Tuesday, 31 January 2017


I spent a lot of time working on this Flying Star chart on remedies and enhancers to update the Feng Shui of my house in 2017.  As a matter of fact the stars would take their positions on 3rd February 2017 at 11.36 p.m. but it is advised to start putting them up early.
Actually I have already started feeling their effect since last week.  I had some problem with my neighbour's son in Ipoh.  He called to inform me that the security guard told me that two Chinese men had broken into my family home.  Since he was in KL, he asked me to do something.  And I was in Sitiawan at that time.  Anyway I called another neighbour and he told me that the supposed intruders were my brother-in-law and sister.  They came to get something from the house but could not open the lock.  It was jammed.  When I told him, he insisted that there were intruders and he was afraid that they might enter his house from mine.  He feared for the safety of his mother. Thankfully my other neighbour obliged by going over to check the place at 12.30 a.m.  There were no humans there, perhaps the ghosts of my ancestors were present.  He called again and when informed he said the guard did the right thing and reprimanded me for not locking my main gate.  Anyway he made a fuss and volunteered to help sell my family home.  That was when I got really mad and blocked his number.  It was only the next day that I realised that it could be the stars already showing their effect.
My cousin's husband told me that he too felt the effects as he already met with an accident and with it some litigation problems.  His Feng Shui sifu told him that the effects would take place even a month before the Flying Stars take up their annual residence.
So I will spend today putting up remedies and enhancers for 2017.  I don't want no more trouble coming from my neighbour from hell.

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