Saturday, 20 August 2016


I started playing Pokemon Go a few days into its launch in Malaysia.  Nope.  I am not one of those glued to the screen of my android phone all the time.  I actually decided to play the game to relax after work and to shed some unwanted kilos.
Luckily my former student, Baron is in between diploma and degree so he is back in his hometown for a few months.  He will be going back to KL to register for his degree course soon.  My other student, Vasan is also waiting for an offer from the university that he has applied to.  So once these two leave, I will have no more Pokemon Go buddies.  Hopefully by then I would have caught lots of Pokemons and shed the unwanted weight.
Yesterday evening, I finally caught a Pikachu.  One got away on the third day but this time around I was more skilled.  I fed it with berries first.

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