Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Little girls nowadays have taken a fancy to the characters Elsa and Anna of Frozen. The blue Elsa costume has a multi layer skirt with glittery snowflakes.



"Single and Searching -- Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Love Potential"

by Kathryn Weber

Whether you’re a bachelor looking for a loving wife and a nice home-cooked meal, or a single woman who would love nothing better than a pair of broad shoulders to lean against at night when you watch TV, feng shui can be employed to help you attract a mate or improve your odds if you’re on a date.

Here are some pointers you can use in your home and when you’re on a date to help you attract a new love interest to your life!

Banish water in the bedroom.

Although water is good fortune for wealth in feng shui, in the bedroom it dampens passion. Better to avoid water symbols in the bedroom. Remove images of water and other objects like fish figurines or shells. Instead, make sure the lamps are turned on for both sides of the bed and are kept dim, but lit.

Wear your love colors on a date.

To know what your love colors are be sure to check your “love and romance” direction according to your kua number. Find your kua number here: http://redlotusletter.com/resources/kua-calculator/

If your love direction is….

North Wear blues or black

South Wear red, green or brown

East/SE Wear green, black or blue

West/NW Wear white, beige, yellow or purple

SW/NE Wear yellow, beige, orange, red, purple

Sit in your love directions when you go out on a date.

Part of personal feng shui is working to activate your personal directions. If you’re on a date, try to sit in your love directions.

If your love direction is….

North Sit facing north or south

South Sit facing south or north

East/SE Sit facing east or southeast

West/NW Sit facing west or northwest

SW/NE Sit facing southwest or northeast

Bachelors need feminine energy in their homes.

Bachelor homes need feminine energy to attract a mate. If you’re a single man and you’ve been looking for a suitable marriage partner (not to mention a nice home cooked meal ;)), make sure there is feminine energy in your home to attract a woman to your life.

A great way is to include pictures of flowers that portray feminine beauty such as magnolias, peonies or family luck like the orchid, or romantic fortune is the lotus flower with a bud. Alternatively, be sure to have a picture of women who look happy and attractive and be sure to employ pairs of objects (two lamps, two vases) to represent pairing energy. This image shows a pair of magnolias — something that a woman would find very attractive and balance a masculine home.

Women need bright energy to attract a male.

Rather than pinks and pale blues in the bedroom or flower motifs, women should aim to add a little vibrant energy. Balance your bedroom colors with just a little red, such as pillow shams. Bright colors are appealing to men and in the bedroom, these will help activate your love chi. When you go out, avoid the LBD (little black dress) and opt for a vibrant red dress or blouse. Just remember the song, “Lady in Red.” There’s something about a woman in red that attracts a man – and remember, there’s no song about “Lady in Black.”

Single women need male energy to draw a husband.

If you’re looking for that special man in your life, be sure that your home includes some masculine energy. Look for symbols that speak to masculine chi, such as dragons or horses. Display these in your living room and not in the bedroom. Avoid overly dark colors in the house and play upbeat music to stimulate yang chi in the house. Keep the southwest brightly lit and add a photograph or picture of a man or a couple that you find attractive in this corner.

Pair up around the house.

It’s important that singles’ apartments and homes reflect a pairing energy. A painting of two flowers is an excellent way to enhance your pairing energy. A pair of lamps on either side of the bed also energize the pairing chi. Be careful of photographs and images of single, solo items. One woman had a single image of her dog painted in oil and hung it over her bed. That dog was her only companion, too. Instead, her pet should have hung in the NW corner of the living room to energize this direction, coincidentally the direction of the man.

Source:  www.redlotusletter.com

Monday, 29 September 2014


The final examinations for the First Year Diploma students started today.  The first papers the students sat for were Mandarin and Arabic.  There were two centres, one for those in the electric course another for the electronic.  One student needed the assistance of a scribe as he had fractured his left finger and injured his hand in an accident.


My two students who had some medical problems managed to come sit for their end of semester examination this morning. Akram who had surgery to remove his appendix sat for his papers in the examination hall instead of the centre on level 2. While Fariduddin who was hit by a car did his in another room. As his left finger and also hand was injured, he needed someone to write down the answers to his examination scripts for him. I was his scribe for the Mandarin paper. He sat for two more papers after that and were assisted by Puan Rodiah and Puan Latipah, the lab assistants.
By the way, two of Farid's toes were also broken in the accident.


Me having lunch at Yishenshu Vegetarian Restaurant in Ipoh. My Aunt Linda treated Lai Yoong and I to lunch when we were back in Ipoh on Sunday.  The food at this restaurant is delicious.  We will most certainly go again.

 Four Heavenly Kings
 Vegetarian Fried Goose
Vegetarian Taufu


Some of the potted plants that I have acquired for my garden don't seem to survive more than a few months.  Is it me?  Am I that bad a gardener? What I do is to go and buy new ones from Brother Lek's Nursery in Ipoh to replace the dead or wilted plants.


