Monday, 7 September 2009


In my previous post I blogged about whether Prince Hisahito will one day become Emperor of Japan. That got me thinking and I took out my T'ung Shu or the Chinese Fortune Almanac to calculate the little prince's birth weight. Before I go any further, I would like to give you an idea of what is Chinese Birth Weight Astrology. Please read below:

What is Chinese Birth Weight Astrology?It is a very simple system of fate prediction. The system works on the basis that we have a spiritual or astrological birth weight and it is computed from our date and time of birth. The heavier the birth weight the better the fate and vice-versa.
After I did the calculations based on his BaZi that I found from the website. The prince was born at 8.27 a.m. on 6 September, 2006 and his astrological birth weight is 4 katis and 1 tahil. Below is the prediction for someone born with such a birth weight.

You are born with a life that has distinct phases. You are very capable and will enjoy great recognition. In your middle age, you will emerge as someone widely respected. You have a joyful life with plenty of fans and followers. If you are a celebrity or a high profile personality, the press and the people will adore you.
From what has been deciphered, the likelihood of Prince Hisahito ascending the throne is very probable. In olden times when kings and emperors held absolute powers, their astrological birth weights might be very heavy, achieving 12 katis or more but today most of the monarchs around the world are figureheads and do not really have much say in the politcal governance of their countries. Therefore if Hisahito were to become emperor he will become a much beloved sovereign, judging from the prediction.
If I am not mistaken, the BaZi of Prime Ministers and Presidents nowadays would also not have such heavy BaZi since they too do not have absolute powers and are elected for a certain period only. Wonder what time Barrack Obama was born?
** Using the Astrological brith weight to predict ones fortune might not be entirely accurate. Other things such as calculations of BaZi, face reading and palm reading might show different fortunes for a person. Above all, I personally feel that ones own ability to be the captain of ones fate would make the greatest difference whether the ship sails or sinks.