Monday, 5 May 2014


During the Tui Na session with Uncle Cheong, he told me that my intense headache was caused by the 'wind' and heat trapped in my body.  He said that when he touched my hair, it was very hot.  Actually Latipah, the lab assistant, also told me the same thing when she gave me a massage to relieve my headache in the afternoon.  According to Uncle Cheong, I seem to be the type who has a hot body constitution.  
Whenever I complain of having headaches to Rose, my acupuncturist, she would tell me to eat lots of cucumber to reduce the heat.  She said that in my case, my headaches could be a result of too much heat accumulated in my body.  She would cut a cucumber into chunks and refrigerate it for me when I went for my acupuncture sessions.  Unfortunately she is in Australia at present and so I have to make the cucumber chunks myself.
Here is an article on the goodness of cucumbers for health.

You May Never Have Thought About Food As Medicine, But It Is...Here's Why.
Cucumber Nutrition: Traditional Chinese Medicine Healing Properties:

Cucumber Nutrition. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Cucumber is a food with exceptional healing power.

Thermically (meaning it has a heating or cooling or neutral effect on the body's temperature): It is cooling, meaning it has the effect of cooling the body. This is will feel cooler if you eat enough cucumber. Let's say at 80 degrees, you normally feel hot. A short while after eating cucumber you will feel like it is 77 degrees instead of 80.

Taste: Sweet

Healing Properties:

1. Clears the body of toxin, cleanses and purifies the blood. Very helpful in detoxing the body for any conditions of toxicity.

2. Benefits and strengthens the heart

3. Strengthens the Spleen-pancreas organ combo.

4. Moistens and cleanses the Large Intestine. It also kills tapeworms.

5. Moistens the Lungs for lung dryness for those who live in or are traveling in hot or dry climates

6. Benefits the skin. A pack of grated cucumber placed on the skin brings healing to the cells and tissues of the face. The juice of cucumber will accelerate the healing of burns and wounds.

7. Aids digestion, especially when in pickle form. Aids specifically in the digestion of meat

8. Clears heat from the body. Alleviates fevers and summer heat, prevents heat stroke.

9. Benefits the kidneys and bladder. Treats kidney and bladder infections.

10. Benefits the eyes. If placed over the eyes it relieves hot, inflamed, swollen, dry or otherwise irritated eyes.

11. Benefits any inflammatory condition due to heat in the body such as inflammation and burning of the stomach, conjunctivitis, sore throat, acne, inflammatory skin conditions, and discharges or oozing sores or wounds.

12. Calms the mind...lifts depression.

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