Thursday, 26 May 2016

Traumatised or.injured?

 After his traumatic experience Junior is not his usual self.  He was not as active as he usually is.  I am observing him.  If he remains inactive in the morning,  I will send him to the vet.


 Junior could not be found yesterday afternoon.  I went home to feed Precious and him during lunchtime and wanted to send him back to his room when I wanted to go. back to work.  But he was missing.  I searched for him everywhere  but there was no sign of him.  Finally I found him trapped under a big luggage in my closet.  When I lifted the bag he appeared to be in a daze.  It took a few seconds for him to recover.  If I did not find him in time he would have suffocated.  Thank goodness he is still alive.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Gardening assistant


Now that the hot and dry season has come to an end,  it is time for replanting. Quite s. number of plants died and I have my hands full with looking for their replacements.

Monday, 23 May 2016

My soft toy collection

Some I bought and some were gifts.

Cool Bears

My bears rocking the fancy shades I bought from the thrift shop.

Saturday, 21 May 2016


Nancy Ong and I posing next to the lit oil lamps at the Buddhist temple in Kg Koh this afternoon.Buddhists use light (candles, butter lamps, oil lamps) to celebrate Vesak to recall that the Buddha showed people how to become enlightened.


Blessings of honey sweet mangoes from my neighbour. I think they are from his garden. Thank you Daniel Farid for the gift.


This is the view Precious and Junior get every day. They are entertained by cats, birds and monkeys that visit the houses behind mine. Of course, the main actor featuring in their live TV is Uncle Daniel Farid. Once in a while their godma, Noraini Khair makes a special guest appearance.


Happy Wesak to all Buddhists and also those who believe in the teachings of Buddha.

"How Roads and Streets Affect Your Home’s Feng Shui"

"How Roads and Streets Affect Your Home’s Feng Shui"

by Kathryn Weber

When feng shui originated several thousand years ago, it took into account the effects of landmarks such as lakes, rivers, ponds, mountains, hills and various environmental considerations when determining the benefit or impact of feng shui on a home or building.

Today, it’s much the same but in addition to natural landmarks, homeowners now must take into account influences such as roadways, other buildings, electrical wires and the like, when evaluating the feng shui of their homes.

The good news is that most difficulties associated with roads can be overcome in feng shui.

I used to live in an area and watched one really lovely home go up for sale in succession to different owners. Year after year a new owner would move in and then another for sale sign would go up.

What was interesting was this home’s relationship to the roads that lead up to it.

The home was located on a major bend in the heavily-traveled road and made cars appear to head straight for it as they traveled at high rates of speed. Interestingly, at this particular bend where the cars would go past the house, opposite the house was a large tree and a small graveyard.

This arrangement directly impacted the luck of the many residents of this house, and many drivers were killed at the tree and graveyard as they approached this fatal bend in the road.

Finally, one smart new homeowner purchased some very large hedges shortly after moving in and had them planted in a line that blocked the view of the cars speeding toward the house, their headlights, and blocked the view of the small cemetery and the large tree where so many cars wrecked.

The residents of the house now? They stayed and flourished.

When we have energy coming at our homes, it can severely limit us – or bring us benefits.

One house that was also striking in its relationship to roads was the house where Robin Williams committed suicide. The street was mere feet from the front door, so no “bright hall” (the open space where chi gathers and brings opportunity to a home – which could explain some of the limited film opportunities he was experiencing then). But there was a bigger, even more serious complication. It was the water directly at the back of the house.

With a road at the front and water at the back, Mr. Williams was “sandwiched” by a lack of support and opportunity, much like being backed off a cliff.

When you have a road directly behind the house and in front, this can be disastrous for health, wealth and opportunity as we saw by Robin Williams’ untimely and tragic end.

There is some feng shui thought that certain entry and exit directions are beneficial for roads surrounding our houses and some that are detrimental. The problem with this type of feng shui is these benefits really only apply when the road is a one way street, which few, if any houses actually have. When the road, like most houses have, is a two-way road, the effects become neutral. So, unless you live on a one way street, it’s hard to make these kinds of feng shui determinations.

To determine your home’s arrangement to roads, take a look at your home on Google Earth.

This is one of the best online feng shui tools because it gives you a birds eye view of your home in relationship to roads, ditches, buildings and environmental influences such as hills. You should also take into account the road’s speed when determining its effect on your home and life. Like my example, a heavily trafficked and high-speed road made the road more dangerous than if it were in a neighborhood with a slow rate of speed.

Below are some of the road arrangements and how they impact your home and luck.

When your home is located on the inside of a curve (see red circled home above), you are being “hugged” by the road, which symbolizes water. This is considered very auspicious.

When your house is sitting on an outside curve the bend of the road becomes a poison arrow (as noted on the diagram by the red arrows). What can you do about this? Blocking the view with a solid fence, wall, or row of hedges is a benefit.

This is the most dangerous and problematic. Many entrances to subdivisions end this way with cars coming into the neighborhood and having to turn left or right, like the intersection shown above with the red arrow. The house directly opposite must “absorb” this energy of all the oncoming cars and often results in health problems, money and relationship difficulties, and general declining luck and fortune.

