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Find out about your Flying Star sectors for 2015 so you can energize the most auspicious benefits in the year ahead!

Paying attention to the Flying Stars, which involve the time and space aspects of feng shui, can hold many secrets to greatly improving your luck and happiness. The Flying Star chart for 2015 maps out the way energy is distributed in each of the nine sectors of a location such as a home or business. Each year, the luck associated with these sectors changes so it is very beneficial to read an updated analysis of the feng shui and overall meanings of the nine stars and their current energy in order to maximize love and luck.

The Hsia calendar, also known as the solar Chinese Calendar, affects the energy changes of each year’s feng shui cycle. This calendar begins with Lap Chun, the first day of Spring, which is February 4 every year. This marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and it’s very much recommended to be aware of any feng shui updates for 2015 as close to February 4 as one is able.

In this article, you will find a detailed analysis of each of the nine sectors as well as an explanation of how the pattern of luck for 2015 will affect your home and business. Rooms where good luck will be enjoyed will be identified, as well as any rooms with potentially negative luck, and you will find easy methods for activating the most auspicious sectors while suppressing the negative ones which might otherwise cause you misfortune. Following this simple advice should prove very useful in getting in sync with the best feng shui elements for this Year of the Sheep, 2015.

It is advised that one take care to protect against energy from the negative stars first to achieve peace of mind, so that full attention can then be paid to the positive stars. The bedrooms are particularly important to pay attention to because of the very personal way they affect you, but of even more critical interest should be any sectors involving the location of your main entrance or living room, because these areas potentially affect all the people in the home or business. It is good advice to not only place a feng shui cure in those locations, but also carry or wear a personal amulet at all times for further protection.

The #3 Quarrelsome star flies into the center this year, bringing hostile energy that affects everyone in the household or working place. Make sure you place a Feng Shui cure here and that everyone carries a protective amulet/keychain.

Please do not try to use a previous year’s feng shui remedy in the current year as it has worked very hard during the last year to absorb or dispel negative energy and may not only still contain that negative energy but may not be strong enough to continue its duty this year. A fresh set of feng shui remedies should be put into action each year for this reason.

How To Apply the 2015 Annual Feng Shui Flying Star Updates

The new flying star chart for the year of the Sheep 2015 takes effect on 4th February 2015. To make the most of your luck for the year, it is important to update the feng shui of your home. Start by first subduing all the negative stars and then boost the auspicious stars!

Note that a particular star only affects you if your main door, family room, bedroom or horoscope animal palace is located in the sector, if your main door is facing the direction of the star or if the sector corresponds to a particular family member of the household e.g. father, mother, oldest son etc..
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