Monday, 10 November 2014


It has been years Murli Fansuri finished his studies at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Seri Manjung. The school has since been upgraded to a vocational college. When I last heard of him, he had gotten a scholarship to study in England and that he was an educator. It was during a college run trip that I managed to meet up with him again. It was actually Buzz who found him for me. She had wanted to book accommodation for the lecturers and staff and was given his contact number.
Years have passed, Murli is no longer in the education profession but has since ventured into business. As a matter of fact, Buzz, Asiah and I had dinner at his restaurant Anjers Corners in Cameron Highlands on Saturday. It was certainly good to see Murli and to learn that he is now married and a father of two children. Well, I am sure that I will be meeting him again since I do like to go up to the highlands during my holidays. My dear Murli, keep in touch and do come visit us in Manjung one of these days.

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