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Debunking Cemetery Myths

Revealing the truth about the burial ground from the Feng Shui perspective.
Posted Date: Jun 04, 2013
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Revealing the truth about the burial ground from the Feng Shui perspective.

Some people are so petrified of cemeteries that the mere mention of the word is enough to evoke a certain sense of distress and uneasiness in them. However, it is baseless and irrelevant for people to harbour a fear of burial grounds and memorial parks.

There is so much more to a cemetery than scary looking trees and dead bodies. Most people do not look at the other side of the coin, and no thanks to quick judgement, they often fear it for unknown reasons.

Graveyards were once valued as a key component in classical Yin House Feng Shui (Feng Shui for places of death). As time passed, however, Yin House Feng Shui lost its glory and, in its absence, a wave of fabricated tales about graveyards sprang up and took hold of our beliefs.

Remember, Feng Shui is about the science of natural energy. What you have seen or heard from horror films or books are nothing but a fraction of the author or director’s imagination. Here are the hard facts from the Feng Shui perspective, minus the myths and urban legends.

Know Your Qi

Before we expose the myths surrounding the final burial ground, it would be helpful to understand a little bit about the basics of Feng Shui. Qi, or natural energies, exist all around us – even though we cannot really see them.

These same energies flounder in the graveyard as well, possibly in the same way they flounder in your home. What gives a graveyard its sense of ‘creepiness’ is perhaps the higher level of Yin Qi it harbours.

What is Yin Qi? The latter does not necessarily mean negative Qi from the graves or burial grounds. It simply means a lack of active energy – movement or Yang Qi – which makes sense since most people do not go to a memorial park for a stroll or jog.

Hence, most people are afraid of staying close to these ‘Yin places’ because they are afraid to put their homes at risk from excessive passive energies. This is an unfounded fear and we should not develop a fear for anything that sounds remotely paranormal.

Good Feng Shui In A Graveyard

Put aside such misguided popular beliefs. The fact is, most cemeteries and memorial parks boost a wide range of positive Feng Shui features. Although this is difficult to digest, it is true.

Feng Shui favours hilly areas and mountains, structures which are prevalent in most cemeteries. Truth be told, having your home in these areas is actually beneficial to the overall Qi flow and a positive boost to the external landforms of the property.

Do not stop your evaluation only at a Feng Shui assessment. Your job is not done yet because a complete evaluation should rope in BaZi, a form of personality analysis based on information about your birth.

If your BaZi shows that your character is weighed down by a heavy sense of suspicion or is easily affected by paranoia, you might want to reconsider moving close to these places, however good the Feng Shui is.

Psychology VS Feng shui

When fear starts to take over and becomes dominant, this has nothing to do with Feng Shui. Psychological effects, as one might call them, have as much a pulling effect as Feng Shui itself.

If you are living in paranoia and unable to remain productive in your daily activities, it makes sense to opt out of staying in places with negative connotations, despite the admirable Feng Shui prospects in the surrounding area.

Hence, always ask yourself this: Am I fit enough mentally to manage all the emotional stress? It takes a practical and resolute mind (the thrill-seeker type preferably) to go through the impending emotional turmoil.

At the end of the day, you are going to stay there, so do examine all the angles, and make sure you are comfortable enough with your surroundings before you sign on the dotted line.

While Feng Shui is the foremost criteria for property selection, it is your own personality and character that carry weight when it comes to gauging your ‘compatibility’ with the intended house, area and environment.

Do not be afraid to find a house that is truly you. Know what you want and who you are. Have fun house hunting!

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