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"The 7 Feng Shui Myths that Can Harm You"

by Kathryn Weber

Red is great feng shui — but it’s not always appropriate to use it on the front door. When northwest facing doors are painted red, harm can come to the occupants of the house.

Feng shui is more popular than ever, and more and more people understand that when their homes and businesses aren’t comfortable, attractive, or harmonious, it can create discomfort, disease, and bad luck that hurts their finances, relationships and career.

As educated and advanced people, we now know that unseen forces, like radio waves, gravity, and even solar flares, do exert an influence over us and our lives.

We’ve come to understand that energy is a real, living thing and the acceptance of chi – the flowing river of energy that resides in our bodies, our homes, and the Universe, is also real. So, it should come as no surprise that the energy of chi can also exert an influence on us that’s either beneficial or detrimental.

The problem with feng shui today, is that although feng shui is more popular than ever, it’s that surge in popularity that’s given rise to myths about feng shui that can actually cause more harm than good.

Energy isn’t something to be played with without consequence.

Much of my business is made off of the feng shui myths that have been perpetuated and that have caused harm by well-meaning consultants.

Check your home and your feng shui knowledge to see if you might be mistakenly following one or more of these myths. The best part, though, is you can easily correct the problem once you know about it.

Myth No. 1: Place a mirror opposite the front door to bring in good energy.

This can cause a complete cutoff of financial and business-related opportunity. Whether in a business or a home, a mirror will push away energy, essentially cutting off the energy that enters through it. Because the door is the mouth of chi, the home or business will literally be starved of energy. Time and time again, I see homes and businesses with a mirror that reflects the front door and I see financial failures. Make sure you don’t place a mirror opposite the front door.

Myth No. 2: Paint your front door red.

Red is a powerful color, but there are some places where red can cause harm — and even total failure. A house that faces west or northwest should never have a red door. It’s especially true with a northwest facing door.

The northwest is associated with the heaven direction and the father or man of the house, who is often the breadwinner, so this corner should not have flames or red colors in it. To do so is to create “fire in heaven.” This can cause the father to meet with a severe accident, serious illness, bankruptcy or job loss. Paint over your door if yours faces west (children) or northwest (man/father) with a white, gray, yellow, or beige color.

Myth No. 3: Put mirrors behind the stove.

Stoves are part of a fire element and when there is too much fire, it burns the house down. This myth has been perpetuated because you aren’t supposed to have your back to your guests when you’re cooking or be sneaked up on while you’re cooking.

It’s also thought to double your wealth because it means more “pots on the stove” and equates food with money. But placing a mirror behind the stove amplifies the fire energy and that’s harmful.

If you want to double your abundance this way, it’s much better to put a mirror in the dining room to double the food at the table, rather than double the flames of the stove. Remember it’s better to have all things in moderation – especially when it comes to water or fire.

Myth No. 4: Use Pakua or “feng shui” mirrors to push negative energy away.

Pakua or bagua mirrors are often found in Chinese emporiums and shops. They’re most often used to reflect negative energy such as a t-junction terminating at your door or house or to aim negative energy back to unpleasant neighbors.

These mirrors use yin trigrams associated with picking graves and these emit very strong and harmful energy and should not be used – even in the most difficult circumstances. That’s because when you send out yin energy for graves it can come back to you. That’s what happened to me – I aimed one at a neighbor and the neighbor’s dog mauled my leg in an attack. Throw these mirrors away and don’t use them.

Myth No. 5: Put plants and water in the bedroom.

This myth is most often perpetuated on design shows. They say that introducing water and plants in a bedroom is “feng shui.” While it’s true that water and plants are used in feng shui, they have to be used appropriately.

Plants can sap your energy at night and cause romance to fade. Water – especially if it’s running – will cause money loss and can cause respiratory or sinus problems or depression and lethargy.

Avoid plants and flowers in the bedroom (unless someone is sick) and never put water in the bedroom. This includes water motifs like seaside or ocean scenes painted on children’s walls. It can cause illnesses and lack of initiative.

Myth No. 6: Hang crystals over doors and windows.

This is supposed to “move energy” in the house, but what it does is suppress energy. Crystals are earth energy but when hung overhead in a doorway, it becomes earth overhead, i.e., like being buried.

When crystals are hung over a doorway the occupants may suffer from a lack of inertia and may not be able to move ahead. They may accumulate clutter or suffer from metabolic problems like weight gain.

If crystals are placed in windows, they become a symbolic block. A crystal hung in one or two windows to catch the sun and throw rainbows is different, and it’s a good thing. But many times, crystals are hung all over the house and this becomes “too much of a good thing”!

Myth No. 7: Toilets are always bad.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to live in a house without indoor plumbing. Toilets aren’t a black and white feng shui issue – they have shades of gray. Toilets are a big problem when they take up a whole sector of a house (when the house is divided into nine equal squares) or when they sit on an exact corner, meaning where two 45 degree walls meet. This gives them extra emphasis.

Toilets can often handle problem energy such as when there is an affliction, like the annual 5 Yellow, or if there is negative flying star energy. They should have the toilet lid and door to the toilet closed at all times.

Because the toilet falls in a given sector of your home, be sure to place extra enhancements in the corner of the living room that corresponds to the corner where the toilet is. For example, if your toilet falls in the southwest corner of the house, be sure to add a lamp or red objects in the southwest corner of the living room to give that corner an extra boost.


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