Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Yesterday was Amir's 10th birthday. Last month I had celebrated his Chinese birthday with him but he and his family told me that I got the date wrong.  It should be on the 4th of August.  Seeing that they were not going to accept the idea of his lunar birthdate, I decided to buy him a cake on the date stated on his birth certificate.  However, the birthday boy was not around.  He and his brothers had gone to their friends' houses to celebrate Raya.  Left to entertain Auntie Li Na were the two little ones, Qaseh and Amar.  When their mummy brought out the cookies, the two of them had a gala time eating the food.  Auntie Li Na couldn't eat those cookies as they either had chocolates or peanuts which I am allergic to.
 Qaseh enjoying a Raya Cookie.
 Amar doesn't actually eat the cookies but only wants to get his hands on them.
 Auntie Li Na and Ammar.

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