber

Every house has its pluses and minuses. In fact, it’s very hard to find a feng shui perfect house. But are there houses that have exceptional feng shui? Absolutely.

Some houses – and Realtors often know them – have features and qualities that make the house so attractive that it almost sells itself.

Often it’s hard to put into words exactly what those features are. Here are 7 key features of good feng shui in a house – notice how many of them begin at the outside – where all feng shui comes from. Certainly this list isn’t all the best features, but it is some of the most important ones.

1. Curb appeal. Just like real estate, houses with good feng shui, have curb appeal. They’re attractive, fresh and appealing. The landscaping and greenery is trimmed, vibrant and healthy. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a modest home or a mansion, homes with curb appeal simply stand out from the rest because of good design and upkeep. In short, there is an inviting quality to the house, and the paint appears fresh and the house is brightly lit, neither in too much shade or too bright.

Part of curb appeal and good feng shui, too, is the bright hall. This is often overlooked, but houses that have open space in front of them are more appealing and are said to possess a “bright hall” energy. They invite chi to linger and build slowly before entering the house. A good example of bright hall energy is the wide green lawn in front of the White House. Even a small patch of grass will suffice.

2. Prominent front door. The front door is the point of entry for chi for the entire home. When a door is attractive, clean, freshly painted and is surrounded by plants or flanked by lighting or blooming flowers, it naturally attracts beneficial energy.

There should also be good front door alignment. The most important is that the front door doesn’t align with a back door or window. When a front door is aligned with a window or back door, this causes energy (and money) to flow through the house too quickly. The back of the house should be more private from the front of the house. Another important consideration? That the garage door isn’t ahead of the front door. If so, this will create problems with the family relationships, opportunities and ability to retain money.

3. Kitchen at the rear of the house. When a kitchen is close to the front of the house, the luck of the house is affected because the front of the house is known as the money side and the rear is the people side. Kitchens inhibit luck in general, so having them at the front near the money and opportunity side isn’t an auspicious arrangement.

4. Good siting. The way a home is sited on the property and even the street can make a difference. Homes with great feng shui have a slight rise or level land behind the house. The land should also be larger behind the house than in front of it.

There should be a balance of trees on the left and right side with the land slightly higher on the left of the house as you look out from it toward the street. There should be attractive views from the front of the house.

5. Staircase is turned away from the door. This is the ideal. When a staircase faces the front door, money and energy can run out of it. This is even more true if the stairs are very close to the front door. A staircase that is turned will help keep energy in the house.

6. Balanced windows and doors. The house should always have a clear front door. Some homes have doors that are confused. For example, if there’s a door near the front door, chi will be “confused” and this can cut off energy to the house. There should also not be too many windows, nor should you be able to look all the way through the house from the street.

7. Bedrooms are situated well. Bedrooms should allow the bed to be placed on a solid wall and see the door easily while in bed. The houses with good feng shui will have bedrooms that are not over a garage, kitchen, bathroom or laundry room and will enable to occupants to sleep on a solid wall that is not shared with a bathroom sink, toilet, or kitchen sink.


Monday, 1 January 2018


"Foster Family Harmony with Feng Shui"

"Foster Family Harmony with Feng Shui"

by Kathryn Weber

Feng shui is used in the west to create more opportunity, success and wealth. But in the East, feng shui is used for all that and to create harmonious relationships, too. Feng shui is a terrific tool for improving family relationships. As anyone who has had strife and struggle at home can tell you, a harmonious home is truly a blessing. Creating a harmonious and pleasant home is a bonus to all who reside there.

Use these tips to create a home that’s aligned for harmony and good fortune for the whole family.

Ensure family harmony with a vase.

The southwest is the sector of the woman or mother of the house. This corner of the home is regarded as the corner where all the good family luck resides. Think of it this way, when the mother is happy, the family is too.

Add a large ceramic urn or vase to symbolize the mother and place in this corner to collect beneficial energy. Make sure the vase is left empty to collect chi. If your southwest corner has a garage or bathroom, which can cause unhappiness for the woman of the house, place the vase in the southwest corner of your living room to enhance the woman, and therefore, the family’s happiness.

Examine your family relationship sector.

The east is the family relationship sector and it is governed by the wood element. If there is metal located here, it can cause family strife and tension. Adding water in this corner of your house or garden can help the family grow, get along better, and improve health for everyone in your home. As always, if this corner is a bathroom or garage, try adding a water fountain or aquarium in the east corner of the living room.

Picture perfect families.

In feng shui, one of the taboos is to have pictures of children in the couple’s bedroom. Parents should enjoy a level of privacy in their bedroom, but many parents have pictures (and sometimes in excess) of their children in the bedroom. This can harm the relationship – not to mention kill a couple’s romantic life!

