Saturday, 29 November 2014


I have a treadmill which I bought more than a year ago. I have to admit that it is really under utilised as I usually go on it for less than 5 minutes a time.  What is worse is that I do this less than 5 times a week.  I am not alone, there are many out there who buy exercise equipment and after
after a few months of use, they are left idle.  Now in Feng Shui, this is not good, especially if the machine is not in good working condition. The Qi there will be stagnant.
Here are a few Feng shui tips for exercise equipment and personal gym.
  1. never have exercise equipment in the bedroom. This is the place to unwind and exercise represents yang energy.
  2. never keep gym equipment under bed ,as this will affect your sleep. Exercise equipment keep producing energy even when kept on the floor and it can be felt if they are stored under or in the bed storage. This will affect your sleep, health and relationships.
  3. Never have a gym in the living room or near the entrances as it is here where we enter after a hard day of work.  It will make us feel drained and many will feel less motivated to work out.
  4. It is best to have gym and exercise equipment near windows as there is Yang energy coming from there.
  5. Always keep exercising equipment and gym materials in good condition and running smoothly. Repair anything broken or grease them if not running smoothly.
  6. The East sector represents Feng Shui health and it is good to have your personal gym and have all exercising equipment here.


I think there are a Chinese physicians who have set up shop to treat people using traditional Chinese medicine and also acupuncture.  The shop posted here is situated behind the Bank Simpanan Nasional in Sitiawan.


As a Star Wars fan, I would love to own an R2D2 Carry-On luggage.  I am sure other fans would love to own it too.  Here is the LINK to purchase it online.

Friday, 28 November 2014


Junior is becoming a well travelled cat. So far it has stayed at the dorm with Shafiq, my house, at Kak Noraini and Daniel's house, at Dr Murrugaya's clinic and now Kak Zie's house. I left her there at around noon today. You can see Junior checking out his temporary accommodation in the picture.


 Kak Noraini and I with Kenzo
 Kak Zie with Pretty, the Persian cat
Kamariah and Kak Noraini accompanied me to send Junior to Kak Zie's house. We also had a nice time playing with the cats there. In the pictures you can see us admiring Kenzo and Pretty.


I used this picture of Junior as my latest Facebook cover photo.  This little fella is becoming quite a celebrity among those who visit my FB page.


After a hiatus of more than two months, I gave my feet a treat by going for  pedicure.  The nail art this time has a powder blue background with bluish white flowers.


My fridge is not as neat as I want it to be. I have leftover food that have remained inside for weeks. Some of the fruits I have in the bottom compartment begs to be placed in the garbage bin.
Actually the contents and organisation of the fridge have bearings on the Feng Shui of the home.
Stale food in fridge gives out YIN (negative energy) and affects the whole family.
We need to regularly clean up the fridge and assess the date of expiry of food items like fish, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. See that the food stored is properly covered and stored in your fridge. Do remove packets, empty or those which have passed expiry date out and throw them.
Try to keep your fridge organised by keeping the things in their proper places,
Do not over stock your fridge. No doubt it has been mentioned that a full fridge means good feng shui but an over stocked one is not; it means the person is unorganized and irresponsible to nature and its gifts from universe,


Whenever I find that my purse is worn out after some time, I will throw it away.Wallets and purses must be in good condition to attract more wealth.   It is advisable to buy good quality purses/ wallets and get rid of worn out or damaged ones,  On a practical note, there is a risk of money falling out from a torn wallet or purse,
This is my new wallet.  I was a present from a student's mother.  My old purse had seen better days and had to be thrown away.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Keep your cooking equipment clean, and working condition. Blocks in these indicate block in incoming wealth and work opportunities.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


My students have it easy when it comes to going for lecturers as most of them live in the hostel. Even those who are not boarders have no trouble going to the college but yet there are those who don't want to attend lectures. Shame on them! See how children in some parts of Indonesia, India and China have to brave in order to get an education. I really salute them.



