Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Lai Yoong and I posing with pigeons in front of an Indian Temple in Teluk Intan. There seems to be a lot of birds in this town. I had the misfortune to have bird droppings on my head.

It happened after parking my car and getting ready to cross the road. Suddenly, phlatt, I felt something warm on my head. I wiped my head with my hand and realised it was bird shit. Lai Yoong told me that it was good luck. Yikes, dirty the bird shit may be but when this happens then it means that good luck is just around the corner.
Excuse me, but I need to go give my hair a good wash.


Kevin said...

The last time this happened to me I went out and bought the most expensive lottery ticket. I'm afraid I didn't win anything. However I was lucky in a sense because where it happened was just near my work and I was able to wash my hair out so it wasn't so embarrassing.

Miss Cheah said...

Hahaha. Glad I have company. In my case, I had to wipe with wet tissue and wait until I went home to wash my hair.