Yesterday morning, Lai Yoong and I were back in Ipoh. We took the opportunity to visit the Toh Boh Keong Temple in Jalan Kampar to pray to the Nine Emperor Gods. There were lots and lots of people there for the same purpose as us. We are hopeful that we will be receiving Their Blessings.


Mediums in a trance with objects like spears, swords, rulers, umbrella and saw pierced through their cheeks. This was during the 9 Emperor Gods Procession organised by the Tow Boh Keong Temple in Ayer Tawar this evening.
This is definitely not an event for the faint hearted. Me? I am used to it. Hey.  I have been on this vegetarian fast since I was 13 or 14 years old and have been witnessing this event for years. That is why I can go up close to the mediums and take close up shots of them.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


"The Value of Metal -- Feng Shui's Element of Prosperity and Prestige"

by Kathryn Weber

In feng shui, metal is the element you don't often hear much discussion about. Most often metal is regarded as a cure for negative energies, especially earth afflictions such as the 5 Yellow and Black 2 that cause both illness and financial difficulties.

But metal is a wonderful element that when activated properly can bring patronage luck - the "who you know" kind of energy that separates truly successful people from those with just average success - heaven energy and power, and the all-important water of wealth.

Let's take a look at the element of metal....

We know from basic grade-school science that metal is a conductor.

It conducts energy like electricity and is used to promote the generation of water in feng shui, which in feng shui is shorthand word for wealth and prosperity. Its shape in feng shui is either the arch or circle - both have lots of movement.

Just think of a coin's round shape and how they are spent and move through circulation, or even a wheel. The arches of aqueducts transported water in ancient Rome.

Tapping auspicious metal chi will put metal's conductive properties to work for you to move what's stuck in your life, attract heaven energy to you, bring people to your aid, and open the gates to the luck of personal favor. Adding metal in the right locations will stimulate windfall luck and business opportunity.

Read these tips for putting metal to work in your life and home!

Tap the 1 Star.
The 1 Star in feng shui is the star of business opportunity - and the money associated with it. In short, it's the "generating money" star. Paying it special attention by adding metal wherever it's located will stimulate the 1 Star by making it produce water (read: money) for you.

Add metal windchimes, coin trees, and metal bowls wherever the 1 Star is found. In 2014, the 1 Star is in the southwest. Because it's the star of opportunity and career, ringing a bell in this sector can stimulate more business!

Stimulate the 6 Star.
Ready for more patronage and assistance from people in the position to help you? The 6 Star is the star to activate. It can help stimulate more diversity, too. This is especially helpful for increasing your presence in other countries, bringing energy to your home or office that helps business and life to keep moving and not stagnating.

If you have a home that faces the location of the 6 star or an office or bedroom located in the 6 Star sector, you should also wear beautiful jewelry to bring more luck and favor to yourself. Display a clear sparkling faceted crystal ball or faceted gems to empower the 6 star with crystalline earth energy.

The new black is white.
White is also the color of metal. It is a prestige color. Just think of all the homes with white sofas, white fluffy rugs and sleek Persian cats. Women who wear white are usually very fashionable and attract a lot of attention. White evokes elegance and any color paired with it instantly looks more beautiful. White is a power color especially when paired with striking gold jewelry. Wearing white will attract more help and you will move faster through the day because white is a yang color.

Get unstuck with metal.
One of the most difficult medical problems is poor circulation. When circulation is poor, health declines. That's true in feng shui, too. To create more wealth and prestige "circulation" use Chinese coins to start movement again. A perfect example is to put three tied Chinese coins in your wallet, checkbook, and bank account books or files.

Attract heaven luck.
The northwest is the sector of the father, patriarch, and it's also the sector of heaven - and the heaven men who can help you get ahead. These are the power-brokers that can make or break careers, make helpful introductions, and help you widen your circle of contacts. It's a prestige position and it benefits by the addition of the Chien trigram. The Chien trigram is made of three solid unbroken lines stacked on top of one another. Display this symbol in the northwest or wherever the 6 Star is located.

Use Chinese coins.
Adding coins under carpets at the entrance to your home helps move prosperity chi into the house. Put the coins in a line of six or eight in an arrow shape. You can use the coins just about anywhere! I even have a Chinese coin hanger that I put on my thumbdrives for my laptop to make my work more auspicious and generate more money.

Carry amulets and protectors.
Amulets are a wonderful way to carry heaven energy anywhere you go. Placed in a purse or pocket, metallic wealth amulets can be carried to attract prosperity energy. These are especially beneficial for anyone who works in the sector of the 1 or 6 Star or whose home faces the direction where the 1 or 6 Star is located.

Carry them in your pocket when you negotiate a mortgage -- or a raise! Amulets can be protective too. A good example is a blessing amulet that protects against nasty gossip or negative feelings. Metal amulets are the best conductors of energy - especially for money and protection.
Source:  www.redlotusletter.com