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Ho Tai Happiness - Feng Shui's Buddha of Wealth and Joy

One of feng shui's and China's most loved symbols is the Ho Tai Buddha. Most people know Ho Tai as the Buddha of Wealth or as the Laughing Buddha. His presence in homes and businesses brings joy and prosperity.

To the Chinese, the seat of the soul is in the stomach, so the Ho Tai Buddha's stomach is large and round to symbolize his heavenly stature and to represent fullness and abundance.
The Ho Tai Buddha reminds us that good things come to happy, joyful people and that prosperity is also a sign of joyfulness. Keeping the Ho Tai Buddha lifts the whole household or business with his happy presence.
The Ho Tai Buddha lived over one thousand years ago. He was a happy fellow and carried a sack in which he carried candy for children and rice seed for planting. Because of this, he is associated with wealth and happiness and his statues often show him holding a bag. With his jolly nature, he is revered for his wealth-giving and joyful countenance, but also for his ability to take your worries from you.
You might say that the Ho Tai Buddha was the original Santa Claus and is worshipped as the first of the Seven Gods of Good Fortune in Japan. The Ho Tai Buddha can often be found in paintings and in figures surrounded by as many as 100 children. Because of his ability to attract children, he can even positively influence fertility and many couples place a picture or statues of the Ho Tai when they are anxious to conceive!
Display the Ho Tai when you need a dose of happiness, when you want to create greater abundance, and when you need a friend to give your troubles to, or even when you're ready to start a family.
Ho Tai Brings Happiness, Wealth and Good Fortune
Worried about money?
Stop worrying and start relaxing. Displaying the relaxed and happy Ho Tai Buddha at your desk, in your business, or the entrance to your home can help dissolve money worries and help you to be in the "receiving mode" for more prosperity!
Ho Tai helps you get ahead at work.
If you are tense about making money on the job, placing a small Ho Tai Buddha on your desk will help stimulate your financial luck associated with your career. Select one with a gold ingot. Chinese gold ingots are shaped like a ship and displaying them promotes prosperity luck. This large Ho Tai Buddha is sitting on a large gold ingot and holding a Ru Yi (a symbol of authority) in his left hand, denotes his comfort with his position and job and easy prosperity.
Dispel bad luck.
The Ho Tai Buddha is also used as a talisman. Besides inspiring happiness and abundance, the Ho Tai Buddha also wards off negativity, misfortune, and bad luck. Had your share of bad luck? Keep the Ho Tai close at hand to stop negativity and keep bad luck at bay.
Happiness draws more happiness.
It's true. You know that one person who walks into the room and instantly lifts everyone up with their cheerful attitude. Displaying the Ho Tai Buddha at the entrance to your home or business is a way to instantly lift the HQ (happiness quotient) at your home and business and that draws blessings to your work and home.
Give your sadness to Ho Tai.
Legend says that the sack the Ho Tai carries is full of riches, wealth, and candy, but others say he carries a sack to carry your sadness and worries away. Give your worries to the Ho Tai to lift your personal chi and attract more good fortune.
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