The children are often prone to misbehavior, and if so, it’s a good idea to do a picture swap. Try adding a picture of the parents in the children’s bedroom instead! This can help children be more respectful and filial (a type of respect and honor of one’s parents and ancestors coined by Confucius).

A family of three in harmony.

The number three in feng shui is viewed as a number of growth – but it’s also the number that represents anger. Having a picture of three family members, such as a mother, father, and daughter is deemed as inauspicious unless the family is posed in a triangular shape, which evokes the fire shape and the element of fire. Have the father or oldest person at the top of the apex.

The reason is the belief that when three people are in a row, there will be separation. The fire element will keep the trio happy – and together. Are you single? Then you should still hang the most favorite picture you have of yourself in the center of your home. Consider making a gallery of your most memorable and happy times and hang them in the center of your home— regardless of whether you are married, have children, or if you are single.

Happy at the heart.

The center part of the home is extremely important for health, wealth and relationships. To ensure your family’s happiness, place a picture of your family looking happy at the center of your home. This area is also excellent for adding lighting, dining or for a living room.

Add red colors to this sector to ensure familial happiness and to give this sector a boost of fire energy that creates happiness by feeding the earth element here in the center of the home. If you are having extreme unhappiness in the household, look for plants in the center of the home and/or living room – they will drain the happiness right out of your home!

Smooth bumpy relationships.

Even in the happiest families, there are small bumps and snags in the fabric of our relationships. Create smooth, happy and stress-free energies by employing symbols and elements that foster happy feelings and easy relationships. In the center of the living room, adding a collection of six crystal balls to symbolize the uniting of heaven and earth. This helps to make relationships smooth and harmonious.

Red apples are another symbol of harmony and amiability, so place a bowl of them in your living room or dining room (faux apples are OK!). Or, you can use color to make tense family members more congenial. Add red and gold (ochre) colors together in the dining or living room to ease tension in the house.

Sit auspiciously.

Sometimes the only time a family gets together is during the evening meal. Make your mealtimes happy and enjoyable by seating everyone according to their kua number. When determining the direction, always select the relationship direction for everyone to face. This is better than being seated in the wealth direction which won’t help everyone necessarily be cordial!

Look for missing corners.

Missing corners can indicate a “missing” member of the family. If a corner is missing, it is possible that this person feels uncomfortable in the home. Correct this by adding a mirror on the wall where the missing corner would be or by symbolically creating the corner. This can be done with a garden, a large boulder or heavy object where the corner would have been, or a light pole. Indoors, a mirror can be placed where the missing corner would have been. The directions for family members are below:

NW: Father
SW: Mother
N: 2nd son
NE: Youngest son
E: Oldest son
SE: Oldest daughter
S: 2nd daughter
W: Youngest daughter
Note: Protruding areas of the house can enhance the person associated with a particular corner. So, if you have a protruding area, you have a benefit here!

Source: www/

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A fireplace can really make the room. But in the wrong place, it can create sudden loss for the man of the house.

By Kathryn Weber

An amazing part about feng shui is that it can frequently explain the unexplainable. Take for example, someone who’s reasonably intelligent, educated, ethical, and works hard….why doesn’t his or her life go well?

Sometimes it’s their feng shui.

Someone living in a house that has a serious slope behind them or whose bed is over the stove that’s on the first floor, might question themselves. They might wonder why life is so hard or why God has it out for them.

But it might have nothing to do with that person, but rather, the house they live in.

To me, this is a great relief to see that a house could be the trip wire in your life creating difficult finances, relationships that sour, health problems or career issues. It gives you a key to solving some of life’s biggest riddles when you’ve done everything else you can think of and you’re working hard to improve your life.

It may seem far-fetched to imagine that your house has that much of an influence over your life, but why not? You can tell when you’re being stared at from behind. You can feel it and your suspicion leads you to turn around and look only to be validated that someone is, in fact, staring at you.

But how did you know that? You could feel it.

Some would call that act of staring an invisible force. And you act on that invisible force by turning around to confirm your suspicions. But the forces of feng shui are often more subtle than an intent person’s glare at your back, but no less great.

In fact, I believe the feng shui forces are greater.

That’s because we’re in our homes so many hours of the day, surrounded by “our things,” the symbols and elements of our life, such as sofas, the picture of our wedding day, the sheets we picked out last week.

We also sleep in our homes, a period of the day when we are most vulnerable, and when the energies in our homes can act upon us with even greater force and influence.

Our house represents our life – in all ways – good and bad.

In my article “The 7 Best Feng Shui House Features,” you learned what some of the best feng shui features are. Below are the 7 worst. Some experts would tell you that it’s toilets and staircases that are the worst features, but truth be told, it’s also about placement.

