Sunday, 21 August 2016

Gold at end of Komtar rainbow a fengshui curiosity

I-ching for explanations: Komtar’s roof now graced with a sculpture depicting two rainbows pouring into a pot of Chinese gold coins.Gold at end of Komtar rainbow a fengshui curiosity


GEORGE TOWN: High up on the roof of Komtar is a recently completed sculpture of two rainbows that end in a pot of Chinese gold coins, which is fast becoming a hot topic for fengshui masters.

Several fengshui masters contacted were surprised by the sculpture.

“The Chinese coin is round with a square hole in the middle. This design is based on I-Ching principles, the round shape depicts the universe and the square symbolises the world.

“It is good for rainbows to flow into the Chinese coin, though I think the rainbows are so much bigger than the universe,” said fengshui consultant Prof Joe Choo.

Another consultant, master David Koh, did not feel there was any fengshui significance.

“Rainbows are only illusions caused by light passing through water vapour. They have no energy in themselves,” he said.

Seen directly overhead, the rainbows appear like the hands on the face of a clock, but Koh brushed aside Chinese superstitions that clocks indicated that the time is up.

“In ancient China, time is measured with a water clock. The face of a modern clock has no relevance to Chinese elements.”

Penang fengshui master Mak Foo Wengg warns of a possible clash of fengshui elements.

“Komtar is a tubular tower, representing metal. The roof top’s triangular design represents fire.

“In fengshui, fire will melt metal,” he said.

Mak advised the state government to move its administration centre to the south of the island.

“The chi energy in the northeast corner of the island will be depleted by 2017.

“But in the south, there is strong chi that will last for 24 years.”


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