Wednesday, 8 July 2015


I received an email from a Mr Kum enquiring about the Veld Vine plant.  I did a blog post on it a few years ago about this herb being planted by the owner of a hardware store in Ipoh.  This uncle would give the herbs to anyone who requires them. He doesn't charge a single sen.

I have the plant in the college but it is growing in a pot and would not be enough for Mr Kum who might need a large quantity of it.
The veld vine” or scientific name “Cissus quadrangularis” or Vitis quadrangularis” is used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure piles or hemorrhoids.

Here is the simplest method to cure the hemorrhoids:

1) Take 3 or 4 cuttings of veld vine (depending on the size).

2) Wash it and remove the skin.

3) Cut it into small pieces,the smaller the better.

4) Put the cut veld vine onto a clay spoon.

5) Just swallow it! And quickly drink some plain water. If possible don’t let the cut veld vine touch your lips as it is very “sharp” and will “cut” your lips.

6) Take this veld vine day and night after meals until your piles disappear. It might take a few weeks.

**During this period, you are not to consume any food that contains chilli, curry, pepper and anything that is hot and spicy.


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