Feng shui is, after all, the Chinese art of placement. And if your home isn’t placed well in the environment, it doesn’t matter where your staircase or toilet is located. If you have some of these features, you could be suffering in your life because of them, and if so, it could help explain some of the difficulties in your life.

1. Below grade.

When a home is below street grade, this creates problems because the house literally looks out to a wall. This means that life feels like one giant obstacle. That’s because there is no bright hall or rear support.

A bright hall is open space in front of the house. This open space, such as a pretty green lawn, allows chi to gather gently and enter the home. Instead, it rolls away. Life feels stagnant and like it’s going backwards and that everything is so much harder than it should be. Being below ground is for the dead, not the living.

The fix: Unfortunately, not everything is “curable” in feng shui. Try to lift the energy of the home by keeping the front well-lit, and if possible, think about moving. This is a very serious problem that can only be overcome by living in a new, above-ground home.

2. T-intersection/poison arrow.

Poison arrows are caused when something, like a street or a tree, is aimed at your house or front door. These can be very serious. If your front door faces east, it could harm your oldest son or the family relationship. If it’s southwest, it could cause serious injury or problems for the woman of the house.

These are often seen at the entrance to a neighborhood or subdivision. Upon entering the neighborhood, you usually come to a stop sign and then have to either turn right or left. The house directly opposite the stop sign is the house that suffers from the poison arrows from the cars and the street that is aimed at the front of the house.

Because of this intense energy, homes in the neighborhoods opposite the stop sign often have higher turnover and resale rates. That’s because that poison arrow aimed at the house takes a toll on the occupants, causing health, relationship or financial problems. There is a way around this using 5 Element Theory, so speak with a qualified feng shui consultant on ways to manage these arrangements.

3. Northwest fireplace or kitchen.

In most families today, but not all, the man is the breadwinner. The breadwinner is represented by the northwest corner which is called the “Heavenly palace.” When this corner is afflicted by fire, such as a fireplace, kitchen, or even a gas water heater or outdoor grill, this is called “fire in heaven,” and can cause a severe loss of or for the man of the house.

An arrangement such as this can cause the man to leave, difficulty holding on to a man or attracting a man if the woman of the house is single, or causing severe loss for the man such as by accident, major illness, or job or financial loss like bankruptcy.

This is especially true if the kitchen has a gas stove. The important element is fire and having an actual flame. This is what creates loss. Replacing a gas stove or water heater with an electric one is a good step toward helping solve this problem. When the problem is a fireplace, avoid using it or even keeping the pilot light lit, and add a picture of water over the fireplace.

4. Backwards slope.

A key element in feng shui is the idea of support. We all need it. Support can be found in a variety of ways from friends and people who love us to a headboard on our bed and a high back on our chair at work.

In the home environment, support is recognized as land that’s level or slopes upward at the back of the house.

When a house has land that slopes down from the back of the house, it causes the house and the occupants to lose that vital support. It’s a lot like sitting on a stool all day; you can do it, but you become very fatigued.

A house with little support at the rear will find that finances are difficult, particularly accumulating savings. Jobs, relationships and health will suffer and problems continually crop up. It’s important to try to stop the energy running away from the house by erecting a fence, planting trees across the back, adding lighting across the back of the house, or building a masonry wall.

5. Funnel shape.

Like the house with no support, a house that’s on a lot that’s shaped like a funnel, larger at the front and growing small toward the back, will see life as constricting like a boa constrictor snake tightening its grip on you.

Finances and vitality will slowly drain away, accumulating money will be very difficult, and health problems can crop up. To handle, consider creating a faux wall at the middle of the lot using the recommendations in #4 above.

6. Bed aligns with bathroom door/fixture.

A very serious arrangement is when the bedroom is aligned with a bathroom door, such as an ensuite bathroom. Or worse, the bed aligns with a bathtub, sink or toilet. There are some home designs with grand double doors in the master bedroom that align with the bathroom and may often have a large tub in the middle of the room.

When there is an alignment like this, there is a potential for very serious loss – such as cancer, stroke, major accident, death, or bankruptcy. It’s vital that the bed is moved so that it is not aligned with the bathroom door or other bath fixture.

In the 1970’s it was a common feature to place the bathroom sink out in the bedroom, while the toilet and shower were enclosed. This creates major problems and serious loss. Bedrooms should be completely walled and closed off from bathrooms.

7. Front door-back door/window alignment.

Chi enters the house through the front door and when it’s aligned with a back door or window, energy will rush through the house (read: money), and it will be very difficult to maintain a job, accumulate savings, create good health, or keep relationships smooth and harmonious. Most of the time this creates major spending problems.

Unlike a below grade home or home with a northwest fireplace, this is one of the easiest situations to solve. Simply blocking the view from the front of the house to the back will help slow down chi, and in turn, help you retain your income, hold down spending and boost savings and preserve your health and relationships.

