Monday, 25 May 2015


Elvis Presley was a superstar in his lifetime and in death he became a legend. He was only 42. Actually there are not that many singers and performers in his league.  The other that I can think of is Michael Jackson and he too has become a legend after his untimely death at age 50.
Here is one of his most famous performances, "Jailhouse Rock".


I have milia or oil seeds growing around my eye area. My beautician told me that the best way to get rid of them is by going for laser treatment.  If it is not treated the oil seeds would grow bigger. Yikes.  I will need to go consult a skin specialist and enquire about the charges.  Hopefully it is affordable.


Junior was given a bath yesterday evening.  During his outing into the 'wild' on Friday evening, Junior was running the length of the drain and had gotten dirty.  
TADA.  This is how clean the little fella looks after his bath.  

Sunday, 24 May 2015


I saw this this pretty Persian cat (I think so) at a pet shop. It belonged to the owner of the shop. On closer look, I realised that the cat was missing its right eye.

The owner told me that it lost the eye when fighting with another cat when it was a kitten. Aiyoh. This is really scary. Imagine, if my Junior goes out to play with other cats and they fight. Alamak. He only has one eye and cannot to lose another. If not, he would be totally blind. Oh no.


Saturday, 23 May 2015


I saw this magazine on cats at the bookshop.  It is called Kucingku or My Cat.


Me posing with the cake which was  a gift to the college lecturers.


Junior is safe at home with me now.  God only knows how sad and tormented I would be if he could not be found. I would be going around the neighbourhood calling his name and frantically searching every nook and corner for him. Of course, I am sure my friends and neighbours would also come join the search as well. But thank God he was found in less than half an hour. Now I have peace of mind.


I had a huge scare yesterday evening. When the security guards came to collect the fees at 6.30 p.m. Junior snuck out. I only realised he was missing from the house at 6.50 p.m. I called my friend and neighbour Daniel Farid and he came immediately. My neighbours' children also helped me to search for him. Luckily Daniel spotted him at the side wall of the Tabika next door. After that we took a lot of time to corner him. He ran the length of the drain of 3 houses. Daniel guarded one entrance of the drain and I with Arina (neighbour's eldest daughter) the other. We finally managed to catch him after 15 minutes of coaxing. Lost and found.


The words feng shui mean wind and water and the purpose of feng shui is to enable you to live in harmony with your environment.

Feng shui practitioners believe that by moderating the flow of energies that surround you, you can bring harmony and order into your everyday life.

This is where cats can help, they are sensitive to these energies and they can have a beneficial effect on them. Cats always gravitate towards areas of bad or stale chi within the home or garden and set about converting it into a more auspicious energy. Also there are the benefits of the love and affection that is created when a cat is brought into a home. Tests have proved that living together is beneficial for people and pets. Stroking a cat lowers heart rates, blood pressure and stress levels.

Geopathic stress is natural radiation that emanates from the earth, which has been distorted by modern intrusions or barriers, such as the installation of cables, pipes etc. Such stress can drain our energies but cats thrive on it. They have the ability to neutralise this damaging force and by nature are attracted to any sites of geopathic stress within the home. You will find that such an area will become one of their favourite places to settle. Therefore don't move furniture such as beds or sofas into these spots as it will have an adverse effect on your health if you spend too much time in that area.



Puan Ng and I received Teacher's Day present from our student, Shafiq.  Our college only celebrated Teacher's Day on Friday, 22 May 2015.

Friday, 22 May 2015


This is the latest pot of plant that I bought.  This is the hibiscus with very big flowers.  I bought this plant before and it died after all the flowers had bloomed.  So I guess this might suffer the same fate.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy looking at the beautiful, red blooms,


Seafood currry noodles from Kopitiam in Sitiawan.  I love the thick, creamy curry and keep going back for more.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


How to Activate Water for Wealth by Building Your Own Water Urn"

By Kathryn Weber

Water is one of the most important elements in life – and in feng shui. The presence of water is life-giving and in feng shui, it promotes wealth, prosperity and opportunity.

We could not live without water, yet so many homes rarely have water anywhere on the property. Even a small fountain can create a feeling of calm assurance and promote wealth luck and financial advantage for the homeowner.

Water is used many ways in feng shui.

