Tuesday, 31 January 2017


IN 2017, THE Purple Star 9 flies into the Southeast. This Star is also known as Future Star of Prosperity. Now this is a star to have in any sector of the house or building as it is auspicious. The #9 Star flying into the Southeast Bagua is a Fire Star and would be nourished by the wood element of this sector.

How to enhance this auspicious sector.
  1.  Have feng shui enhancers like Ancient Chinese coins, money tree, the three legged frog, etc.  However if you are thinking of using crystals then use them sparingly.
  2.  If possible use 9 auspicious items to place here, e.g. 9 candles, 9 Dzi beads.
  3.  This sector could benefit from the presence of plants and fresh flowers.  Lucky Feng Shui bamboo would be great for this sector  If possible, get 9 stalks.  
  4. You can use fire energy to enhance but do not use too much.  Moderate is the key word.
  5. Actually the best advice is to make use of this sector more.  Then you would be able to benefit from the positive vibes emanated by this star.

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