When it comes to feng shui, energy flows where the eye goes, and if the eye goes out the window to the view of your swimming pool at the back of the house, that’s where your money will go too. Block the view to the back door by adding a piece of furniture here, a plant, a curtain or other obstruction.

Some feng shui experts will recommend placing a crystal ball or windchime in the middle between the two doors, and while this might help, it’s better to block the view entirely. As long as your eye can see out the door or window, energy will move to quickly through the house — but the problems will stay.


Tuesday, 26 December 2017


I bought these sunflowers when I visited Cameron Highlands recently. They are such happy flowers and help to give a shot of yang energy to a room, The yellow petals give uplifting vibes and would bring a burst of yang energy to a room.

Sunday, 24 December 2017


It took me some time to get my furry boys to pose individually with the elf hats.  It would be impossible to get everyone to pose together.


Dear ole' Lai Yoong is in a Chrismasy mood.  She brought along festive hairbands for Aunty Linda, Ping and me to wear when we had lunch on Christmas eve.

Saturday, 23 December 2017


What the Flying Star numbers mean in Period 8 (Year 2004-2024)
#1 - Brings victory and thriumph luck
#2 - Brings illness and diseases
#3 - Brings quarrel, disputes and lawsuits
#4 - Brings good love and education luck
#5 - Brings misfortune, tragedy and bad luck
#6 - Brings help from Nobleman or Heaven
#7 - Brings violence, bloodshed and theft
#8 - Brings prosperity and wealth
#9 - Brings future prosperity and multiplying effects



The Chinese celebrate Dongzhi Festival or Winter solstice by eating tang yuan, offering prayers to the ancestors and deities and also getting together for a festive meal.  Since our families are not with us, Lai Yoong and I decided to have a festive meal together at our favourite restaurant.
The reason why the Chinese people celebrate the Winter solstice is related to the theory of Yin and Yang. According to the Chinese astrology, Yang symbolizes masculine and positive, Yin has the opposite meanings. The ancient people think from the winter solstice, the Yin is at its peak and will disappear gradually. While the Yang or positive things will become stronger and stronger from the day. So winter solstice is regarded as an auspicious day to celebrate.


Tangyuan or tang yuan (simplified Chinese: 汤圆; traditional Chinese: 湯圓; pinyin: tāngyuán; literally: "soup ball") is a Chinese dessert made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and then cooked and served in boiling water or sweet syrup (sweet ginger syrup, for example). Tangyuan can be either small or large, and filled or unfilled. They are traditionally eaten during Yuanxiao or the Lantern Festival, but also served as a dessert on Chinese wedding day, Winter Solstice Festival (Chinese: 冬至; pinyin: Dōngzhì), and any occasions such as family reunion, because of a homophone for union (simplified Chinese: 团圆; traditional Chinese: 團圓; pinyin: tuányuán)
This year I bought tangyuan which is available at the frozen food section at a shop in Ipoh.



22nd December 2017 is known as Dongzhi Festival (冬至) to the Chinese. It is the shortest day of the year—the winter solstice

Dōngzhì is the day when families get together and eat tāng yuán (汤圆/湯圓), a sweet soup made of glutinous rice balls which symbolise reunion. The tang yuan is also placed on altars as offering to the deities and the ancestors. The festive food is also a reminder that celebrators are now a year older and should behave better in the coming year. Even today, many Chinese around the world, especially the elderly, still insist that one is "a year older" right after the Dongzhi celebration instead of waiting for the lunar new year.

The origins of this festival can be traced back to the yin and yang philosophy of balance and harmony in the cosmos. After this celebration, there will be days with longer daylight hours and therefore an increase in positive energy flowing in. The philosophical significance of this is symbolized by the I Ching hexagram (復, "Returning").

Friday, 22 December 2017


When my late mother, Mrs Julie Cheah, was alive she'd insist that I eat one tang yuan (glutinous rice ball) during the winter solstice festival. Apparently eating this sweet desert is also a reminder that celebrators are now a year older and should behave better in the coming year. Even today, many Chinese around the world, especially the elderly, still insist that one is "a year older" right after the Dongzhi celebration instead of waiting for the lunar new year.
Well, in memory of my mum I made myself swallow one BIG tang yuan.


Tuesday, 19 December 2017


"Fire and Feng Shui -- 9 Ways to Use the Element of Happiness and Success"

By Kathryn Weber

The kitchen has a special place in feng shui. The stove, in particular, has an especially important place in the home and the kitchen. That’s because this is the appliance that generates the meals that feed the residents of that home.

On its own, though, the kitchen is thought to press down luck in feng shui. That means, even if you have good luck in this room, or bad, the kitchen by its very nature will stifle the luck in this area.

