Monday, 10 November 2014


Fengshui Tips for ladies handbag to have more wealth

Master Lynn Yap

1) Many ladies carry a handbag where ever they go. But many do not know that the colour, size and shape of the handbag do matters in feng shui.

2) We should carry the handbag that carries our lucky colours. Some is red then carry a red handbag while some is black.

3) The handbag should not be too transparent such that whatever items you carry, can be seen.

4) This is because Qi cannot stay in your handbag and hence you would tend to spend more money away.

5) For those with one or two money elements in their bazi, they are advised to carry a minimum of S$500/- cash in the zip pouch of the handbag to bring in more good fortune.

6) The concept here is : the more cash you carry with you, the better. However, there is a limit and everyone’s limit is different.

7) The bigger the handbag is the better in fengshui as this means that you can carry more good luck with you on that day.

8) Ideally, there should be a zip to zip up all your belongings inside so that you would not spend your money away or good Qi cannot get out.

9) In fengshui, we usually do not like a shoulder sling bag as the shoulder sling bag is like carrying a heavy burden.

10) Hence, hand carry bags are preferred to shoulder sling ones.

11) Luxury brand handbags are also preferred because of the time, effort and quality that goes into the making of the bags and hence carry better quality Qi than the normal ones.

12) Some handbags are made from animals like snake or from cow. Therefore, if these animals favour your bazi then you can carry them, if not, then cannot.

13) Some handbags are made from cloth or rattan and if your bazi (a form of life reading based on your birthdate and time) favours them then it is alright.

14) It is also important to leave a coin in every of your handbag.

15) This means that there is always money for you, all the time.

16) It is not very good to always change handbag to suit the shoes or clothes.

17) This means that you would always spend money away.

18) If a handbag is broken or torn they should not kept in the cupboard or in the house as this means that you would lose money soon.

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