Monday, 1 December 2014


How to keep your wallet full using feng shui

This is a dream for everyone to have a full wallet but unfortunately it is not possible as we have to spend money for buying things and part with the precious wealth. A full wallet is one thing which we all want. To begin with place a few feng shui good luck coins, six in number, tied with a red ribbon in your purse or wallet. Feng shui gold coins are a sure cure for improving your money luck and your wealth luck. This will start attracting more money inside your wallet.
Try to keep a big note of money say thousand rupees in the innermost section of your wallet. This money has to be kept with the intention of keeping your wallet full. Please do not use this money for expenditures and keep this as saving. Only use this when there is an emergency. Keep this money in the innermost section of your wallet sot hat this does not get mixed with the daily expenditure money. Consider buying a new wallet or purse of black colour as black colour in feng shui represents good luck and wealth. This colour attracts good fortune and wealth and activates your money luck. Have feng shui coins in three, six or nine in number. Tie the coins with a red ribbon. Place it inside your purse or wallet where only you can see it. Avoid display of your feng shui cures in public.
Keep a section for small change as coins are supposed to be very lucky in feng shui. Metal luck has to be in your favour to attract money into your life. So activate the energy of your house and office for getting success in improving personal finances. As money attracts money so will your change attract more change and your notes attract more currency notes in your wallet. The coins placed in your wallet will keep your wallet charged with positive energy and the red coloured twig or ribbon will keep the energy high.

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