Thursday, 29 October 2015


Flowers bring more color and fresh energy into your home. As they radiate living chi, flowers also add good luck to your life.

In Japan, arranging flowers has been elevated to an art, in which people attempt to simulate the perfect harmony between heaven and earth. Blossoms, twigs - even dried flowers and fruit baskets represent the rhythm of nature: living and dying, birth and death, action and quiet.

You can also vary the mood of a room simply by changing the flower arrangement there. Brighter colors create a more lively, yang atmosphere, and pale shades a more relaxed, yin feel.

A rose is an expression of love, a forget-me-not is a remembrance, and a bouquet of flowers marks a special occasion. All follow a long-standing tradition. Flowers speak their own language, depending on the color and shape and the season they represent. They can express a mood and brighten up any room.

In China, the flowers of the four seasons are: iris or magnolia for spring, peony or lotus for summer, chrysanthemum for fall, and plum blossom and bamboo for winter.

Flowers and plants are excellent for transferring chi energy, particularly when they are in full bloom and healthy. Since flowers radiate living chi, change the water daily and discard any flowers that begin to wilt. Flowering plants have a similar influence, with the advantage of lasting longer. Dried arrangements should be replaced periodically, particularly when they become dusty.

A vase can also alter the chi of a space. Use rounded metal containers to increase metal chi; glass vases for water chi; tall wooden pots for wood chi; triangular glazed vessels for fire chi; and low clay pots for soil chi.

Fleshly cut flowers into the bedroom brings fresh Chi energy into your relationship.

Place fresh flowers in a room where you want to make the chi more active.

Flowers are suitable for any and all areas as well as to express a specific mood or thought in a particular area:
Knowledge: lilies (innocence and wisdom)
Marriage & Relationships: roses (love)
Family & Health (bamboo shoots for a long life)
Helpful People: forget-me-not (faithfulness)
Fame: sunflowers (expressing radiance)

Blue flowers belong to the element of Water. Since Water produces Wood in the 5 Elements, they are good for:
the Wealth Corner,
the Career Corner and
the Family & Health Corner (in the 8 Aspiration System) or Family Corner (in the Black Hat Feng Shui System).

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