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"10 Ways to Use Feng Shui Faceted Crystals for Love, Luck, and Money"

By Kathryn Weber

In feng shui there are few things as ubiquitous as faceted crystals. They’re seen everywhere in feng shui shops, Chinese emporiums, gift shops and decor stores. Known as a great all-around cure, faceted crystals can be used in a variety of ways and settings to either enhance your feng shui or as a cure for a feng shui problem.

You may have heard of hanging them in a window to spread rainbows around the room to lift the chi in your home, but there are many more ways to use faceted crystals in feng shui than simply to catch the sunlight.

Here are ten ways you might not have thought of before that will give you plenty of ways to use these lovely crystals all around your home.

1. Stop clashing elements.

The most common way to use a faceted crystal comes about when a stove and a sink are opposite one another. This can cause a clash between fire and water, and often promotes strong arguments between the man and woman of the house. Adding a yellow, gold, or clear crystal between the stove and sink will help put a stop to the arguments and debates and create harmony again.

2. Curb running chi.

When there’s energy that’s moving too quickly, such as stairs that face a doorway, hanging a crystal here is an excellent way to stop the energy from moving too quickly. This is especially helpful when the stairs are close to the front door or when there is a front door-back door/window alignment.

When a front door is aligned with a back door or window, energy runs out of the house (and so does money!). To help cure this, hang a crystal between the two doors or the stairs and door to stop the fast moving chi. If there’s a long way between the front and back door or window, hang more than one crystal between them. This is also a good way to slow down chi in a long hallway.

3. Cures poison arrows.

Is there a wall or a corner that’s aimed at your desk or bed? A crystal between the corner and your bed or desk will help stop the arrow and disperse the chi.

4. Promotes mentor and helpful people luck.

Crystals in the northwest corner will help bring mentors to you, promote international business and travel, and bring helpful people to your aid. White, purple and yellow crystals are best in this corner.

5. Complete missing corners.

When you have a missing corner, earth energy from a faceted crystal can help anchor that missing energy. If the corner is north, hang a blue or purple crystal. If the corner is east or southeast, hang a green crystal. In the south, add a red crystal. In the southwest, northeast, or northwest hang a yellow, white or purple crystal.

6. Enhance love luck.

A pink hanging crystal is an excellent activator for love luck when hung in a southwest corner or southwest-facing window.

7. Stops te Jade 3 argument star.

The argument star can create a variety of ills from legal to difficulties and arguments with family members and contract disputes. Adding a red crystal will help put a halt to these kinds of problems.

8. Arguing doors.

Many times frictions can take place in the home between members of the family where there are “arguing doors.” This is when there are three or more doors in a small area or two doors that oppose one another. Stop the arguing and bickering by hanging a crystal in between the doors.

9. Promote concentration.

If thinking is muddled and thoughts are unclear, add a crystal to wherever study or work activities occur. Hanging a crystal in this area will help promote concentration and clear thoughts.

10. Activate earth energies.

To promote relationships and education, activate the earth corners of the house with a crystal. Red, purple, gold, and white crystals are all excellent enhancers for the wisdom and education sector of the northeast and the relationship direction of the southwest.

Colored faceted crystals can be used all over the house. Use the colors below as your guide.
When purchasing a crystal make sure that a red string is attached to help activate the crystal.
Gold – Enhances earth corners, relationships, helpful people corner
Green – Enhances wood corners, wealth corner
Purple – Enhances the wealth and prosperity corner
Red – Enhances the fame and reputation corner
Pink – Enhances the marriage, woman and relationship corner
Blue – Enhances the career, wealth, health and family corners
Clear – Enhances all corners

Before hanging your crystals be sure to wash them and then let them sit in sunlight for at least four hours to release old energies and re-charge with clean, clear sunlight.

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