Saturday, 29 December 2007


One of my friend's daughter recently moved into her new apartment and she observed quite a number of the feng shui rituals to ensure that all is safe and sound in the new abode. Unfortunately, I was unable to pass on the following tips to her as I was busy with official duty at that time. Nevertheless, I am posting the tips here so that visitors to the blog can make use of them or share them with friends and relatives if they do move house.

Things to move into the house first
Before the auspicious date that has been chosen, one can move certain things into the house first. They should bring rice, cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, charcoal and tea leaves and place them in the kitchen first. This is to signify that the house is already stocked with the basic preliminary items.
If there are children in the family, then books and stationery can also be brought to the house first. this would help boost their children's study luck.
The altar and the deities should also be invited to the new house before the moving in date. This is done so that the deities would protect the new residence and also any unwanted beings would leave the place once the deities are installed.
The stove should also be set up before the moving in date. An auspicious date must be chosen for setting up the stove in the kitchen.

On the date chosen for moving in
The occupants of the house should try to be in a jovial mood on the day that they are to move into their new residence. They should try to refrain from losing their tempers and refrain from uttering profanities and inauspicious words. It is not advisable to argue or quarrel as this might signify that the residents will be forever arguing or quarrelling thereafter.
The red banner must be put up before moving in. Some people hang a turnip on each side of the banner and a pineapple in the middle. Other people hang up other auspicious things.
Each family member must carry one auspicious item when moving into the new house. They should never go in empty handed as this implies that they have not brought in anything from outside. They can carry a rice container which is 3/4 filled with a red packet (ang pau) placed on top. This would mean that there is space for more to come. A packet of oranges or mandarins. Actually, it can be anything that has an auspicious meaning.
Also, either the house owner or his wife must get ready some coins to throw onto the floor while in the process of entering into the new house. This would signify bringing in wealth and good fortune. If possible utter some auspicious words like, gold and jade fills the house or something to that effect.
Remember to turn on the lights in the living room of the house for three consecutive nights after moving in. This is to boost the yang energy in the house. In this way, good fortune would be invited in and will stay put. This also helps rid the house of all the negative qi or unwanted beings.

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