That being said, if the kitchen is located in a good direction for you based on your pa kua number, then the food prepared and consumed here will be especially beneficial. If, based on your pa kua number, this is an unlucky area, the bad luck will be pressed down, therefore, making this a good location for a kitchen.

Here are some more kitchen feng shui basics:

Avoid locating a bedroom over a kitchen. If this isn’t possible, then make extra sure that the bed does not share the same wall as the stove. Likewise, try not to put a bedroom, or bed, on the other side of the wall where your stove is placed.

Kitchens should ideally be placed near the back of the house and not in the middle. Placement at the front of the house is also not advisable.

Don’t paint kitchens red.

Kitchens have fire in them already; don’t increase the “fire energy” by painting the kitchen red.

Kitchens in harmful positions:

If your kitchen is located in the NW, SW, or center of your house: Purchase a five-rod wind chime here to dispel some of the energy. I must be honest that the worst possible location for a kitchen is the NW, particularly if you cook with gas. Remove all candles from this location and try to install an electric stove here. Alternatively, you can add a large urn of water, such as a fish tank, to dampen some of the excess fire energy.

There are few absolutes in feng shui, but this is one, and that is: no open flames in the NW sector of the home or there could be severe losses or problems for the man of the house or the breadwinner. Or, if you’re single, there could be difficulties attracting a suitable relationship or frequent spats and disagreements with someone you are dating.

The only cure I’m aware of for this is to place a large urn of water (18 X 24 inches) in the kitchen. However, this is rather cumbersome and large vessel of water to have sitting on a cabinet or floor of your kitchen. You might try placing a spring water dispenser here or a fish tank to try and help press down the fire energy located here. Try to place it close as possible to the stove.

8 Key Feng Shui Kitchen Questions

1. Is there at least two feet of distance between the stove and refrigerator?

If they are too close together, the refrigerator puts out the fire of the stove, creating financial difficulties. If they are next to each other, put a large wooden cutting board between them.

2. Can you see the toilets from the kitchen?

Even a view or access to a toilet from the kitchen is bad news. If this is the case in your house, paint the bathroom door red, and as always, be sure to keep it closed at all times.

3. Placement of tears?

A stove placed between a refrigerator and a sink is said to cause sadness and emotions such as those from mourning.

4. Do you have an islands of respite?

Islands serve as a helpful feng shui feature because they are often topped with stone (which weighs down bad luck) and are situated between things, such as the stove and sink, or the stove and the refrigerator, thereby stopping “arguments” between kitchen features. Count yourself lucky if you have one. The same is true of dining tables in the kitchen.

5. Is your refrigerator stocked?

A well-stocked pantry and refrigerator are both good feng shui — and symbols of wealth. Keep both cleaned out on a regular basis. Make sure nothing is stored on the floor of the pantry. This keeps energy renewed and wealth flowing.

6. Do you support your stove?

If the stove is below a window, the cook will not enjoy good support.

7. Can the stove/kitchen be seen from the front door?

If you can see the stove or the kitchen from your front door, then you could be losing opportunities. Block the view of the view from the front door with a screen or a plant.

8. Do you enter through the kitchen?

If so, you could struggle with your weight. If the first thing you see is your kitchen, you might have difficulties with overeating. Try to enter through another door.





What is Tai Sui?
Tai Sui (太岁) is known as Grand Duke Jupiter. He is the star directly opposite to Jupiter and changes location every year according to the Jupiter. Tai sui is in charge of people’s fortune and world’s affairs in Taoism and feng shui,

There are 60 different Tai Sui who take turn to be in charge in a specific year since there are 10 Heaven Branches and 12 Earth Branches resulting in a 60 year cycle.

Most of the Tai Sui have military background, they are also referenced as military Generals. Therefore, the feature of the Tai sui and the weapon in each of the Generals signify what year it is under that General. For instance, if the Tai Sui is holding a pen in that year, it means that political stirring in that year. On the another hand, if the Tai Sui is holding a sword, it means to work hard and better in that year.

Who is the Tai Sui for 2018 Year of the Dog?
2018 is the year of the dog (戊戌年). The tai sui for 2018 is general Jiang Wu who is carrying one wat board in his hand (Wat board is the tool that person who needs to carry when he meets with the emperor. It is used as a notebook to write down important note on that wat board. Wet board is either made of jade, ivory or bamboo depending to the rank level).

2018 Tai Sui is sitting on NW position close to West. It afflicts to the dog zodiac and conflicts to dragon zodiac. Furthermore, Tai sui is also side against sheep zodiac and boar zodiac.


