Monday, 29 January 2018


This is the little girl who was seriously injured when a durian tree fell on top of her house and did great damage to it.
A piece of something sharp pierced her liver. Her leg and rib cage were also badly injured. She stayed in hospital for more than 2 months and underwent a few operations. At one time she could barely walk.
Siti Zaharah bt Argussri was discharged from hospital a few weeks ago. She is still weak and needs medication. Zaharah has to wear a special waist band under doctor's advice. When she coughs there is still phlegm and it is also painful for her. Her mother says that Zaharah has to undergo 'plastic surgery' in a few months' time as the skin around her stomach has thinned. I think the procedure is skin grafting as she said they are taking skin from another part of her body to graft to her stomach. There are surgical scars on her abdomen, her right thigh, her chest and her upper back.
Zaharah who is studying at SK (C) Hua Lian has already gone back to school. She will be sitting for her UPSR this year. Her mum said that there are days that she is too weak to go to school.

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