"The Phoenix Footstool – The Feng Shui Symbol Of Material Comforts And Success"

By Kathryn Weber

In feng shui, the ideal position for a house embodies what’s called the “armchair” position. This position has a rise at the rear of the house, and the left or east side of the house is higher than the right side of the house, as you are looking out from the front of the house.

Many feng shui devotees know about the importance of the supportive cosmic tortoise that is represented by the rise at the rear of the house. This rise gives support, like the back of a chair, so that the residents have opportunity in their lives.

But one of the areas of the home and your environmental feng shui that’s often missed is the position of the phoenix.

And it’s this position and portion in the landscape that creates the relaxation that comes from having enough money, prestige and success – and why it’s so important to activate!

The phoenix is the fabled bird that can burn and then regenerate from its ashes. It symbolizes success and the ability to rise again after difficulties.

But in feng shui, the phoenix is represented by the area at the front of your home. This portion of your home or garden is in the front of the house and should be lower than the rise at the rear of the house.

What’s most interesting is that the phoenix isn’t simply represented by flat land. It’s also represented by a small mound of earth or even a small boulder at the front of the home. It symbolically represents a footstool.

Think about when you relax how you will put your feet up. This is what we want for your home – the ability to enjoy the kind of success that allows you to relax and put your feet up.

This is often represented by a nicer car, pretty clothes, relaxing vacations where you really do put your feet up and relax and savor your success!

It's also one of the reasons why you want the area in front of your home to be open and able to attract the chi of success. The phoenix not only represents success, but the ability to purchase those material things that represent success – and the relaxation that comes with success.

The phoenix represents not having to work so hard because you’re recognized for your efforts. If you’ve ever been in a job and felt like you had to shoot off a roman candle to get someone's attention, you know what I’m talking about. The person who receives recognition has opportunities brought to them – and that’s relaxing all by itself!

Here are 3 key tips to symbolize the crimson phoenix in your home -- and start enjoying the fruits of success and recognition.

1. Create a small footstool in your garden at the front of your house. This can be a small mound of dirt or even a small boulder that looks like the “feet” of your house could be rested on from the front door. Make sure that the boulder or mound doesn’t appear to block the house, though.

2. Activate the phoenix in your home. Hang a picture of a rooster, a cardinal, a flamingo, or any red bird to mimic the red phoenix. Place this in the south corner of your home or living room.

3. Place a phoenix in the south corner of your garden. Adding a red bird figure in the south portion of your garden is another excellent way to activate the phoenix in your home.

Source:  www.redlotusletter,com


Tuesday, 25 November 2014


My Aunty Linda loves gardening just like her sister, my late mother. When my mum was alive I would take her to the nursery to look for plants when I went back during the weekends. Now I take my aunt. You can see her with the four pots of plants she bought on Sunday. She also bought a metallic holder for the plants.


Junior came back from the Animal Clinic at noon today. I left him there in Dr Murrugaya's care from Friday afternoon. Besides boarding there over the weekend, Junior also received treatment for kurap. Earlier he was dewormed. He is now over at Kak Noraini's place while I shop for a better cage for it.
A few of my friends commented that Junior was skinny when they saw pictures that I had Whatsapped to them yesterday. Indeed, the little kitten looks very thin. Kak Noraini and I think that it is because of worms. After deworming, the both of us saw lots of worms being passed out by the kitten. All this while, the food that Junior ate went to the worms. Hopefully after the treatment for kurap (ringworms) and the deworming, Junior will gain more weight,


While shopping for a cage for Junior at My Pet Zone in Sitiawan, I was told by the shop assistant about a dog that was totally blind. She said that the puppy was left at the front of the shop with serious damage to the eyes. Thankfully the pet shop owner being an animal lover took it to the Animal Clinic. Unfortunately, the injury was so bad that Dr Murrugaya had to surgically remove both eyes.
My heart bled when I saw this unfortunate creature. It is friendly and loved being petted by me. Unfortunately I couldn't take it in as I already have to care for Junior. If my late parents were around, they would surely give a home for this puppy. Both of them were dog lovers. Is there anyone out there who is kind enough to want to adopt it?