Monday, 18 December 2017


On Friday 15th December 2017, my friends and I from The Third Force Perak (this is a Non Governmental Organisation that we are volunteers) went to Chenderiang to send pre-loved and brand new clothes for the Orang Asli families of the Christian faith at the villages there. 
It took us a few weeks to collect, pack and label the clothing before we set off on our mission to send it to them.  I was told by my friend Pn Rusmawati that the families there are very poor and they do not have new or nice clothes for the season.  What we have collected are either new or in good condition.
Hopefully, what we have collected is enough to bring some festive cheer for them.


"White — The Feng Shui Color that Brings Revived Energy, New Beginnings, and Heavenly Assistance"

by Kathryn Weber

Few colors can stand up to the power of white. Black is often looked upon as a power color, especially in feng shui, but the one color that imbues that power is white. White is a color of metal, and metal makes water (black).

On the color hierarchy, white holds its own as the top color to use on its own or in combination with other colors. No other color goes with another color the same way white does. Just think about the white ceilings, white woodwork in homes, and how many homes are painted white.

Besides its versatility, white is the color of perfection.

In feng shui, white is the color of heaven and often why Asian mourners wear white to reflect this belief of leaving one state and entering another. In the west, white is viewed as purity and untainted, and clean, i.e., doctor’s white coat or a bride’s white wedding dress.

White also is a color that evokes the start of a new beginning.

The color itself is open and clear, opening the way for complete and unfettered creativity, not imposing itself on your mind or your preconceptions the way a lemon yellow, vibrant orchid or chartreuse do.

In feng shui white is a yang color that represents authority, blessings and assistance.

White is the essence of all, being in equal balance, and containing all colors of the color spectrum, evoking fairness and equal treatment. When you need a new beginning, more authority and helpful people, white is here to help. But avoid the all-white house – it can lead to feelings of stress, worry and isolation.

White goes well with almost anything – white and gold, white and silver, white and yellow, white and blue, white and purple, white and beige. All these combinations are supportive and simply stunning.

Even so, too few women wear white.

They say it makes them look heavier and that black is slimming. If your white clothes are too tight, like any color, it will make you look heavier. But why miss out on all the great things white colors can bring to your life (like more money, helpful people, and a fresh start)?

No matter what your dress size, nothing looks more heavenly than a beautiful white sweater in winter or a cool white dress in summer. Go up a size in white clothes and see if that doesn’t make you look slimmer because the fit is looser.

White is great around the house too. Far from being sterile, white is the essence of homey relaxation. Just think about those beautiful ocean cottages with white shingled siding, or the way a white room feels clean and relaxing.

In feng shui, you can use white to energize your life to magnetize yourself to attract good fortune – and who couldn’t use more of that?

Here are 6 ways white can bring more heavenly goodness to your life using white colors.

1. Go in a new direction with white.

When you need re-invention or when you are moving into a new time of your life, white is your yang go-to color. Use white in your home, bed linens, clothing, jewelry and flowers to help you move in your new direction.

Making a clean break such as from a long difficult relationship, moving to a new job or home, surrounding yourself with white will help you see yourself in the new position, home or relationship. That’s because white is, after all, a blank canvas, and allows you to “paint” a new picture for yourself.

2. Zoom ahead in a white car.

White cars lead the pack in color selection in the US as the most favored colored car. And it’s no wonder. White is the speed of light, and we are all busy, busy these days. White cars are excellent for anyone, but especially kua numbers 2, 5, 6, and 7. Even if you’re an east kua, don’t overlook white’s benefits — remember, white makes water and that feeds east kua’s wood energies.

3. Use white for protection.

Wear white when you feel that the world is against you. Because white has all the colors in harmony, the whole rainbow of colors is surrounding you with protection. Even simply visualizing white light enveloping your body or home offers protection against negative forces.

4. Exert your authority.

Blue is the color of trustworthiness, but white is the color of authority. If you have a big presentation to meet or need to shore up flagging self-esteem, white is the color to choose. White commands attention and those who wear white are unabashed about asserting themselves.

5. Wear white when you need help.

When you need people to help you move ahead, such as superiors, white will protect you from people who are jealous and scheming, and draw attention to you from those who want to help you get ahead.

6. Use white for cleansing yourself and pushing your personal “reset” button.

Nothing feels quite as good as sleeping on newly washed, crisp white sheets or seeing a stack of clean white towels in the bathroom. When you need a new beginning, wear plenty of white and surround yourself with white colors, such as white flowers, white towels, or fluffy white bathrobe to help cleanse and re-energize your entire system.


Auspicious Wedding Dates 2018, Lucky Wedding Dates 2018

Happy Marriage is one of the most important things for life. One auspicious wedding date can bring happiness, harmony and wealth for the rest of the life. In contrast, an inauspicious one can lead to unhappy marriage and even misery.

2018 Year of the Dog, Zodiac sign dragon, pig and sheep are against or in conflict with TaiSui. Therefore, these Chinese zodiac persons are suggested to get the corresponding TaiSui amulets/cards to appease TaiSui before marriage. If you are not sure what Chinese zodiac sign you are, you can use our Chinese Zodiac Sign Tool to find out your sign.