This is why so many of the homes in neighborhoods like this have high turnover with for sale signs constantly going up — and that is harmful for home values in the neighborhood. A wall or fence should be erected to counteract the effect of the poison arrows coming from the cars.

When a home is located on a culdesac or a dead end, there is a stoppage of energy. The “flow” of the road is interrupted and can often create financial difficulties. If the home is directly in line with the road, this is much like a t-intersection and aims very harmful energy at the home and the occupants. Again, some type of shield needs to be erected by a wall, fence or hedges. Homes in a culdesac or dead end often suffer from declining energy. Good landscaping and lighting must be employed to keep the energy refreshed and lifted so that the home enjoys growing chi.

When roads are lifted off the ground and a home sees the road, this adds a knife-edge quality to the road. Because these roads are often highways, the speeds create even more cutting energy. There is not much that can be done to counteract these roads other than to blocked the view of them.

When your home has a street running in front of it and a street running directly behind it, this is like being sandwiched between two bodies of water. This can create financial difficulties and struggles getting a solid career or business footing. Money may come and go quickly, with a slow and steadily diminished bank accounts. Make sure there is a fence and hedges at the rear of the house so that the view of the road at the rear is blocked.

The house at right is actor Robin Williams, who tragically committed suicide. One might argue that the water side is the “facing direction,” and I believe it is, but this still puts a street directly at the back, not 15 feet from the front door, making it’s ability to drain his assets, and indeed, his life.

If your home is on a road that is unlevel, always approach your home from the lower side of the street so that when you enter your home, you are entering it from a lower level to a higher one. Avoid entering your home by going “down” the street rather than up it. This will prevent your home’s chi from being lowered and yours as well.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


I had to do some relocation of furniture and rearranging in the library yesterday afternoon to make space for 4 new computer tables which will be the self-access learning area.

In order to fit in the 4 new tables and chairs, some old furniture had to be removed and the TV area had to be moved. From the Feng Shui point of view, this would be good as moving furniture would help get rid of stale or negative energy. It allows for better flow of Qi.

Every time you get rid of clutter, dirt and dust, and straighten up and organize the furniture in your home or workplace, you are restoring order.


My student Al-Hafiz toiled away with me and Baz to come up with bookmarks for Teacher's Day. We made it from ice-cream sticks accessorised with a ladybird. These bookmarks will be given to all the teachers on Friday when we have the celebration at college level.


Inas Iskandar, Hakim, Asyraf and Isyraf Najwan were busy making gifts for Teacher's Day which will be celebrated this Friday. All the librarians have to be involved.


Early on Monday morning before I left for work, my neighbour's young daughter presented me with a Teacher's Day gift.  It was a small teddy bear.  Her mummy bought it for her to give to me.  Then my student Vasan brought a pussy cat brooch that his mum bought for me.  At the end of the day before I left the college, my friend Khairah bought me a fridge magnet as a gift.  I received three blessings for the day.  Happiness.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


In Malaysia, Teacher's Day is celebrated on the 16th of May. However, the celebrations for my college will only be on Friday 20th May as the students are having their exams.
Meanwhile, I got a number of my librarians to make gifts for the resource centre commitee.  The students get to carry out DIY jobs and they need not use their money to buy gifts.  Besides handmade gifts are more meaningful.


I have frequented the new Hollywood restaurant for a good many years but only realised that the address number for the shop is 38.  Now this is a very lucky combination of numbers as far as the Cantonese are considered.  3 in Chinese is sam which has the same sound as survive.  8 of course sounds like prosper.  So 38 or sam fatt would symbolise the business being able to keep surviving and be prosperous.  For your information, the business of this place is super good.


I was pleased to find assist rails installed at the Ipoh Old Town Restaurant toilets that I went to last weekend. Now this would certainly improve the toilet environment and increase the quality of life for elderly and disabled persons.



Monday, 16 May 2016



Five pots of my orchid plants are in bloom.  What a joyful sight to behold.


Wishing all the educators in the world, HappyTeacher's Day.


Tada. The bottles of keremak merah drink I boiled with brown sugar. One of my friends said that the miracle herb in Lekir tastes like the keremak that I boiled for her a few years ago. I will let her try it in the morning to see if it is the same.


This herb is called keremak merah in Malay. In Cantonese it is known as Hoong teen wu.
The Hung Teen Wu ( 红田乌) can be purchased from the wet markets in Ipoh and Sitiawan . I got these from the Kampung Koh market in Sitiawan for RM5.20. One kilo costs RM7.00.
Leaves boiled (with brown sugar) and drunk as tea to improve blood circulation, as well as relieve high blood sugar and hypertension. It has anti ulser properties. It is a home remedy for piles. It can be used to treat inflammation, joint pain, liver diseases and loss of appetite.
For blood cleansing and detoxification. It is diuretic and cooling. The juice of this plant, deemed beneficial to eyes, skin and hair. It is an ingredient in the making of medicinal hair oils and Kajal (kohl). The keremak is anti bacterial and anti fungal. The root of the plant is used to treat stomach problems. The young leaves and stems can be fried with chilli, sambal belacan, dried shrimps, anchovies.
Keremak Merah (Alternanthera sessilis) can help reduce cholesterol in the body and also regulate blood flow. It can also be used as a tonic.