Monday, 26 October 2015


I took this pictures of two model sailing ships at a souvenir shop in Lumut. Eventhough the ships were for sale, the owners of the shop made sure that they were pointing in as to have them the other way would denote wealth flowing out.

In Feng Shui a Sailing ship is a popular enhancer for wealth and prosperity. It is considered very auspicious for reaching your goals. Gold coins, gold ingots and jewellery are placed inside the ships and placed to that they appear to be sailing into the house or office. This would symbolise increased income. If more than one ship is kept in the premise, then it denotes more than one source of major income.

One has to remember to make sure that the sailing ships should be pointing inside the house and next to the main door. Having the ship facing inside symbolizes prosperity coming into your space. If it is pointing outside, it means the other way round - prosperity will be drained away.

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