Tuesday, 27 October 2015


The matt-black porous surface of charcoal means that it readily absorbs chi and can therefore be helpful wherever you want to pull the chi down.

Sticks of artists' charcoal (a type used for drawing) generates a strong soil chi. It is left over from wood that has been burnt and cooled, and mirrors the five-element cycle of wood, fire, soil.

  • Try putting the charcoal near a southern door or in the south of your home, if you feel over-emotional or find that you have frequent unnecessary arguments.
  • Any strong fire chi could have a destructive effect on the metal chi of the west and north-west parts of your home, if there is insufficient soil Chi. Use charcoal to help harmonize the energy when you have a fireplace, cooker, boiler or oven in the west or north-west of your home.
  • Place the charcoal in a clay pot and put close to the source of fire chi.

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