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"Feng Shui Remedies for Living on a Slope"

By Kathryn Weber

One of the best kinds of feng shui a home or business can have is good environmental feng shui. In other words, the kind of environment your residence is in can have a dramatic impact on the quality of feng shui you have in your home. That’s because feng shui of a home begins in the environment and then flows inward.

But what if you live on a slope? Are there feng shui implications of living on a hill or with a slope?

These can be tricky points. Plus, not all hills and slopes have the same kind of energy – some are better than others. But let’s talk about the important points.

The feng shui of hills

Hills are very important in feng shui and represent the humps of the dragon. This undulation of the land is very auspicious and if you have the good luck to live in an area with hills, then you know that the energy will flow and move in your neighborhood. Secondly, hills are usually very desirable – just look at the real estate in cities like Hong Kong and San Francisco.

Top of the hill

This is often seen as an auspicious place to live, but in feng shui, it’s the contrary. The top of the hill means your home absorbs all the energy directed at it. Looking at a house on the top of the hill, such as the house shown here upper right, you can see how energy is aimed at it; it exudes a sore thumb appearance.

Midlevel of the hill

If this is where your home is located, you’re in luck. You will receive the backing of the hill behind you and open area in the front of the hill. It is also higher than the road. This is the most auspicious location for a home or business.

Bottom of the hill

This is the least desirable place to be. When choosing between the lower or the higher side of the street, it’s always better to be on the higher side. So take note if you’re house hunting! The reason why is because the ground often slopes away from front to back, so it also means there is little support at front and energy rushes toward your front door.

If a house has a lake, an ocean or city view at the rear of the house and there are wide open windows, then this might make the back side of the house, the facing direction. A good example is this house shown below. The rear faces a view of the lake, so even though it’s below road level, the front of the house is actually the rear, so that’s a bit of help.

Slope or drop away behind the house

This is serious energy that can cause a number of difficulties, such as sudden loss, reversal of fortune, major health or financial problems, even being subject to scams such as investment schemes or identity theft. Now: bear this important aspect in mind. When it comes to slopes “behind” the house, it’s important to know which side is the facing direction. If you have a house like this, try building a wall at the rear of the house, unless you have a large view.

House below grade

Another common problem is when a house is below street grade, such as this house shown below. These kinds of homes create serious loss like those have land that slopes or drops away from a house. The same kinds of problems with finances, scams, and severe loss can occur. The best cure is to always keep a light on at the front door and add plantings around the front of the house, light the walkway and keep the area open and well cared for.

What to do if your home slopes away from the rear

When your home slopes away at the rear of the house, this means energy runs away and the occupants of the house have little support. Life is a lot of hard work. But, there are some options. If possible, add a wall or plant a row of five trees behind the house and install lamp posts at the rear of the property.

A fence is another good idea with tall growing plants. You can also position convex mirrors at the rear of the property to energetically “push” the energy back toward the house.

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