Friday, 25 September 2015


'Malaysia is awaiting the arrival of 50,000 doses of rabies vaccination from France as it works to contain a rabies outbreak in its northern states' so reads the press statement.
I read that dog owners across the country are rushing to their vets to get a dose of this rabies vaccine for their pets. Some affected states like Penang have resorted to culling thousands of stray dogs in order to manage the rabies outbreak. The reports of stray dogs being culled is a sickening sight.  But some argue that human lives should be put first, especially in Malaysia with so many strays.  Hopefully there is a humane solution through all this.  
News reports also has it that rabies is not only spread by dogs, there other mammals that can equally spread the disease, including cats. Now this means cats too need to be vaccinated. When I was at the animal clinic this morning, I met an American man with his pet kitten. He had requested for an anti rabies vaccine for the kitten but was told by the vet that the supply has not arrived yet.  I informed the vet that I too would want my cats to have the jab and to reserve two for them.  He will call me once the vaccine arrives.

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