Wednesday, 28 December 2016


2017 West - Protect Relationships

The #3 Star is visiting the West area of your home in 2017, which makes it a challenging feng shui bagua area. The energy of this star is associated with discord and arguments, so be sure you know how take good care of West in 2017 in order to avoid any negativity in your relationships.

The element of the visiting star is Wood, and the element of West is Metal.

Because Fire and Metal are the elements that weaken the Wood in the feng shui elements cycle, you need to focus on strengthening these two elements in the West area in 2017.

This will weaken the Wood feng shui energy of the visiting star thus neutralizing, or at least minimizing its negative effects.

Here's how to neutralize the challenging 2017 West feng shui energies:

A strong Fire element decor is recommended here in 2017. Decorate with red and purple colours, have candles and bright lights, triangular shape items, etc. If none of this sound good for your specific West area, even a couple of red cover books can work. Or, change your lampshade into a bright red one, buy pillows in red colour, etc.
Avoid Water and Wood elements here in 2017, which means limit a strong presence of colours blue, black, green and brown. Be sure to also avoid decorating with the actual items of these elements, such as, for example, big plants (Wood element) or a big mirror (Water element).
The presence of Kwan Yin is an excellent feng shui cure here to calm the energies present in 2017 in this area.
Avoid loud noise, TV or computer in this area. You do not want to activate this area, you just want to create a strong Fire energy but not take it to the extreme. Find that unique balance when the Fire element in your decor is strong, but not as extreme as to trigger hot temper, arguments, etc.

In 2017 there is also the presence of a specific negative energy (traditional feng shui name: Tai Sui, Grand Duke of Jupiter) in the West bagua area, so caution is needed. One of the most popular feng shui cures - the Pi Yao - is placed in the area opposite the annual location of the Grand Duke.


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