Tuesday, 16 August 2016


The Pokemon Go craze has hit me.  Yeah, I play the game to de-stress as my recent workload is incredible.  My favourite hunting ground is at the Tua Pek Kong Temple which is located near the sea.  My student and his friends go there to during the evening to catch the little monsters.
I get to catch some fresh air and do some exercise as well.  So it is not a bad thing.  Plus there is the fun and joy of capturing them Pokemons.
The plus factor is that when I go to the temple, I will pray as well.  Then there is the ultra positive vibes and Qi emanating from such a holy place.
The thing to remember is not to play while driving and be alert of ones surroundings.  Also do not let the game take over ones life.  There is time for play and time for work.

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