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Do you have trouble with spirits in your home or work place? If your answer is yes, then you may be interested to read tips by Feng Shui Master Lynn Yap on how to get rid of them.

Fengshui Tips to help you get rid of spirits in the house so that you can stay peaceful and happy

11 Jun 2014

Master Lynn Yap
  1. Spirits exist in all places and mostly on landed property homes as they can hide in the trees and plants.
  2. Some spirits are fierce but many are friendly.
  3. You can feel the spirits when you get goose pimples on your arms.
  4. You may also feel them around the legs like a soft cloth touching you.
  5. You may also see them and usually in flashes.
  6. You may also hear them.
  7. Some spirits live in one of the rooms in the house/apartment.
  8.  Some in the garden downstairs your condo or within your compound.
  9. Only when you feel them then that is a sign to try to chase them away, if you wish.
  10. If your “bazi” is not strong, kindly get someone else to do this for you.
  11. You can invite a priest or Rinpoche to help you cleanse the house.
  12. Fengshui masters usually don’t do this for you however some do.
  13. The process is to buy some incense and place them in a porcelain bowl. The black incense are the best as the smoke is thick and the smell is pungent. 
  14. Go round the whole house with the burning incense.
  15. Then when you are done bring the incense out of the house and place them in a “deserted” area.
  16. You may have to do this process 2 to 3 times then the whole house would be considered “cleansed”.
  17. Another process is to use “chanting” to cleanse the house.
  18. Other people may wish to sprinkle some “holy water” in the house.
  19. Only when the spirits are very disturbing and only when there are no options available then sell the house and move. The spirits generally would not follow you to your new house. Hence, you can stay in the new house with a peaceful mind and be happy.
Source: http://www.propertykaiser.com.sg/article/fengshui-tips-to-help-you-get-rid-of-spirits-in-the-house-so#.VDlgA2eSyul

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