Tuesday, 7 July 2015


 It is that time of the year that my friends and I carry out our annual activity to buy Raya clothes for the orphans and needy children at the Kompleks Pendidikan Manabi'ul Ulum.  It took us about two weeks to collect enough money to buy clothes for the 28 children and teenagers. We also sent money to two disabled children who are from Selangor.
With money in hand, we went to the Abu Hanifah Store in Manjung with the orphans and needy to buy their festive clothes.
 Munirah Balqis, Norbazuaniza and Hajah Rozie came to help.
 Me with oneof the orphans
 Hajah Rozie helping Iskandar to choose a jubah 

 Hajah Kamariah giving advice to one of the boys on choosing a baju Melayu

 Nancy, Baz and Balqis checked out the clothes at the store
 Izdihar who is having his semester break from university helped to ferry the girls to the store.

 Azizol, another of my former students, helped to ferry the boys to the store.

 Rosni also checked out the Baju Kurung at the store
 When I retire, hopefully Norma, Rosni  plus Baz and Fauzana will want to carry on this annual Ramadan programme.  This activity was started by Hajah Kamariah and I nine years ago.
 Me with Sollehuddin... He has grown taller and rounder since I last met him in 2014
 Izdihar helping me to distribute the Raya cookies that were sponsored by Mr Jason of Almond London in Sitiawan.
 Hajah Kamariah helping to distribute Duit Raya to the children.

 Hajah Rozie also helped to distribute the Duit Raya 

 Me with my pal, Khairah who is also a regular helper

 The two Ks
 Me with Aisyah and Firdaus.  They are looking much happier.  The siblings lost their mother to brain cancer last year.

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