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It has been quite a while since I last posted articles by T. Selva on Vasthu Sastra.  I liked his latest one on staying in tune with healing energy.  You can read it below.

Stay in tune with healing energy

Here are some exercises to help you attract good vibes.

THE health, happiness and peace of every individual depend on the presence of energy in the environment he or she occupies; it can be at home or in the workplace.

This is because the chi or prana (energy) that vibrates in the building can determine our emotions, thoughts and actions. So it is vital that our body, which also vibrates energy, maintains a harmonious rhythm with the energy that governs the space we dwell in.

When these two energies (body and space) are not synchronised, problems relating to well-being arise, thus causing imbalance which affects our body, mind and spirit.

Everything in the space we occupy is interconnected and we should harness this life force to enjoy bliss and harmonious living.

Even though we cannot see, smell, hear or taste energy, our body has the ability to sense its presence in any space we occupy by making us feel comfortable or uncomfortable.

When a space has positive vibes, we tend to stay longer. When there are negative vibes, we get upset, feel miserable and angry.

Positive and negative energies exist in all enclosures and we should prepare ourselves to attract good vibrations so that we can stay cheerful, calm, composed, secure, healthy and be in harmony at all times.

Can this perfect situation be achieved?

Yes, it is possible provided you are willing to observe and respect the peaceful energy and be in harmony with it so that it works for you.

Here are some exercises which you can introduce in your routine to stay in tune with healing and positive energy.

Flower therapy

To remove body fatigue and dullness, buy seven types of flowers because each possesses specific characteristics.

Soak the petals in a pail of water and place it under morning sunlight for two to three hours to infuse sun energy into the water.

Bathe using the flower-powered water and you will enjoy a healing experience. You will feel instant calmness, and your aches and pains will disappear.

It is recommended that you do this on a Tuesday which is governed by the planet Mars, the remover of all negativity.

Crystal healing

All crystals vibrate therapeutic energy and placing them on specific parts of the body can realign distorted energy fields.

Wear, carry or display rose quartz, amethyst, bloodstone and clear quartz, to name a few, for healing purposes.

The precious stones can cleanse the body of negative energy and restore mind, body and spirit equilibrium.

Sound remedy

To remove energy blockages in the body and in any enclosure, use a singing bowl. Gently tap a mallet against the side of the bowl to get a specific sound and walk around the space you are occupying – for example, the bedroom – to flush out bad forces. Spend more time in the corners of the room where stale or negative energy hibernates. The sound from the bowl can also send healing vibrations to your chakras.

Oil treatment

Apply sesame oil on the head and joints of your body to remove heat and tension twice a week. Recommended days are Wednesdays to enhance beauty, and Saturdays for longevity. The oil can also slow down the ageing process and improve skin condition.

Salt therapy

To remove all impurities from your body, bathe in the sea at least once a month. The best time to do this is during new moon or full moon days when the water is energised by moon force. If you are unable to go to the sea, soak your feet in salt water; this will also produce similar results.


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