Sunday, 3 May 2015


Thursday was really hectic for me. Immediately after my video workshop ended, I rushed back to college at 4 p.m. as I needed to brief the markers for the Profesionalisme Pekerjaan Semester 7 paper. We are only given 7 days to complete marking.
A few of the colleagues marking with me are not feeling too well.  My friend Zainal fainted earlier in the day.  Hmm.... I told him to go for a checkup.  His blood pressure could be either high or low.  My other colleague, Fizah has just recovered from an illness.  Idzarif's daughter is in hospital and he is besides himself with worry.  Kama is okay but she looks tired from all the administrative work.  There was another member but she couldn't come as she was not feeling well.  That leaves us with Haji Hasnin.  He appears to be the healthiest among us. And he is the oldest.
Anyway, by hook or by crook the papers have to be marked as the marks need to be handed in by Thursday or Friday morning at the latest. 
Me?  So far I have finished marking the first of my two bundles.  

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