Wednesday, 17 February 2016


On Monday evening, my neighbour's ginger cat wandered into my porch looking like this. This cat has been coming to my place for some time and I was horrified to see it in such a poor condition.
I talked to the owner of the injured Ginger Cat yesterday. The name of the cat is Taro. It is a male cat.
The owner told me the paw was injured recently. They took it to the vet who cleaned the wound but the pad for the paw was gone, so much so that a bit of bone can be seen. He did not realise how bad the cat's eyes were because he only has about 20% vision and can only see blur shapes. The cat hates to be bathed.
I volunteered to help treat Taro's eyes and he agreed. I told him that l'd take Taro back to the college this afternoon to treat his eyes.

I picked Taro up from his owner's house during my lunch break today and he went with me without resistance. This fella has been coming to my porch for years and he knew I meant him no harm.
Here he is at the herb garden before his bath.

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