Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Me at the Sing Wong Temple for the ritual

Ever had those months where things did not go smoothly for you. I actually had it in July. My good intentions went awry on two occasions. I had gone for a course and a few of my colleagues helped to teach my classes while I was away. To thank them, I bought little gifts. Unfortunately, my student who helped to send the gifts sent it to the wrong lecturer. Unbeknownst to me there was a temporary teacher who also had the same moniker. The one the gift was intended felt very hurt when she saw all the rest receiving the gifts. It took a bit of explaining to get the situation sorted out. I went and bought another gift for her. There was another episode with another lecturer which also arose because of a misunderstanding. That also took some time to sort out. My car number also came out first prize for the Magnum draw. Unfortunately I did not buy as I was tired from driving back from course in Port Dickson. Everyone kept asking me about it. Also my health wasn't good during that month. See it was a very unlucky month for me.
So what to do? One way is to try free yourself and home from negative energies. In my case, I went to the temple and got the Taoist priest to perform a ritual to get rid of the bad luck. Then I gave my home a good cleaning. Some Feng Shui consultants would advise one to give the home a good cleaning, especially the kitchen as this area signifies wellbeing, contentment and happiness. By cleaning the home, you can bring in desired positive energy to your home,.

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