Wednesday, 28 December 2016


2017 Northwest - Eliminate Sickness Energy

The Northwest area in 2017 is hosting the so-called illness star #2. The feng shui element of the visiting star is Earth and the element of the Northwest bagua area is Metal. Right away, if you are familiar with the 5 feng shui elements, you will know to use more of the Metal element decor and cures, because Metal weakens Earth in the destructive cycle of feng shui elements. You will also be wise to avoid decorating with the element that strengthens the Earth, this element is Fire.

Here's how to neutralize the challenging 2017 Northwest feng shui energies:
Introduce Metal element decor cures here to weaken the Earth element of the challenging annual star. You can go for a metal singing bowl, for example, a metal Wu Lou gourd, six Chinese coins, or any metal decor item, preferably with round/circular shapes.
Northwest area in 2017 is a good bagua area to place your salt water cure or just a bowl of clean water (be sure to keep it fresh and clean).
Avoid Fire element decor items here because Fire energy only strengthens the challenging 2017 star that you want to weaken (Fire feeds the Earth element of this star.) Avoid strong bright lights here, prominent triangular shape decor items, as well as candles.
Feel free to decorate your Northwest area with the colours of Water, Wood and Metal elements (blue, black, brown, green, gray, white, and all metallic finishes.)
Avoid big renovation or redecorating work in this area in 2017.
A metal statue of the Medicine Buddha is excellent feng shui here.


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