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"The Patio Repair – The Feng Shui Fix for a Missing Corner"

"The Patio Repair – The Feng Shui Fix for a Missing Corner"

by Kathryn Weber

The square and rectangle are considered two of the most auspicious shapes in feng shui. Rectangles represent growth and are considered to be very auspicious shapes, with its upward shape representing a tree. The square represents the grounding element of earth, and is considered the most beneficial shape for building houses.

But few houses are a perfectly even-shaped design.

One of the most common, and the most detrimental, is the L-shaped house. When a whole sector is missing, there’s a whole part of your life that is missing too — whether that’s love, romance, health, success, income, or a spouse that’s never home.

But what can you do when you have an L-shaped home and large sector or two are missing? That’s where your patio comes in.

Many houses have irregularities to their footprints that create cut off corners, or that eliminate whole sectors entirely. When this happens, the sector that is missing is the sector most affected. For example, if the north corner is missing, opportunities to move ahead in your career or business may be absent – or you may be at the job a lot of the time and missing from the house working overtime. If the corner is the east corner, you may find that family relationships are strained or that health and vitality are an issue in your life.

One way to handle missing corners is to activate that missing corner in your living room with the elements that are beneficial for that sector, such as adding earth objects or lamps if the corner missing is the southwest corner. And while you should definitely do that, another way to address a missing corner is to symbolically add it.

This is probably most effectively done with a patio.

Patios are easy to install and a quick way to visually extend your house. Because you’ll use the patio, being in this ‘corner’ of the house will help activate this missing area. Years ago, a client was told they could put this corner in symbolically by outlining the missing southwest corner of the house with golf tees pushed into the ground.

When I grimaced, he asked what the problem was. I explained that adding pokey objects like a golf tee to this corner of the house, the southwest, could cause abdominal pains particular for the woman of the house because the southwest rules the stomach and the woman. The client looked shocked because shortly after using this “cure” recommended by a feng shui consultant, his wife had emergency gall bladder surgery.

While it’s tempting to use cures like these, it’s best not to be tempted into doing something like this in favor of something that’s more stable, like a patio –and that definitely doesn’t involve sharp, pointy objects!

Instead, adding a simple flagstone or crushed gravel patio creates an inviting space for your guests and you – and helps finish off a missing corner that is missing out on being activated by having people interacting in that space.

Look at this home below. The rear of the house has a large sector missing that could be completed with a patio.

There are lots of ways to add a patio on to your missing corner.

If your home has a missing sector at the rear of the house, this is easier to correct. If it’s at the front, you still have a few options. This home below has two missing corners. This house actually is more of a Z shape. Today’s homes come in all kinds of shapes! A patio or garden area is a terrific way to make your home’s shape more regular.

A patio can be added up front or at least a new seating or garden area, you can add your patio using gravel, pavers or a deck. Even adding a garden wall would be an excellent way to delineate the space and “complete” your home’s square shape and add the missing corner’s energy. This is an especially good option if you’d like a private front garden or patio area.

Use these tips to using a patio to complete your home’s missing sectors.

North Patio
When this corner of the house is missing, so are opportunities to move ahead in your job or business. You may find that income comes to a standstill or goes backward. Adding a patio here can help anchor this corner – and bringing growth and stability to your career, business – and your income.

Add a water feature here to tap the water element of this direction. A fountain or small fish pond or waterfall would be perfect to add to income and business and career opportunities that are missing.

Northeast or Southwest Patio
This area missing will affect decision-making, education and thinking. A missing southwest sector could point to problems for the woman of the home, problems with relationships or the marriage, or the lack of marriage prospects.

Adding an earth element patio such as brick pavers is an excellent way to anchor this sector. Lighting here will also stimulate the missing northeast chi energy. A rock Zen garden or lantern structure would be excellent placed in this location. A firepit or barbecue area would be excellent in this corner.

East or Southeast Patio
Finishing off this corner of the house will benefit the health and relationships of the house (east) and help with missing assets (southeast) or to build your savings or stock accounts. A wooden deck is a nice way to add the energy of the missing east sector wood element. Be sure to add in plantings here to bring in additional wood energy. A fountain or water feature would also be an excellent addition for the east sector as the water energy feeds the wood chi.

South Patio
The south sector relates to success, material items related to success (nice car, clothing, etc.), and the family name, social status, friendships and recognition energy. When there is a missing south sector, it may mean recognition eludes you or social opportunities are hard to find.

Adding a patio area here will help you to achieve more recognition. Try to emphasize the wood element with wood decking or wood-coloring (brown) because wood feeds the fire element of the south. Adding in plenty of plantings and lighting is also an excellent idea. You may want to add a barbecue area or fire pit or fireplace here.

West or Northwest Patio
The west and northwest are related to children and creativity and projects (west), and the northwest is related to helpful people, mentors, travel and the man of the house. When this sector is missing, there are problems with getting others to give you helpful assistance in your career or business, there could be problems with the man never being at home, or missing a man from your life. Adding in this sector will help attract a man, keep your man at home, and help you with networking at work or with gaining the assistance of people in a position to further your career.

Although this is a metal corner, adding a brick patio or gravel and paver combination, is excellent because the additional earth elements help to enhance the metal chi of this corner. This area would be a terrific location for a Zen garden, metal sculpture or some type of moving sculpture or those large cathedral type wind chimes.


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