In general, a lucky wedding date cannot be against either the groom’s Chinese zodiac sign or the bride’s. For specific person, the lucky date for wedding is better calculated by the combination of birthday times of both groom and bride. Followings are the general auspicious dates for wedding in 2016 the Year of the Monkey, with what animal sign the date is against.

Followings are the general auspicious dates for wedding in 2018 the Year of the Dog:

January, 2018
01/01 (Lunar 11/15) Mon. – date of snake against pig
01/10 (Lunar 11/24) Wed. – date of tiger against monkey
01/11 (Lunar 11/25) Thur. – date of rabbit against rooster
01/13 (Lunar 11/27) Sat. – date of snake against pig
01/18 (Lunar 12/02) Thur. – date of dog against dragon
01/23 (Lunar 12/07) Tue. – date of rabbit against rooster
01/24 (Lunar 12/08) Wed. – date of dragon against dog
01/26 (Lunar 12/10) Fri. – date of horse against rat

February, 2018
02/04 (Lunar 12/19) Sun. – date of rabbit against rooster
02/07 (Lunar 12/22) Wed. – date of horse against rat
02/18 (Lunar 12/23) Thur. – date of sheep against Ox
02/13 (Lunar 12/28) Tue. – date of rat against horse
02/19 (Lunar 01/04) Mon. – date of horse against rat
02/20 (Lunar 01/05) Tue. – date of sheep against Ox
02/22 (Lunar 01/07) Thur. – date of rooster against rabbit
02/25 (Lunar 01/10) Sun. – date of rat against horse
02/28 (Lunar 01/13) Wed. – date of rabbit against rooster

March, 2018
03/04 (Lunar 01/17) Sun. – date of sheep against Ox
03/10 (Lunar 01/23) Sat. – date of Ox against sheep
03/15 (Lunar 01/28) Thur. – date of horse against rat
03/16 (Lunar 01/29) Fri. – date of sheep against Ox
03/19 (Lunar 02/03) Mon. – date of dog against dragon
03/21 (Lunar 02/05) Wed. – date of rat against horse
03/20 (Lunar 02/08) Sat. – date of rabbit against rooster
03/24 (Lunar 02/11) Tue. – date of horse against rat
03/27 (Lunar 02/12) Wed. – date of sheep against Ox
03/28 (Lunar 02/18) Tue. – date of sheep against Ox

April, 2018
04/03 (Lunar 02/18) Tue. – date of Ox against sheep
04/07 (Lunar 02/22) Sat. – date of snake against pig
04/08 (Lunar 02/23) Sun. – date of horse against rat
04/16 (Lunar 03/01) Mon. – date of tiger against monkey
04/20 (Lunar 03/05) Fri. – date of horse against rat
04/28 (Lunar 03/13) Sat. – date of tiger against monkey
04/30 (Lunar 03/15) Mon. – date of dragon against dog

May, 2018
05/05 (Lunar 03/20) Sat. – date of rooster against rabbit
05/06 (Lunar 03/21) Sun. – date of dog against dragon
05/08 (Lunar 03/23) Tue. – date of rat against horse
05/11 (Lunar 03/26) Fri. – date of rabbit against rooster
05/12 (Lunar 03/27) Sat. – date of dragon against dog
05/14 (Lunar 03/29) Mon. – date of horse against rat
05/15 (Lunar 04/01) Tue. – date of sheep against Ox
05/18 (Lunar 04/04) Fri. – date of dog against dragon
05/23 (Lunar 04/09) Wed. – date of rabbit against rooster
05/26 (Lunar 04/12) Sat. – date of horse against rat
05/28 (Lunar 04/14) Mon. – date of monkey against tiger
05/29 (Lunar 04/15) Tue. – date of rooster against rabbit
05/30 (Lunar 04/16) Wed. – date of dog against dragon

June, 2018
06/01 (Lunar 04/18) Fri. – date of rat against horse
06/03 (Lunar 04/20) Sun. – date of tiger against monkey
06/05 (Lunar 04/22) Tue. – date of dragon against dog
06/06 (Lunar 04/23) Wed. – date of snake against pig
06/08 (Lunar 04/25) Fri. – date of sheep against Ox
06/11 (Lunar 04/28) Mon. – date of dog against dragon
06/14 (Lunar 05/01) Thur. – date of Ox against sheep
06/18 (Lunar 05/05) Mon. – date of snake against pig
06/20 (Lunar 05/07) Wed. – date of sheep against Ox
06/21 (Lunar 05/08) Thur. – date of monkey against tiger
06/22 (Lunar 05/09) Fri. – date of rooster against rabbit
06/26 (Lunar 05/13) Tue. – date of Ox against sheep
06/29 (Lunar 05/16) Fri. – date of dragon against dog

