Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Lemuni Rice or Nasi Lemuni is a dish of Malay origin.  Nowadays not many are familiar with it.  Why do I say so? Well, when Buzz and I prepared, we found out that quite a number of our colleagues and students did not know about it.
Nasi Lemuni is a bit like Nasi Lemak. It is best to use Basmathi Rice as it gives out the best. what you need to do is rinse the rice and then soak it for 20 to30 minutes before placing it in the rice cooker.
I found out that in olden days, Nasi Lemuni was confinement food for ladies who have just given birth. It is traditional beauty food that helps reduce bloating, nourishes the body and restores vitality.

Lemuni or legundi tific name: Vitex trifolia) leaves are first blended and then added to the rice. I prefer using shoots as they are less bitter. My measurement is one handful of shoots to one cup of rice. Besides the blended lemuni shoots, I also add garlic, onions, ginger, lemongrass, water, salt, halba and pandan leaves. Coconut milk is also added into the mix.

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