Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Taro about to get a bath. Baz was getting ready with the rubber hose. He hadn't bathed for some time. His owner said he doesn't like taking baths. The fur was matted and there was tar or black oil on some parts.

Time for his bath
When Baz and I washed Taro's face, pus started to ooze out from both his eyes.

One of the cleaners helped me to clean the pus from Taro's eyes using cotton buds while I used wet wipes to clean the black oil from the area under the eyes.

After the bath. Taro was wiped dry with a towel.

Time for blow drying after time out in the sun. Taro's fur was thick and so did not dry quickly.

Taro looks much better after his bath.
Tonight I will sleep better knowing that my friends and I did something to help Taro. The first night after I saw Taro in such a bad condition (see pic below), I could not sleep well. There was a pain in my heart.

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