By Kathryn Weber

Crystals have long been thought to possess mystical qualities. Certain crystals and stones have long been associated with having healing abilities, the ability to focus thought or intention or even transmutation. And this is no longer an issue of belief any longer.

We know scientifically that crystals, specifically silicon crystals, are the chief reason for ever faster processing speeds in computer.

But there are other stones and crystals in feng shui that have different applications and uses for creating beneficial energy to clearing your thoughts!

One thing that all gems and stones have in common is the belief that they represent the highest, most beautiful forms of vital and precious earth energies refined in their coloring, beauty and intrinsic qualities. Their greatest quality is their ability to magnify energies.

Here are some of the most common and popular feng shui stones and crystals and how to use them.

1. Jade

Jade is a both a crystal formation and because of its prized value, it’s also a valuable gem. The coloring can range from white to yellow to deepest green. The greater the translucence, the greater the value jade has. Jade is worn in amulets to pendants and bracelets. A very common way to wear jade is as a bangle. Jade is thought to purify the blood, promote good health and longevity. A multipurpose stone, jade is a symbol of growth, wealth and prosperity. Real jade always feels cool or cold on the skin.

2. Quartz crystal

Clear quartz crystal has so many uses in feng shui. From using it to stimulate thought to creating harmonious relationships, quartz is versatile. Crystal points are often used to help create clear thought and enhance thinking ability. Students often carry quartz points to help them do well on tests. Quartz crystal is often made into faceted crystals, smooth crystal balls, jewelry and even chandeliers. When light is applied to the crystal is enhances the faceted crystal by throwing prisms of colored light. This rainbow light is thought to be especially auspicious and beneficial and can help an unloved person feel loved when they bathe in this light.

3. Citrine

Beautiful and lemony-yellow, citrine is the color of business. It represents the earth element with its yellow color. Because of its golden-hue, citrine is thought to attract wealth and prosperity. Someone in sales or in business – or just wanting to climb the ladder of success would benefit from having a citrine crystal on the desk.

4. Amethyst

With its deep purple color, amethyst is a royally-colored stone associated with great wealth. Amethyst can be worn as jewelry or displayed in the home. Amethyst geodes are believed to possess great wealth energy and often used in gem trees. Because of their association with the earth mother, it is believed to be able to keep a wandering husband at home. They are also believed to be able to provide healing energy, reducing anger and depression.

5. Rose quartz

This is known as the love stone. The pink stone represents the sweet and tender feelings of love in a committed relationship. Singles looking to attract love can use rose quartz to help attract love. If your relationship is troubled, keep a rose quartz heart close by to help promote healing and loving feelings. This beautiful stone helps us connect with our loving feelings. Worn as a pendant or placed in the home, rose quartz imbues all in contact with it with greater heartfelt connection.

6. Cinnabar

Though not often seen in the west, cinnabar is quite common in the east. The mineral cinnabar occurs around new volcanic activity or alkaline hot springs and is associated with mercury, pyrite, marcasite, opal, quartz, chalcedony, and dolomite. It is rarely if ever used in feng shui. What’s most commonly thought of as cinnabar is actually a resin product. This cinnabar that is used in feng shui is an ancient resin that’s been used for medicine, varnish, incense, dye, and decoration and often called dragon’s blood.

Source:  www;


Sunday, 23 November 2014


I found this neat project to make a magnetic coins a blog called Tattered Style. The creator of the blog made coin magnets for her lifeboard which are actually magnetic boards. She fills her lifeboard with various photos, notes, and memorabilia and used foreign coins she has converted as magnets to hold them up. All she needed to do was to buy some magnets and glue them with super glue on to the centre of the coin. Numismatists might cringe at the idea but then to some they are just coins or souvenirs from their travels.
Actually we can make use of such a board as a Feng Shui cure as well as activator.  The metallic board and coins represent the Metal element.  The board with the coins is decorative and representative of what is happening in our lives.
So what are you waiting for, go DIY a lifeboard with coins for yourself.



Watch this video, you will be empowered.