Monday, 3 November 2014


"Feng Shui Tips to Fulfill Your Wishes"

By Kathryn Weber

Feng shui is often thought of as a way to arrange our environments, and it is. But it can also be used to symbolize our intentions. This type of symbolic feng shui is very much like vision boards – creating a dream you have using images to symbolize your deepest desires. But rather than a flat vision, this is a three-dimensional item that represents your goals and ambitions. Look at the feng shui ideas below for ways you can manifest your dreams and wishes!

The wish granting tree.

Trees are excellent feng shui. They represent upward strength and growth. Trees can block and absorb negative energies for us. It can also be a tree that is planted with the intention of growth and change. Planting a tree in your garden with the intention of granting a wish is another way to use feng shui. Look for trees that are auspicious like fruit trees such as apple, plum, peach or if you’re in a warm climate, an orange, lime or lemon tree. Plant these in the east, southeast or south corner of the garden. When planting a wish granting tree, do your best to plant the tree as well as you can by amending the soil and making sure it has adequate water and sunlight. You can also do this in the house as well!

The wish granting gem.

Gems are another way to manifest and actualize your wishes. Much like the diamond selected for a marriage proposal holds the intention and desire for marriage, so, too, do wish fulfilling gems that are made with a strong intention. Select a gem that appeals to you, such as a large faux diamond. If you have a certain desire, such as a new friend or recognition, select your gem according to your desire.

Green is for family and health, yellow or gold is for wealth, relationships and helpful people, pink is for relationships, red is for friends and recognition or success, blue is for opportunity and spiritual enlightenment. White and purple may be used for any wish you have. Select your wish fulfilling gem and hold it in your hands imbuing it with your wish and desire. Place the gem where you see it often, such as your desk, living room table, or bedside table. Be sure to place the gem near a light so that it is energized.

The wish fulfilling animals.

There is a pantheon of animals that represent the fulfillment of your desires. The first is the cow. Long regarded as a holy animal in Buddhism and Hinduism, the cow is often showed on a bed of coins and represents The cow represents reward for hard work and for perseverance. Whether symbolized as a cow, oxen or a bull, like the Wall Street Bull, the cow embodies wealth realized.

The red bat is another representative of prosperity and longevity and are extremely auspicious. Bats are also seen as auspicious and if they live in your home, represent great fortune. Try putting up a bat house in your yard to entice these beneficial animals to your home. Interestingly, the name for bat in Chinese is pronounced the same at the word for happiness. They may seem scary, but they represent good fortune!

The mongoose or rat is another animal that represents the wish to become wealthy and prosperous and overcome bad luck. The mongoose and rat are often used interchangeably and are most noted for their ability to change bad luck into good fortune.

The wish granting technique.

When you are working toward a goal, such as to sell your house or finalize your divorce, you don’t want to have to wait. Or, when you have a sincere desire, you want to find a way to bringing your desire to fruition. Start by buying a simple red folder. Once you have your folder you should place a pair of feng shui flutes or two simple pieces of hollow bamboo and tie them with a black and green ribbon. Place the flutes on the documents and place on a table on the right side of the main door as you stand inside and look out, NOT on the right as you look IN the door. Next, watch your wishes manifest in the next 30 days. You can place your monthly New Moon wishes here, too.

The wish banner.

Also called a banner of victory, the wish banner works much like a traditional Tibetan prayer banner that brings the prayers and wishes of the inscribed prayers to the cosmos. Write your wishes down on a strip of paper or fabric and tie to a tree in your yard. The winds will carry your wishes upwards to be realized for you. This is especially helpful when you are a weather front coming through that is windy and will activate your prayers and wishes.


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