Monday, 13 October 2014


I watched the Last 3 show of American Idol Season 13 last night.  Actually I already know who the winner as this is not a current airing of the show.  A 23 year old rocker by the name of Caleb Johnson took the Idol crown.  Yeah, Caleb who was born on April 23 1991 is just 23.

Did you know that he auditioned for American Idol three times in four years? He first auditioned for the tenth season of American Idol in 2011 and then in 2012 for the eleventh season and made it to the Top 42. He had difficulties in his performance of "Old Time Rock and Roll" and was cut at the Top 24 selection. He took the following year off from auditioning to improve on his stage presence.

Johnson auditioned again in 2014 for the thirteenth season and made it to the top 20. In the semifinal round, he was voted by America into the top five male contestants, giving him a spot in the season's top 13. Johnson got positive feedback from the judges every week, had strong performances, and became the only finalist in the season to never land in the bottom 3 prior to reaching the finale. That season, Johnson was declared the winner.

He started auditioning at 20 years of age and finally made it right to the top at 23.  Not bad.  This goes to show that this young singer never gave up, he kept trying and trying.  Each time he made improvements.  Of course, he already had the beautiful voice but he needed to work on things like stage performance.  But he made it.  Also I think this has to do with timing.  The Chinese believe that there are years when our personal luck is not good and even if we have the talent and gifts, we might not make it.  When our luck is up, then Fame and Success luck will come our way.

Caleb's debut album Testify was released on August 12, 2014.  The track I featured in a previous post is a sampler from his album.


Watch this video of him performing Aerosmith's song, "Dream On".

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