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Healthy Wealth Qi
Feng Shui can be used to help improve one’s wealth opportunities among other things, but many people misunderstand how it works and what steps need to be taken to do so.Posted Date: Apr 29, 2015
By: Dato' Joey Yap

While there have been a growing number of people showing interest in Feng Shui, many have been having misconceptions about how they can use it to improve their wealth. What they fail to understand is that when it comes to improving your wealth, it is not about money, lottery winnings or even windfalls. It is about creating opportunities and finding an environment to locate your home or office in which lets you to tap into the positive energies available in order to improve your wealth, achieve a high status in life or just simply live well.
In this article, we will be sharing with you the basic techniques that you can use to help improve your wealth opportunities. In Classical Feng Shui, we use a system known as Fei Xing or Flying Stars to help chart the right locations in your house or office that will achieve the desired effect.
A popular system used by most Feng Shui consultants today, Flying Stars is regarded as a fairly simple technique so it is suitable for most people to use. Once you know how to use the Flying Stars technique, it will prove to be a valuable tool.
One of the important elements used in Flying Stars is the factor of time as it is divided into cycles of Qi with each lasting 20 years. Under this system, no house or location is ever permanently good or bad because it changes with the passing of time and the shifting of Qi. The goal of this technique is to identify the most prosperous Wealth Qi or People Luck areas at any given point in time while keeping the 20-year Qi cycle in mind. Used mainly by those who need short-term and fast results, this system is mostly popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
In order to properly take a direction, you will have to know the Facing Direction of your property so that you can plot the Flying Star chart.
Finding the Facing Direction
To find the Facing Direction, you can use either a Luo Pan or a normal compass. If you are using a normal compass, you will need to take an additional step to identify the degrees according to the 24 Mountains. Next, stand in the centre of your property’s facing direction which is the direction in which the house is built to face or the main facade of the property. You should not assume that your Main Door is the facing direction of your property; this is a common mistake that many people make. Always use the façade of the house or the direction that the house has been built to face to take the Facing Direction.
Once you have a Facing Direction, find out if it is a Period 7 or Period 8 Flying Star chart. This is an easy step. If you moved into your house between 2004 and 2023, then your property is considered a Period 8 house. If you moved into your house between 1984 and February 4, 2004, then you have a Period 7 house. Once you have discovered the Facing Direction and Period of your house, find the Flying Star chart that matches your property using the charts below. You will now have the Qi map for your property.
Once you have established your property’s Flying Star chart, transfer the Star numbers of the corresponding sectors onto a copy of your house or office plans. The example bellow will illustrate how to transfer the Star numbers. This method will enable you to identify which part of the property the various Stars reside in.
You will also need to know the difference between Facing Stars and Sitting Stars. The diagram below will help illustrate which is the Facing Star and which is the Sitting Star on a Flying Star chart.

Remember that the Facing Star governs the wealth capacities of each sector while the Sitting Star governs the people or health capacity of the sector. Once you have the Flying Star chart of your property or office plotted out, find the Facing Star #8. The example here indicates that the Facing Star #8 for this house is located in the southwest.

Let us assume that there is a door located in this sector as per the diagram below.

When looking at the Flying Star Chart here, remember this simple mantra in Feng Shui: Main Door, Kitchen and Bedroom. As this property already has the Main Door located in the Wealth Qi location for Period 8, this is a good sign as there is no need to enhance the house any further.
All we have to do now is make sure that the surrounding environmental forms are supportive of this Main Door. If your property does not have a Main Door at the Facing Star #8 location, do not panic because there are still some tricks that you can use to try and improve the Wealth Qi. Firstly, keep the area spacious and unobstructed so that the Qi can flow freely, allowing the Prosperous Qi that the #8 star brings to move and circulate around the property.
If you happen to have a door at this sector, try placing an aquarium or water feature outside the location of the Facing Star #8 or in a location that is convenient. This will stimulate the Qi in this location because Water is a Yang form and a suitable and conducive element although how much water you will need to use depends on how big your house or office is. Remember, use common sense and adjust the finer details of your water features accordingly.
While using water features is a wise choice in stimulating the Wealth Qi of the property, aquariums are fine while table fountains are pretty much useless. This is because these types of water features usually contain only a very small amount of water which is usually not quite enough to stimulate the Qi.
If for some reason you are unable to use the Facing Star #8 or it is in a location that does not permit the placement of Water, look for the Facing Star #9. Locate the Main Door there or place a water feature or aquarium in that location. However, remember that using the Prosperous Qi of the next period which is Period 9 will not bring immediate results but will enable you to lay the foundations for wealth in the future.
Nevertheless, if you have already activated the Facing Star #8 in your property and nothing seems to be happening, you might want to consult a professional Classical Feng Shui practitioner. They will check your BaZi before making a Feng Shui diagnosis. Contrary to popular belief, “enhancing the #8” is not the only trick of the trade. It is just one of the very basic techniques commonly used by a Feng Shui practitioner.
If the #8 star does not bring results, this is because there is something standing in the way of wealth opportunities that the #8 star does not address. A person may be going through the Rob Wealth (Jie Chai) luck and could discover that the reason they are unable to reap their own wealth is because someone else is robbing or draining their financial resources.
In every property, it is crucial to locate the #8 but it is prudent to look beyond just rushing to locate it. The Forms governing the sectors of your property help determine if the environment is supportive of your endeavours or just barely helping you out. Sometimes, due to no fault of your own, you will discover that the immediate environment around your property is not supportive of the #8 star or is not conducive to Qi collection. In such a situation, activating the #8 may not bring the desired results. There are no real formulae or fake forms involved because in order for you to reap the benefits present, you must take into consideration what is around you and where you are located for it to work properly.
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