Sunday, 28 January 2018


Below are the Stars of Afflictions and where they have flown to in 2018

5 Yellow Star flies to the North. 
-  Those affected include daughters and those born in the year of the Rat.
-  Ladies have better luck then men this year.
-  It brings kidney problems to those whose bedrooms are in the North sector
-  Remember to remove Earth and Fire energy from North located rooms
-  Use metal to contain the 5 Yellow in the North.  Use 6 metal pieces.
-  Affects the kidneys and urinary tract.
-  If kitchen is in the North, use electric cooker instead of real fire.  If that is not possible, then try
   placing a bowl of water near the stove when cooking.
-  A remedy for the Rat born would be to put 6 pieces of 50 sen coins in their pockets.
-  If possible, no lights here.  But if that is not possible, then try using white light.
-  No salt lamp in 5 yellow area.
-  No noise, no renovation, no knocking, no digging or cutting here.
-  Any renovation to the North must be done before Lup Chun day on 4th February 2018.
-  The gravity of the affliction for an individual depends on the number of north afflictions one has,
   eg.  the individual is a daughter, born in the rat year and has a bedroom in the North.

The Illness Star is in the West
-  Those affected by the illness star are the youngest daughters and those born in the year of the
-  Those with bedrooms in the West might be afflicted diseases connected to the lungs, big
    intestine and respiratory system.
-  One remedy is to carry a Wu Lou keychain.
-  Remove Earth and Fire Energy from this sector
-  It is advisable for senior citizens, pregnant women and babies to not to be in this sector.
   One remedy is to place 6 emperor coins near the babies,

Hostile Star 3 takes residence in the Northeast
-  Sons of the family and those born in the year of the Ox and Tiger are affected by this star.
-  Avoid using this Northeast to reduce problems with litigation, quarrels, misunderstanding and
   trouble with authorities.
-  do not use wind chimes in the Northeast.
-  Keep this part of the home quiet.  Do not have noise, turn off the radio or television.
-  Place a red cloth in this sector as a remedy.
-  Remove plants from the Northeast.  If there are trees or plants in this area, then tie a red ribbon
    around them.
-  Remove radio and television from this area if possible.  If not use a triangular red cloth to cover
   the television.

Violent Star 7 will be in the East
-  The Eldest sons and the Rabbit born will be affected.
-  Put up Feng Shui cures to prevent thefts and burglary.
-  Remove metal energy from the East.
-  The presence of metal in the East might increase the possibility of burglaries in the home.
-  Place water in the East to contain this violent star.

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