Wednesday, 20 August 2014


The Belimbi plant (pokok belimbing buluh) in the college Herb Garden is bearing a lot of fruits at the present moment.  What do we do with the fruits?  Some of the lecturers and staff cook sambal belacan or other appetising dishes.  When I was younger, I would eat them with assam boi or sour khannah.

Do you know that the fruit and leaves of the plant has a number of health benefits?  
Here they are:
  • The juice is effective as eye drops (regarded as a magic curative).
  • Decoction of leaves or the juice of the leaves, are often consumed as a cure for venereal disease.
  • A leaf decoction is taken to relieve rectal inflammation.
  • The fruit is given to children as a protection against coughs.
  • A flower infusion is believed be effective against coughs and thrush.
  • A leaf infusion is a remedy for coughs and is taken after childbirth as a tonic.
  • The leaves are applied as poultice on itches, swellings of mumps and rheumatism, and on skin problems.
  • The fruit and leaves are applied on bites of poisonous insect.
  • Syrup made from Bilimbi fruit is taken as a cure for fever and inflammation and to stop rectal bleeding and alleviate internal hemorrhoids.

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