July, 2018
07/03 (Lunar 05/20) Tue. – date of monkey against tiger
07/04 (Lunar 05/21) Wed. – date of rooster against rabbit
07/05 (Lunar 05/22) Thur. – date of dog against dragon
07/09 (Lunar 05/26) Mon. – date of tiger against monkey
07/10 (Lunar 05/27) Tue. – date of rabbit against rooster
07/11 (Lunar 05/28) Wed. – date of dragon against dog
07/12 (Lunar 05/29) Thur. – date of snake against pig
07/21 (Lunar 06/09) Sat. – date of tiger against monkey
07/24 (Lunar 06/12) Tue. – date of snake against pig
07/27 (Lunar 06/15) Fri. – date of monkey against tiger
07/28 (Lunar 06/16) Sat. – date of rooster against rabbit
07/29 (Lunar 06/17) Sun. – date of dog against Pig

August, 2018
08/02 (Lunar 06/21) Thur. – date of tiger against monkey
08/03 (Lunar 06/22) Fri. – date of rabbit against rooster
08/05 (Lunar 06/24) Sun. – date of snake against pig
08/07 (Lunar 06/26) Tue. – date of sheep against Ox
08/08 (Lunar 06/27) Wed. – date of monkey against tiger
08/10 (Lunar 06/29) Fri. – date of dog against dragon
08/12 (Lunar 07/02) Sun. – date of rat against horse
08/16 (Lunar 07/06) Thur. – date of dragon against dog
08/17 (Lunar 07/07) Fri. – date of snake against pig
08/18 (Lunar 07/08) Sat. – date of horse against rat
08/19 (Lunar 07/09) Sun. – date of sheep against Ox
08/20 (Lunar 07/10) Mon. – date of monkey against tiger
08/22 (Lunar 07/12) Wed. – date of dog against dragon
08/24 (Lunar 07/14) Fri. – date of rat against horse
08/27 (Lunar 07/17) Mon. – date of rabbit against rooster
08/29 (Lunar 07/19) Wed. – date of snake against pig
08/30 (Lunar 07/20) Thur. – date of horse against rat
08/31 (Lunar 07/21) Fri. – date of sheep against Ox

September, 2018
09/01 (Lunar 07/22) Sat. – date of monkey against tiger
09/05 (Lunar 07/26) Wed. – date of rat against horse
09/09 (Lunar 07/30) Sun. – date of dragon against dog
09/10 (Lunar 08/01) Mon. – date of snake against pig
09/15 (Lunar 08/06) Sat. – date of dog against dragon
09/18 (Lunar 08/09) Tue. – date of Ox against sheep
09/22 (Lunar 08/13) Sat. – date of snake against pig
09/23 (Lunar 08/14) Sun. – date of horse against rat
09/25 (Lunar 08/16) Tue. – date of monkey against tiger
09/30 (Lunar 08/21) Sun. – date of Ox against sheep

October, 2018
10/03 (Lunar 08/24) Wed. – date of dragon against dog
10/05 (Lunar 08/26) Fri. – date of horse against rat
10/07 (Lunar 08/28) Sun. – date of monkey against tiger
10/08 (Lunar 08/29) Mon. – date of rooster against rabbit
10/14 (Lunar 09/06) Sun. – date of rabbit against rooster
10/17 (Lunar 09/09) Wed. – date of horse against rat
10/19 (Lunar 09/11) Fri. – date of monkey against tiger
10/21 (Lunar 09/13) Sun. – date of dog against dragon
10/28 (Lunar 09/20) Sun. – date of snake against pig
10/29 (Lunar 09/21) Mon. – date of horse against rat
10/31 (Lunar 09/23) Wed. – date of monkey against tiger

November, 2018
11/01 (Lunar 09/24) Thur. – date of rooster against rabbit
11/07 (Lunar 09/30) Wed. – date of rabbit against rooster
11/08 (Lunar 10/01) Thur. – date of dragon against dog
11/16 (Lunar 10/09) Fri. – date of rat against horse
11/20 (Lunar 10/13) Tue. – date of dragon against dog
11/22 (Lunar 10/15) Thur. – date of horse against rat
11/26 (Lunar 10/19) Mon. – date of dog against dragon
11/28 (Lunar 10/21) Wed. – date of rat against horse

December, 2018
12/02 (Lunar 10/25) Sun. – date of dragon against dog
12/14 (Lunar 11/08) Fri. – date of dragon against dog
12/15 (Lunar 11/09) Sat. – date of snake against pig
12/23 (Lunar 11/17) Sun. – date of Ox against sheep
12/27 (Lunar 11/21) Thur. – date of snake against pig


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