Tuesday, 16 November 2010


One of my friends asked me whether it was true that wind chimes attract ghosts.  It seems that ghosts are interested in the sound emanated from the chimes and those who wish to attract a ghost or two to do research might consider putting up wind chimes. 
In the practice of feng-shui , wind chimes are said to have a calming and balancing influence in the home.  It is believed that hanging up a windchime helps the flow of life energy, or Chi.  The tones and materials of a particular wind chime can affect energy and change the mood and feeling of a living space. They are also used to keep off evil spirits and for ushering in good luck and fortune.
So, do windchimes attract ghosts?  My answer is that wind chimes can be considered as a double edged sword.  It can bring in good fortune and good Qi but at the same time it has been known to attract spirits.

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wind chime time said...

I was raised up believing that bamboo wind chimes keep ghost away. Maybe just the bad ones. haha I just love the way the chimes make me feel after relacing and hearing the soothing sounds.