It can be used as a remedy, such as for the Red 7 star. Yang water drains the violent and dangerous qualities of the 7 star. But water can also activate luck – especially when placed in the north, east and southeast sectors.

In the north, water helps stimulate career luck and brings opportunities to rise up the corporate ladder. In the southeast, water brings about good fortune that helps wealth accumulate. In the east, it brings growth and good health plus happy family relationships.

But creating a water feature that’s helpful for prosperity is often overlooked in home decorating and in feng shui.

Even when water features are added, many have dirty water or, worse, disappearing water. These new fountains symbolize disappearing wealth! There is a saying that like attracts like. And it’s true.

Our ancestors knew how water draws water.

Years ago when we used hand pumps to draw water, it often became impossible to draw water up a dry pump until water was poured down the pump. Miraculously, water would often begin flowing again once water was poured down the dry pump.

This perfectly illustrates the example of how simply having water can attract more water energy in the form of increased wealth and greater income opportunities.

Perhaps one of the best qualities about water is that it brings about auspicious chi that invigorates all the residents of the home, in addition to helping build wealth and opportunity.

Having water is always a benefit to everyone in the house. Currently, it’s especially auspicious to have water in the southwest as it will benefit for the woman of the house. If you can add a pond, a waterfall or water feature, you will attract much good fortune to your home.

But if that’s not possible, there are many ways to create perfectly wonderful and beneficial water features.

Here’s how you can build your own wealth-stimulating water urn

For photos, please visit this link

1. Use a sealed ceramic urn, pot or bowl for your water urn, like the one shown below. I saw these throughout Asia and they’re wonderful for creating a fountain easily. Make sure your urn is sealed completely. It’s much easier than trying to waterproof a pot with a hole in the bottom because they often leak — and that means losing money.

2. Next, place your water pump inside the urn. A small pump is all it takes to having water circulating and boosting your home’s wealth chi. You can use a simple pump from an inexpensive table top fountain or buy one from your local hardware or home store.

3. Decorate your urn with flowers and plants or a dragon for extra wealth benefits. This adds wonderful chi to your entire home!

4. Step back and enjoy your beautiful new urn that will promote prosperity chi and attract wealth luck to your home!



Junior would enjoy playing with this contraption.  It would cost quite a bit to get a carpenter to make it.  Sigh!


Wednesday, 20 May 2015


After waiting for our orders of Yee Mee to arrive, it was photo taking time for Shafiq, Luqman and I.  The boys ordered Sizzling Yee Mee in a hot plate.  Mine was claypot Yee Mee soup with seafood.  The dishes are reasonably priced.  Most of the dishes are around RM5 to RM6.50.


My two boys, Luqman and Shafiq, tell me that the Sizzling Yee Mee at the Tesco Food Court in Manjung is delicious.  When they go for outing on Saturdays, quite a number of the boys would make a beeline for this stall to make their orders.  At RM5.50, this noodle dish is reasonably priced.
It was my belated birthday treat to Shafiq who celebrated his birthday at the beginning of May.


My librarians are a helpful and dedicated lot.  They were willing to come and help me at the library after they attended a course from morning until 4.30 p.m. yesterday.
I had asked for assistance to clean the air-conditioners as they were not functioning well and also to help clean the window sills. Then they had to help take down the unwashed curtains and hang those that were recently laundered.
Actually these traits will be of great help to them when they go out to work in the real work, especially in the private sector.  This gives them the edge over others.


Shafiq and I went through a lot to save Junior after we picked him up from a drain.  At that time, one of the eyeballs was popping out and his life was hanging by a thread.  Six months later, the two of us are enjoying our effort as our furry fan is growing up to be a normal house cat.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


My friend, Puan Asiah and her son, Ammar made this Teacher's Day gift for Baz and me. I was sooo touched.  The handmade gift is being displayed in our room.


Junior had a mishap two weeks ago.  The flesh near his paws were accidentally cut when his nail was clipped by my colleague.  It is usually my student, Shafiq who does it but he was busy with his examination and then had a week off.
Since the unfortunate incident, the little fella has developed a phobia. Shafiq had to gently speak to him and persuade the kitten to have his nails clipped this week.  You can see how scared he was when the session took place on Monday evening.