Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I simply love lemons as they not only are delicious but healthy as well.  Here is a recipe for a homemade cough syrup using lemons and honey.
Homemade cough syrup:
  1. Cut up 2 lemons, drop them in a small mason jar and pour honey over them until it fills about 1/3 of the jar. 
  2. You can immediately see the juice from the lemon being drawn out by the honey and the two swirling together. 
  3. Let it sit in the fridge, over the next couple of months and the lemon will darken and the mixture will thicken. 
  4. The peels and pulp will break down as well and leave behind a golden, lumpy marmalade that you can scoop into a cup and poor piping hot water over.

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