Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Yesterday morning, I had Indian food for breakfast. Then I became more adventurous and had Korean food for lunch. I went with my friends, Pek Soong and Seetho, to a Korean Restaurant which is located at Medan Ipoh. Actually there are two such restaurants but since the other one was not open today, we went to the one called Dae Jang Jin (in Mandarin). I think the English name for the shop is Jun Unix. I'll confirm with my two friends tomorrow.
This Korean restaurant is operated by real Koreans. I am pictured with the son and daughter of the owners. They told me that they have been here for 7 years and both speak very good English and a bit of Mandarin and Malay.
No need to go to Korea to see a pretty Korean girl. You can see one here in Ipoh.
Me tucking into my seafood hotpot. It's nice.
I had initially wanted to have lunch sitting on the floor but my friends were against it but I still wanted to have my picture taken here.
I think sitting here for a few minutes would be okay but my friends say that if we sit too long, we might have trouble getting up. Hmmm ... I have a Pondok (Hut) in the school Herb Garden and sometimes my friends and I have our meals there in the afternoon after school. We sit for hours but still have no problems getting up.
The 6 side dishes are complimentary. All taste good. So if I visit South Korea, I think I will be okay.
Pek Soong getting ready to tuck into the meal that she had ordered. This too taste good. She had to mix all the things inside the bowl.

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