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The dolphin is a very intelligent marine mammal that seems to have a rare attachment to humans. Dolphins have caught the interest of people for centuries. Stories abound about dolphins who have saved human beings. One legend has it that the god Apollo took on the disguise of a dolphin in order to bring a shipload of Cretans to Delphi, where a temple was later built in his honor.

Dolphins were also the signature ani¬mal for the ocean god Poseidon, and they are thought to have arranged his marriage to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite (Venus), born from the sea, is often depicted with dolphins. The Etruscans portrayed dolphins on gravestones and at burial sites, believing they were carrying the soul of the dead to the Island of the Blessed.

Other god legends state that the dolphin, the ocean-going mammal that is neither fish nor human, seems to be the mediator between heaven and earth. The animal also serves as a warning to people to treat the earth, nature, and everything alive with rever¬ence, to use its treasures Wisely and for the benefit of all. A few African cultures consider dolphins the equal of men and have given them the same rights that are accorded to people. Dolphins enjoy life and are happy, playful, and very social. They are totally committed to their families. They learn early on to adapt to their community, to help each other. For example, a sick . dolphin is constantly surrounded by other members of the family, who lovingly care for it.

All these traits have made the dolphin a very popular motif. Sculptures of dolphins alone, or in pairs as a symbol of mother and child, are made from a variety of materials (stone, semi-precious stones, or metal). They are used as garden sculptures, as talismans, and in jewelry. They grace indoor and outdoor fountains and are found on posters and pictures.

Regardless of where a dolphin is used, it is always a symbol of wisdom, peace, harmony, responsibility, caring, and universal love.


As a sculpture on a desk, to prevent ideas from being stolen
As a poster in a child's room or in the office to promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Ba Gua Areas:

Supportive Friends
Children (dolphins at play)
Marriage & Relationships(a pair of dolphins)
Family (a single dolphin, or a pair as a mother and child symbol)

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