Saturday, 13 December 2014


One piece of recent news that caught my eye is the one about a Korean Air executive, Heather Cho, who kicked up a fuss over a bag of nuts. Cho, found herself at the center of a media storm after she ordered the plane, which was on route to South Korea from JFK airport, to turn back to the gate and that a flight attendant be removed -- all because she was served nuts in a bag instead of on a plate.
This incident, which took place last week, stirred anger among the South Korean public over her high and mighty behaviour.

Following from that Ms Cho who made a public apology for what happened resigned from her all her posts with the airline and other positions held in affiliate companies. Her father, Cho Yang-ho, who is the president of the airline, made a public apology for what happened. Asked by reporters how the incident could have happened, the company chairman blamed himself, saying he'd raised her badly.

The Transport Ministry said it was reviewing whether Ms Cho had violated aviation laws. She could face prosecution and a fine if found to have committed wrongdoing, an official said. 

In Malaysia, we would say Padan Muka or Serve her right.  Oh! How the might has fallen.


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